Thanking God For The Work He Has Given You

Labor Day comes but one time a year, this year our pastor is celebrating Labor Day by interviewing us to let us talk about the mission of iWork4Him. Labor was given to us by God and we should celebrate it every day. When every church in our country celebrates Labor Day and thanks God for the work he has given us, we will be a nation reformed and on fire for him. Enjoy the podcast.

Taking On The Goliath’s Of The World

Jesus called us to be shrewd stewards. What does that mean?  He also told us to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. How do you do all this and still maintain a high level of marketplace penetration?  Take for instance the health insurance world. Their powerful lobby influences the minds and hearts of many in local state and national office. How do you fight their billions and trillions when you only have you, God, and a budget for tens of thousands?  Seems like a losing battle but with God on our side, nothing is impossible. Today on iWork4Him we are going to talk about the role of public affairs and strategy and how you can be a Christian fighting a battle among a whole field full of Goliath’s and you are David with one stone. The story of Sedera Health – Tony Dale joins us today and he has brought a powerful guest with him.

Biblical Leadership For Excellence

Sometimes it’s the basics that catch us off guard. Listen in today as we spend time with Joe Carroll from Biblical Leadership for Excellence. Joe and his members in San Antonio Texas take some time to hear from our hearts on the Practical Tactical Factual and Biblical ways of living out our faith in our work…and you will hear some stories too.  Enjoy our time of conversation with an old friend.

Being Active In Our Political System

Did you know that many out there listening are called to be active in our political system. Politics is not just evil – it is neutral – it depends on who is the politician in order to tell whether it is leaning evil or towards good. But I digress. Today we head into the deep south eastern United States of America to talk with AJ Swinson. She felt the call on her life to be active in the political arena and in bringing truth to her African American brothers and sisters. Stay tuned to hear about how AJ is living out her faith in her work in the political arena.

The Faith & Work Movement… Where It’s Going & How It Impacts You

The faith and work movement really started 500 years ago with The protestant reformation. About 100 years ago a guy named R G Letourneau dedicated 90% of his profits to the Lord. Stanley Tam in the 60’s gave his company to God. What’s the history of the faith and work movement and where is it at today? Join me in a conversation with Rick Boxx as we go through the history of the faith and work movement and where it’s going and how it impacts you in your work. 

Women in the Marketplace

IF you are a Christ Follower and a woman and working  – life is complicated. What are some of the unique struggles facing the Christian Working Woman? Well you know I don’t know personally but I have witnessed the struggles and heard from many women including Martha. We learned earlier this year about an amazing Christian Working Women focused ministry called Women in the Marketplace. Kathy Book is here to tell her Christian Working Woman story and the story of Women in the Marketplace.

Become An Authentic Success

Do you know yourself? Really do you know who you are? Do you know those who work around you? Deeply – how they think and why they act and respond a certain way? How would knowing yourself and knowing those you work with make it possible to bring a higher level of success in your organization? Are you a leader worth following? Jeff Dorman joins us today to break down for us what it means to become an Authentic success.

Leading With Excellence In A Covid 19 World

iWork4Him is a non-profit organization. Because of this we have a board of directors that we have invited to walk alongside us in the mission of iWork4Him. We invite people from all over the US in all types of work to share in helping iWork4Him to impact millions. You are one of those millions. Today we wanted to get personal with a couple of our Board members. Sue and Jeff Wilson. They are both leaders within their organization Driessen Water. Jeff leads a local Culligan franchise in Owatonna MN and Sue works in the Franchise HQ. Hear their story of leading with Excellence in a Covid 19 world.

Luke Andrews Talking Lottery Or Sensible Investing With A Biblical Perspective

Ever bought a lottery ticket?  You hope and pray and then the Powerball numbers fly by on the screen and you lose once again.  Where does that money go? How is it invested?  Is playing the lottery really the best way to build wealth?  Hopefully you just said no.  Investing in well run businesses is the best way to grow your money and get a good return. But how will they invest the dollars you give to them?  That’s what biblically responsible investing is all about.

At iWork4Him we believe that Biblically Responsible Investing is a huge win for the Kingdom of God and Luke Andrews is here to help us invest our dollars the best way, to honor God in the Process.

Be Salt Strong

Jesus Said in Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”  Joe Simonds and his Salt Strong podcast, unchurched edition, lives this out in a huge way. Joe understands that we as Christ followers in our work need to be salty – we need to be tasty – people need to be attracted to our being, because of Jesus living in us. We need to be Salt Strong because that brings out the best flavor in life and when we add flavor, we experience more of the life that God intended.  Joe Simonds joins us today to interview us on why is it important for us to be able to say iWork4Him.

