What’s the answer to generational division? Find out from Dr. Arthur Satterwhite, member of Young Life, whose mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.

Featured Guests: Arthur Satterwhite
Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership Alliance

Sell Like Jesus: 7 Characteristics Of Christ For Ethical Sales

Sales People – the world would not go around without sales people. Everything you touch all day long was sold by someone. EVERYTHING.  So how do you know if you are dealing with an ethical salesperson? It should be a given that sales people should only sell you what you need but that isn’t the way it is, is it? How can you be a solid example of Jesus as a sales person in the dog eat dog world of the marketplace in the great United States of America in 2020 and coming in 2021? Well our guest for the day, Deb Brown Maher has written a book – Sell Like Jesus: 7 Characteristics of Christ for Ethical Sales. Deb thinks she can train a whole new generation of successful Christian Sales people who emulate Jesus in their sales approach.


How do you make YOUR culture flourish? Two executives of the Christian Leadership Alliance’s OUTCOMES Conference in Dallas join us for an in-depth conversation on how workplace cultures flourish with the right intentions.

Featured Guests: Al Lpous & Chad Carter
Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership Alliance

The Impact Of Our Ministry On The Lives Of Others

Its not very often that we get to interview someone who heard about iWork4Him and then reached out to us to talk about the impact of our ministry on their lives. We love to hear those stories because they keep us going each and every day. I am so thrilled today to introduce the iWork4Him Audience to Daniel & Jenna Greer from Colorado. Dan wrote to me and shared his faith and work story with me and I wanted you all to hear the story of Dan’s faith and work and his love for Jenna and their 4 kids!

Stewarding Your Investments To Make A Positive Impact On Our Communities & The World Around Us

It’s the end of the year. Many of you are celebrating the end of 2020. I have the perfect way for you to close out your year. Evaluate your portfolio of investments and see how your investments are impacting the culture we live in.  Consider your trip to the local huge home improvement store. Both Major companies are building up your community and not tearing it down with investments and donations to organizations that want to tear us apart at the seams.  However, your desire for that vaccine might twist you a little because 2 out of 3 of the companies want to give you a shot but use the proceeds to promote organizations that desire an end to the biblical view of marriage and want to use aborted babies for experiments.  One major soft drink company scores great and the one that makes Mountain Dew – not so much. What am I talking about, the inspire Investing – Inspire Insights program that gives you a score for companies or funds that you invest in to see how they are either building up communities or tearing them apart. Here to clear it all up and to talk about Biblically Responsible investing, Luke Andrews with Inspire Advisors and iInvest4Him.com

Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) scores investments for positive and negative reasons.  Today we will take a quick look at what makes a positive score for a stock:

a.       Business Model

  1. Business products, services and operations structured in a way to benefit rather than exploit customers.

b.     Product Integrity and Innovation

  1. Creates products and services which are helpful and create value rather than extract value or harm users.

c.      Corporate Governance

  1. Policies and behaviors regarding executive compensation, ethical dealings, board management, etc.

d.     Human Capital

  1. Policies and behaviors regarding equitable employee management.

e.      Social Impact

  1. Impact and influence on society and communities in which the company operates.

f.       Supply Chain

  1. Impact and influence on society and communities in which the company operates.

g.     Environment

  1. Measures company’s impact on the environment, including air, water and land.

h.     Sustainable Energy Use and Production

  1. Measures company’s use and production of sustainable energy.


Can office politics be Christ-like? “Yes”, says Ellie Nieves of Leadership Strategies for Women. From our “SheWorks4Him” Series we uncover her lessons on office politics and her thoughts on Christian women’s leadership.

Featured Guests: Dr. Steve Greene
Ministry/Workplace: Charisma Media & “Love Lead” Book

Did Jesus Have A Sense Of Humor?

It’s a documented fact that Christians need to lighten up a little and laugh way more. Don’t you think Jesus laughed? Did Jesus have a sense of humor? Could he cut a joke with the best of them…I say yes for SURE.  He was the best.  So is it a job to be a Jesus Follower and entertain people and make them laugh? Well today we are going to introduce the iWork4Him audience to Matt Fore a Christian Comedian. We all need to laugh more. Laughter heals and opens doors for real connection at a heart level. Matt Fore will tell us more. Hang on this one could get out of control…


Can office politics be Christ-like? “Yes”, says Ellie Nieves of Leadership Strategies for Women. From our “SheWorks4Him” Series we uncover her lessons on office politics and her thoughts on Christian women’s leadership.

Featured Guests: Caroline Mendez & Ellie Nieves
Ministry/Workplace: Ellie Nieves

Great Leaders Ask Questions And So Much More…

Are you a leader in any way? Are you a teller or are you a question asker? I tend to be a lecturer! Today our guest is Bob Tiede who has made a profession of leading with questions because Great Leaders ask Questions…did you know that Jesus asked a ton of Questions…Bob even counted them all – do you know the number? Call in today and give us your best guess and you will win a pack of Bob’s books. Asking questions…Is there a faith element in all of that? I think there is and our Savior demonstrated it best. 

Bob’s giving away a limited number of copies of his book, call 866-713-9675 for your chance to get one.

Sign up for Bob’s blog at:   www.LeadingWithQuestions.com

Guaranteed Wins Every Time

Mike Sipe with www.10xGroups.com  recently invited Jim to be a guest on his show 10 Talent Leader Talk. Mike and Jim talk about the creative ways Christian Business Owners are winning during the coronavirus outbreak. Guaranteed Wins every time.

