Connecting People with Purpose

How do you go about changing an entire city for God? We find out at the headquarters of the Austin Bridge Builders Alliance in Texas. They don’t build highway bridges, but they build relationship bridges between marketplace Christ-followers.

Featured Guest: Tony Dale, Rich Carney, Tammy McKinney, Felicia Betancur, J Pier
Ministry/Workplace: Austin Bridge Builders & Sedera Health

Super Success, Super Emptiness

What happens when the Lord gives you the world by the time you’re 40? We found out with Ward Brehm and his book – ‘Bigger Than Me’. Ward got super transparent about how success left him empty. And what God did with that emptiness.

Featured Guest: Ward Brehm
Ministry/Workplace: Bigger Than Me

Advanced Accountability

What’s it mean to be REALLY accountable? What’s it look like to work in a company that puts accountability at the top of its core values? Hear how it affects company culture, from Philip Struble, President of a national urban-engineering company.

Featured Guest: Phil Struble
Ministry/Workplace: Zebedee & Sons Fishing Company

Ready For a Job Change?

A job change CAN change your life… but you need to be prepared for that kind of decision. Dr. Andrew Spencer’s life changed when he did, and God led him to five questions to ask yourself before making the switch.

Featured Guest: Dr.Andrew Spencer 
Ministry/Workplace: Ethics & Culture

Be Busy, Not Hurried – Part II

Is there a benefit to rest while we work? Find out what an Unhurried Leader is from the author, Alan Fadling, as he schools us on “unhurried living and working”. Find out how to be an unhurried leader and their secrets to “success”. You can start now by slowing down and listening NOW!

Featured Guest: Alan Fadling
Ministry/Workplace: Unhurried Living

Be Busy, Not Hurried – Part I

What’s the payoff to slowing down? We find out from Alan Fadling, author of “The Unhurried Leader”. Hear the value of slowing down. Unhurried leaders understand the importance of certain things they DON’T do. Slow down and listen to this life-changing conversation.

Featured Guest: Alan Fadling
Ministry/Workplace: Unhurried Living

It’s Time for a Break

Let’s celebrate a few milestones today! In the past nine years, we have produced 2,200 podcasts and interviewed over 3,500 people. In addition, we have written a weekly blog for over 470 weeks, written three books, created and produced a 1-minute weekday PowerThought for podcast and radio, traveled thousands of miles, and met so many incredible people – BUT it’s time for a break. 

Throughout Scripture, God gives us great examples of REST, including at the very beginning of creation, and we know that we’ve failed to practice and obey them. In today’s show, we share honestly about what God is telling us and how we need to get serious rest so that we can walk in obedience in all He is asking of us.

So, we want to invite you to embark with us in this new season of restoration and relationship. Won’t you commit to incorporating the iWork4Him Nation pledge into our summer? Get to know our neighbors at home and work – spend some time grilling out, hosting potlucks, and relationship building. I know we will! See you this fall!

Guests: Jim and Martha Brangenberg

Ministry/ Workplace: iWork4Him

A Front Row Seat

Can a business round table change your life? Yes. Hear member stories and testimonies on how the power of Truth at Work executive round table groups are impacting lives both inside the workplace – and out. Hear from TAW’s CEO as he shares his vision and how you can get involved.

Featured Guest: David Holly, Jim Lange
Ministry/Workplace: Truth at Work

Run Toward Your Goliaths

Sometimes the path to our calling takes many turns. Dr. Eli Jones shares his story in his new book Run Toward your Goliaths. Despite being a first-generation college student, Eli’s childhood was full of first-rate learning experiences! His parents were entrepreneurial, and his dad’s work truck was often a classroom for Eli. After graduating college, Eli took several unexpected career turns. Still eventually, he ended up back in school to get his Ph.D., where Eli indeed found his calling as a teacher and writer!

Eli’s unchanging life mission has been to transform lives, and through teaching principles that come from the Bible – he is able to do just that. Higher education is fertile soil for connecting faith to learning. At Texas A&M, there are so many ways to visibly carry that out through the Christian Faculty Network and Breakaway ministry happening on campus, where Eli is deeply involved.

