Office Pride LIVE

Broadcasting on-site at the headquarters of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, were we, to chat with not only the man himself, Todd Hopkins, but also to grab the insights from employees who do the great services that Todd’s company offers. Are the stories we’ve been broadcasting of uber-successful franchise owners too good to be true? Short answer – nope! Longer answer – click the podcast to find out more!

BAM In The Music City

A trip to Nashville netted a convo with Rob Touchstone of Lipscomb University to learn more about their “Center for Business As Mission”, which is basically an “iWork4Him” Masters Class 🙂 AND we heard about their upcoming BAM123 event, featuring the incomparable – and special guest of today’s show – Mr Jordan Raynor!

The Latest From The Hillmans

It’s been a bit since our great friends, Os and Pam Hillman, popped by for a ministry update, and their stop at the iWork4Him HQ was nothing short of illuminating! Pam’s expanding her ministry, LifeChangers Legacy, and Os is offering a FREE assessment, “Are You A Biblical Worker”? Stay busy, my friends.

Motivating Passionate Change

Boomer Brown is helping thousands across the country live their faith at work via his ministry, “Doing Good At Work, which delivers a simple framework, that if applied correctly, will reduce frustration, maximize opportunity, and increase the bottom line.

A Ministry For Generations

Today, we had the honor of highlighting The Navigators, a ministry that shares the gospel of Jesus and helps people grow in their relationship with Him through Life-to-Life® discipleship, creating spiritual generations of believers. Hear how they’re reshaping scores of souls NOW!

Faith. Work. Women.

Author, speaker, Christ-follower, supermom and workplace revolutionary, Stephanie Winslow, popped by to share about her blog on faith and work issues faces by women in the workplace. Tune in for an insightful conversation on her passion, her love and her faith.

Bugs and Finances

Don’t let finances bug ya, and don’t let insects drain your wallet! Luckily, we’ve the experts to handle both of these areas, and they’re doing it with hearts4Him, as we learned today in Colorado with our friend, Dan Anderson with Kingdom Way Ministries, who introduced us to a couple of guys doing it the right way, righteously.

Rethinking Retirement

Our monthly financial checkup with our friends at Belleair Wealth Management as we learn more about the Kingdom-impact of Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) and why we should be thinking long and hard about how we’re investing our hard-earned dollars for our future.

Custom Blended Faith

More from CO with our friend, Dan Anderson of Kingdom Way Ministries, to hear stories of God’s movement in the Centennial State, and boy did we get a delicious offering today from “Custom Blending”, who are bringing taste and innovation to food – all with a healthy pinch of Redemption and Truth.

“Turning Sunday’s Inspiration Into Monday’s Perspiration”

What’s up in Colorado with the Faith At Work Movement? We got a taste today via Dan Anderson and Kingdom Way Ministries, who are “Making Work and Ministry One” and introducing us to a slew of workplace missionaries of all shapes and sizes; today, it’s home building with Baessler Homes and their story of manufacturing abodes and abiding by Faith.

An Intro to LifeCare

Our stop in Austin with Tony Dale at Sedera Health brought with it an introduction to area business owner, Andy Schoonover, and a look into is work, LifeCare, who are transforming lives through education and services that empower life-affirming choices regarding sexual activity and pregnancy; all with the the compassion of Christ.

Summer Vacation With The Brangenbergs – Part III

The thrilling conclusion from our time hanging out in Kentucky at the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. What’d Jim, Martha and the crew learn? What were they blown away by? How was their Faith increased? Find out NOW as they share their thoughts from their time in KY!

Summer Vacation With The Brangenbergs – Part I

Jim and Martha brought the whole fam to Kentucky for some gold old-fashioned summertime fun at the Ark Encounter in an effort to avoid “Summer Faith Drought Syndrome”. How’d they fare? Find out now in this podcast recorded LIVE at the Ark!