Your Marriage and Your Workplace

Martha is in studio today to talk with Jim about the impact your marriage can have on your work environment, the importance of a strong marital foundation for a thriving work-life, and the warning signs of a combustible marriage (and how how to combat these signs).

The Outreach of Reach Global

Jim Wilson and Dan Jenkins of Reach Global join Jim today to talk about the focus of their respective overseas missions; pastoral training centers and discipleship through business, and each guest shares their unique journey that brought them to Christ and their current mission.

Hiring and Firing in a Christ-like Manner: Part One

What does it look like to hire and fire with a Christ-centered focus as opposed to the “normal” way of the world?  That question is unpacked on the program today as Jim breaks down the differences between these two focuses as they relate to the entire employment process.

Your Money for The Kingdom

Joining Jim is Dave Cruz and John Palm of Crossplan Money Management, who both reflect on how their work as stewards of other peoples money, coupled with the faith that drives their business model, gives them a special insight on the power of money, and how to use your money to further the Kingdom.



The Power of Adversity

Laurie Hill of the Christian Chamber of Commerce has a powerful message on how God uses adversity to change you to a person the He can use, and how adverse situations act as a pruning of your spirit in preparation for God’s fulfillment of His promise for your life.



What is My Calling?

Two powerhouse radio personalities and leaders of unique ministries are in studio today to talk about making one’s vocation their calling. Each guest expands on how their calling’s were cultivated and why your calling may already be front and center, maybe you just can’t see it.

Charis Bookstore has the Most Books

It is Book Week on the program today, and Martha is in studio to talk about all the great offerings that Charis Christian Bookstore has to offer.  Eric Most of Most Insurance is also on the show to talk about his love for reading and the impact certain books have had on his life.



How Christ Can Impact Your Business

Joining Jim today are two guests who know plenty on the power of Christ in the workplace; Dr Jim Harris of “To a Higher Level”, and Dan Guier of Direct Hits Management – both men who’s faith runs deep and shines through their respective business endeavors.


The Origins of The C12 Group

Ross Harrop, local C12 Chairman, joins Jim to detail the organizations origins and their current goals, how the group can transform your workplace, and why C12’s mission is so imperative to the Christ-centered business and business owner.

Talking with the Christian Chamber of Commerce

In today’s show Jim talks with guest Laurie Hill from c3tb, the Tampa Bay Christian Chamber of Commerce about the challenges of facing Christian business owners and employers today, the mission and vision of the organization, and what kind of impact they would like to see in the Tampa Bay area. Plus, Martha at Charis Christian Books and Gifts highlights two top faith and work books!

Featured Guests: Laurie Hill

Ministry/Workplace: c3tb

Welcome to iWork4Him!

Welcome to the iWork4Him Show! Join host Jim Brangenberg as he shares his testimony, the “iWork4Him” vision, and practical ways you can make your workplace a mission field! Our prayer is that today’s show will challenge you to allow the transforming power of Jesus Christ to change your life from the inside out so that you can impact your workplace for Christ tomorrow.

Ministry/Workplace: iWork4Him with Jim & Martha Brangenberg