National Day Of Prayer Is May 7th

The national Day of Prayer is coming up on May the 7th. This year it will be the second official day of the year dedicated to praying for our country and for the leadership of our country as well. Kathy Branzell joins us from Love2020 to talk about this incredible upcoming day.

Connect Your Faith And Your Work

Marketing Like Jesus, Marketplace Christian and Theology of Business – what do these all have in common – Darren shearer.  We’re talking with Darren Shearer about the Theology of Business Institute and the many classes you can take to help you connect your faith and your work.

NE Christians At Work

In the northeast, they call themselves New Englanders, I call them a hardy bunch.  The weather is tough and the culture even tougher ,but there is a light rising in the east and it’s NE Christians at work. We’re talking with Drew Crandall on all God is doing in the NE.

Christian Working Women – From The Shop Floor To The Board Room

Christian Working Women have unique challenges in their work and personal lives. Stephanie Winslow gets that, we’re talking with Stephanie as she shares from her book – From the shop floor to the board room.

Our Work Is Our Worship And Really Our Workship

There are dozens of Christian Business Round Table discussion groups around the country but only one that will teach you Avadah. We’re talking with Mike Sipe from 10X groups about how our work is our worship and really our workship.

Remain Away, The Herd Mentality

Luke Andrews calms our financial fears swirling amidst this Covid-19 Pandemic, dropping knowledge nuggets like this great Dave Ramsey quote: “The only people who get hurt in roller coasters are those who jump off”. You and your finances NEED to hear Luke’s pragmatic approach to operating within our new reality.

“Trading With God”

Author, Ken Snodgrass, talks about his groundbreaking work, “Trading With God: Seven Steps to Integrate Your Faith into Your Work”, which addresses the relevancy of the Christian faith in today’s workplace. We get in depth about each one of these integral steps in this podcast.

How To Build A Winning Team

Get a glimpse of what God revealed to our special guest about how to surround one’s self with a crew that will help lift a mission to the highest of heights. Tons of Scripture-based advice in this podcast on not only building beyond yourself, but also how to be that Bible-based builder.

Recruiting For The Kingdom

Amplio Recruiting is a multi-city staffing agency connecting companies with the dependable refugee workforce. They work with the most fluent and well educated members of the refugee community to bring dependability and efficiency to industries including, but not limited to: light industrial work, hospitality, and construction. Hear about it NOW!

Another Halftime Success Story

Regular listeners know full well about the impact that the book, Halftime, has had on your humble hosts, and today we had a chance to hear how this incredible, life-changing work has moved a fellow Christ-follower’s life: Darren Moyer. It’s yet another powerful interview we grabbed at the God@Work TV Studios. Hear how he’s using this book’s principles to mentor the younger generation.

Faith: A Key To Success

Richard Fuqua is a franchise owner with Office Pride, and he joined the Brangenberg’s to share how he came to be a part of this burgeoning cleaning operation – why he did it, how he went about setting himself up for commercial success, and how his Faith played a major role in HIS entire operation.

Leadership Values For Women

Deep within the Workmatters Conferences in Rogers, Arkansas earlier this year with the privilege of capturing stories from myriad business leaders on how their work matters to Him, which was the focus of our chat today with Ellie Nieves, who shared how she’s helping high-achieving women to show up, speak up and step up in their careers – all with the help of Him.

Let’s Rethink Retirement

Is your current view of what retirement looks like a mindset that aligns with Biblical values? The answer may surprise you, and that’s why this show exists. Sit in with Jim and Martha as they talk how we should be viewing this stage of our lives – and how we can move the Kingdom forward with our late-stage movements and actions.