Going All In To Save A Life – Special Kidney Edition

Sometimes the relationships in our workplace and our community go to an all new level. Sometimes God asks you to go all in with a friend to save a life.  Joe Carroll felt the call to give his friend Larry Matthews one of his kidneys but after all the qualifying, it turns out Joes kidney is wired up with such complexity, the plumbing just can’t be undone.  A huge disappointment for Larry and his wife Julie but also for Joe and his wife Martha. …So, Larry still needs a kidney. I understand. My friend Bill went through the same scenario. He needed a kidney and we did a show telling the world of his need. One of his good friends Bob from Canada stepped forward to donate but it didn’t work out for Bob to be able to donate either. Then God had me step in and I was given the greatest gift of my life…next to Jesus…and I got to donate my kidney to my friend Bill on 12/10/18.  

This special show is all about the miracle of life and the miracle of being able to serve a friend with a body part most of us can do without. It isn’t a sacrifice to donate a kidney it is a privilege that few will experience.  In this show, we are going to give you a chance to get that honor because like I said, Larry still needs a kidney donor.

Together On Tuesdays – Covid 19 Relationship Challenges At Home

It’s been almost 6 months since Covid 19 invaded our world. It alone has shifted the paradigm for every citizen of the United States of America. We have gone from a fast and crazy world where relationships get little to know attention to a slowed down and kept inside world where relationships with those at home are all we have. Today Martha and I are going to talk about those relationship challenges at home, specifically our marriages and how it impacts our work and we will also talk about the impact of Covid on our other relationships at work too.

The Intersection Of Faith And Work

Where did iWork4Him come from and how are we adjusting to the new Covid 19 world?  Where is iWork4Him heading the rest of 2020 and how do we see the intersection of faith and work playing out in the new work from home world? All this and more as Martha and I get interviewed by Dr. Jack Klem and Ben Armstrong on the Intersection Podcast.

Small Church Explosion

It’s been 4 months now. Across the country, church buildings have been closed and even when limited gatherings have been allowed, singing has been forbidden. In Nevada, it is okay to have the casino open, but churches remain closed. Is this the work of the enemy or has it been allowed by an almighty God? This same God that allowed the death of Stephen to scatter his church across the Roman Empire. This same God may have allowed this virus and restrictions to scatter the church across communities for them to see the significance of their ministry in their own neighborhood. Across the country Christians have been set loose to do the ministry that Jesus called them too almost 2000 years ago. In essence, Small is big and we are unleashing the power of intentionally small churches because that is what the law will allow. You may be asking what does this have to do with iWork4Him, EVERYTHING.  The body of Christ has already been scattered across workplaces in America for centuries, it is only now that we are realizing the significance of this scattering. We are all called to our work and our homes to be a light to fight the darkness. We’re talking with Tony and Felicity Dale, experts in the small church movement who have seen it transform London in the 70’s and 80’s and are hoping this explosion of small churches in America will transform our great country.

Checking Under The Hood

You wouldn’t buy a used lawn mower without making sure it works, you wouldn’t buy a home without a home inspection and you wouldn’t buy a used car without checking under the hood so why is it we invest in our 401k or 403b or an IRA without checking to see what it is invested in?  I have no idea but I do know that this can be a dangerous and slippery slope – it’s like eating sausage without knowing what was put in it, as long as it’s all ground up, it looks good but who knows what’s really in it. Could it kill you? Probably not if its cooked but it could make you sick. The same with your 401k or 403 b – what its invested in probably won’t kill you but it could make you sick. Talking with us today to clear up any confusion is Luke Andrews with and Inspire Advisors. How we do our work is a direct reflection of our relationship with our Heavenly Father. How we invest HIS money should be that way as well.

It’s Not Either/Or It’s AND

Is your workplace a safe place. A place where all are treated equal? A place where a human being regardless of their looks, gets treated as an image bearer of God? IS your workplace known for justice or injustice? Do certain customers get better treatment than others?  Social justice can be highjacked by the media or filled with truth and bring peace to a nation which results in redemptive justice. Are you someone that fights for justice or looks the other way because it doesn’t impact you?  Christ Followers need to be leaders in bringing healing in this nation. We’re talking with Kathy Branzell with and President of the National Day of Prayer Task Force along with special guest, Justin Giboney, committed to bringing justice and healing to our culture.