Ten Qualities of Great Christian Business Leaders – #1-5

As Christ Followers out in the Marketplace, should we look different, sound different and act different than our pre-Christian friends and competitors? If we run a business, or lead in an organization, what are the defining characteristics or qualities of a Great Christian Business Leader, or any leader proclaiming Christ as savior and Lord. Jesus changed all of us, including our ability to lead like Him. So Todd Hopkins has been working on this list, for himself and the young professionals he pours his life into on a regular basis. He wanted to share these 10 qualities with our audience so we can all put them into practice. Today we will deal with the first 5 and then in December we will hit the final 5.

Ten Qualities of Great Christian Business Leaders – #1-5

  1. Protector of Gratitude
  2. Committed to prayer, reading and learning  – As leaders, our prayers must outpace normal people.   For our people, organization and ourself.  Prayer of Jabez!
  3. Challenge culture’s definition of success with God’s  – Care more what God thinks than what people think.  Many say this, yet what people think is influencing their decisions more than what God says.
  4. Align personal and Business goals with God’s calling
  5. Committed to and implements system of distraction control – Good is enemy of great, residual distraction (we are addicted to distractions), environment – Stop using the “B” Word (busy)


How do you transform a city? It starts with a group of Christ-followers, praying together, from ALL spheres of influence, with one common vision. Hear the story of how Transformation Jacksonville is changing their city, for God’s glory.

Featured Guests: Tom McLeod & Chris Miller
Ministry/Workplace: Transformation Jacksonville

In Today’s Public School Environment Can You Even Be A Christian?

I don’t think there is a question that our public servants often get the least amount of public appreciation. Today we are going to talk about public school teachers. Teachers often get paid okay but their work environments can be tough. Being an educator means dealing with Administrators, School Board members, Parents and the least of their trouble – the kids.  In today’s public school environment can you even be a Christian?  It seems like there is a large outcry about people sharing their Christian faith in schools.  Martha and I are here today to let you know that there are lots of Christian educators and we are going to hear from one today. Craig Olsen and I grew up in the same youth group 35 years ago. We lost touch after Martha and I got married and moved away. A couple of years ago we connected on Facebook and recently we actually had a conversation on Zoom. Craig has a great story to tell about how God is using him in his position in the public-school system in MN.

The Affliction Of Misinformation

Do you know what the number one affliction to render Christians impotent in living out their faith is the affliction of misinformation. So many of us have been told that to really serve in the kingdom of God, we need to be a pastor of a church or missionary overseas.  That is an outright lie. You can be a pastor almost anywhere you go if you shepherd over people. You can be a missionary anywhere you go if there are lost people who need to find Jesus.  Steve Kowalski figured this out. Steve has served in Hollywood and now he serves as a missionary in the Tampa Bay area. He ministers to people who need their stuff moved from one place to another. While he is moving peoples stuff, he tries to move their hearts to the only one who can bring them peace. Steve is here to tell his story.


You need to know Jeremie Kubicek – PART 2. He’s leading the charge to change leadership. His tagline: “Let the world fund me to influence it.” This man is turning leadership UPSIDE DOWN.

Featured Guest: Jeremie Kubicek
Ministry/Workplace: The 100X LeaderGiANT Worldwide

What Happens When God Invades Your Business?

We’ve heard about army invasions between countries. Invasions of insects on our picnics, even invasions on our privacy on the internet, but what happens when God invades your business?  Does it mean automatic success? Does it mean p & l’s in the black and a big Lexus in the driveway?  What happens when God reveals to you that He wants to be involved in your work life, even running your business. Kim Avery experienced just that about 5 years ago. God invaded her business, and she has never been the same again. Author of The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur and Co-host of the Professional Christian Coaching today. She’s got a story to tell, and we are here to capture it for you.

Take the FREE Prayer Quiz to best determine what area of your business would most benefit from strategic prayer at www.prayerquiz.com.


You need to know Jeremie Kubicek. He’s leading the charge to change leadership. His tagline: “Let the world fund me to influence it.” This man is turning leadership UPSIDE DOWN. Find out how.

Featured Guest: Jeremie Kubicek
Ministry/Workplace: The 100X LeaderGiANT Worldwide

Prayer. Does It Really Make A Difference?

Prayer. Does it really make a difference? Does gathering as a nation to pray on a single day a year change our trajectory?  Some would say no, some would say yes, God would say that all prayer matters. He loves hearing from you. The National day of prayer was established to unite our nation in prayer. The National Day of prayer task force has been led by many and now it is led by Kathy Branzell, longtime friend of iWork4Him because of her involvement in the Love2020 movement. Kathy is here today to kick off the 2021 preparations for the National Day of prayer on 5/6/21.  Kathy will give us the skinny and help us to prepare our workplaces for prayer every day.

7 Steps To Putting Our Faith Where Our Paycheck Comes From

It takes a tremendous amount of faith to start living out your faith at work. It takes faith in Jesus and it takes faith in yourself. It really takes faith in your faith to put your faith where you work!  But what are the steps to putting your faith into action? Tony Dale is one man who has had to put his money where his faith is more than one time in his life, and today he is going to give us 7 steps to putting our faith where our paycheck comes from.


Think as a Christian you should AVOID culture? Think again and find out why and HOW you should engage with it.

Featured Guests: Bill Montgomery & Guy Rodgers
Ministry/Workplace: Maricopa County Attorney’s OfficePinnacle Forum