Law And Order And Him

Judge Jeff Conrad was able to carve out some time from his busy, Judicial schedule to chat with us – LIVE from Lancaster, Pennsylvania – about how he holds the Word close to his heart, and his judgments. Take a few minutes to hear from this Jesus-following Judge and get his thoughts on the Ultimate Judge.

Ministry In The Theatre

Ministering from the Big Stage is Johnathan Bauer, who was our guest today as we continued broadcasting from Pennsylvania – courtesy of our good friend, Don Hoover – and Johnathan work as the local community theatre in Lancaster where he operates within stage productions that offer myriad entertainment and, above all, a heartfelt feeling of Jesus’ Love.

Learning To Fish

We focused this Lancaster-based broadcast on Jeff Rutt and HOPE International – a Christian faith-based nonprofit organization focused on alleviating physical and spiritual poverty through Christ-centered microenterprise development. Hear Jeff’s story of ground-up success, philanthropy and HUGE Kingdom-impacting.

Love, God And Accounting

Eric Wenger is making that trip to the CPA much less intimidating, and much more God-filled. Hear about it now, as he’s a part of our broadcasts from Lancaster – all thanks to our friend, Don Hoover – and he talked about his love for numbers, order and, of course, Jesus.

The “Living Room”

More from Lancaster in this show as we had some more air-wave time to broadcast from this Pennsylvanian city and hear another Jesus-filled testimony with, today, Bryce Taylor, who’s God-journey went from pastoral to…agriculture machinery. Here this story from a man down under with a Love for Christ that is over the moon – and how he’s working to spread this Love.

Are You Missing Opportunities At Work?

Mollie Yoder with The Pocket Testament League, our esteemed sponsor throughout these special broadcasts in Virginia, came through with another amazing interviewee with Mr Mike Cook, the Founder of “Strategic Doers”, who gave the outline for helping our co-workers see the Truth of Christ.

The Importance Of A Christian Education

We got a total and complete look at the workings of “Faith Christian Academy” as our sponsor for this trip to Virginia, Mollie Yoder with The Pocket Testament League, gave her personal testimony on how this establishment has shaped her young’in, and we also brought on a couple of admins from the Academy to hear how – and why – they do what they do.

From “Hair”, To There

Another great introduction in Lynchburg, Virginia – courtesy of Mollie Yoder with the Pocket Testament League – as we had the chance to chat with Salem Hicks, who’s work in Haiti will inspire you, and her current marketplace mission with women is pure, Kingdom BIZ-nistry.

“Enter The Ring”

It was a special “Together-on-Tuesday’s” Edition on WEDNESDAY as Jim and Martha talked with DA and Elicia Horton about their latest book – “Enter the Ring: Fighting Together for a Gospel Saturated Marriage”.  Learn how to saturate your marriage and relationships in this podcast!

“Avoiding The Greener Grass Syndrome”

Our “Together-on-Tuesday’s” offering this week featured acclaimed speaker, TV host and author, Nancy C. Anderson, and a conversation about her latest book – “Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome” – and learning  how she and her husband, Ron, overcame Nancy’s adultery.  Powerful podcast.

Cynthia Ruchti Work4Him

Jim and Martha invited in friend and author, Cynthia Ruchti, to not only talk about her latest book – ‘As My Parents Age’ – and have a conversation about our roles as kids of aging parents, but also to learn about Cynthia’s life, love and journey.  Tune in to learn all about this amazing Christ-follower!

Tony And The Wisdom Journey

Join us for a quick pit stop in Austin (TX) today as we have another conversation with Tony Dale of Sedera Health to learn how he’s furthering the Workplace Revolution. He details his “Wisdom Journey Bible Study”, which offers an opportunity for his employees and managers to have God-conversations for the greater Good of his company, his city, and our world.

Ministry In Jacksonville

We wrapped up another workweek by highlighting two great ministries who are making a HUGE Kingdom Impact in the Jacksonville – and beyond!  Check out today’s podcast to learn how  LikeWork Leadership and The Potters House International Ministry are saving souls.

LIVE From The Impact Summit

Today, we were broadcasting LIVE from our nation’s capital at the Impact Summit – This summit is a gathering of over 400 leaders in the faith and work movement to build kingdom focused collaboration. Check today’s podcast for more insight from Bobby Mitchell & Chad Merrill.