For the chance to win a copy of Eli’s book, Run Toward Your Goliaths, call the listener line at 866-713-9675 (WORK)!

Guests: Dr. Eli Jones

Ministry/ Workplace: Texas A&M University;

How to Live in Extraordinary Expectation of What’s Around the Corner, PT 2

James Barnett had a childhood of road trips to treasure.  Most of us would reminisce about the memories happily and leave it at that. Not James! He has allowed God to take those road trip lessons to shape his leadership at home and at work, in his role as President of DaySpring. 

His many life lessons include learning who is in control, Why God vs What God, and helping others see what they can’t see in themselves.  Even now, James’ parents haven’t lost their sense of adventure and hit the road again for a family adventure to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. In this episode, we learn from James’ example to constantly learn from every experience God gives us.

So many great nuggets in this interview with James Barnett and his new book, Blue Skies: How to Live in Extraordinary Expectation of What’s Around the Corner.   For the chance to win a signed copy of James’ book, call the listener line at 866-713-9675!

Guest: James Barnett

Ministry/Workplace: DaySpring

No Job Too Small – Part II

What if we could experience God WHILE we work? We hear from some friends of author John Van Sloten, (and John of course) who wrote: Every Job a Parable – a unique take on EVERYONE’S work, no matter “how big or small”.

Featured Guest: John Van Sloten
Ministry/Workplace: John Van Sloten

An Army of Givers

In this interview from last year’s CLA Outcomes Conference, we speak with National Commander – Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder, who has been with The Salvation Army for 33 years. Ken believes that one of the organization’s strengths is that they don’t have a narrow focus. This allows The Salvation Army to help people wherever they are – however, it can also lead to burn out. Throughout the pandemic, The Salvation Army has been working to meet the needs of the many Americans who have fallen under the poverty line. They went from serving 52 million meals per year to over 225 million in 2020! However, God is faithful, and Ken says that giving went up by 27% this year, which allowed the Army to do what it does best – love on people! Ken also shares with us how he keeps himself from burnout with a routine and schedule that keep his faith centered on Christ.

Commissioner Hodder is 6th generation Salvationist, 4th generation commissioner, and 2nd generation National Commander.  What a legacy he has followed and will leave for future generations. His final words to leaders were to not try to change the people but use their strengths to serve.

Guests: Kenneth Hodder

Ministry/ Workplace: The Salvation Army

How to Live in Extraordinary Expectation of What’s Around the Corner, PT 1

James Barnett has a heart for adventure and a true sense of awe, and this part 1 of a 2-part bonus interview explores some of James’ fondest memories. From an uncle that modeled hard work and generosity to parents that modeled a life of prayer, James’ family has played a large role in his spiritual formation.  His recently released book, Blue Skies: How to Live in Extraordinary Expectation of What’s Around the Corner, captures lessons he has learned from his family road trips.  

James’ exposure to author Bob Buford and his book Halftime forced him to answer the question, “Are you driven or all you called?”  This made him take a hard look at why God does something versus what God is wanting to teach in each of life’s circumstances. Celebrating a 41-year career at DaySpring – and  now the President – God  has used James’ adventures to shape his leadership both at work and home.  Through his many experiences, James has allowed God to show him life lessons at every turn.  There is so much to learn, and his Blue Skies book shows how we can capture and share them along the way.

So many great nuggets in this interview with James Barnett and his new book, Blue Skies: How to Live in Extraordinary Expectation of What’s Around the Corner.  

For the chance to win a signed copy of James’ book, call the listener line at 866-713-9675!

Guest: James Barnett

Ministry/Workplace: DaySpring

No Job Too Small – Part I

Is there any job too small or insignificant to God? No, says John Van Sloten. His new book “Every Job a Parable”, takes a fresh look at connecting our faith and our work. Learn how to take a Biblical look at your job and how it’s a parallel story to who God is – and what He’s doing.

Featured Guest: John Van Sloten
Ministry/Workplace: John Van Sloten

Equipping Christians for Kingdom Purpose in their Work

Having founded a church and worked in the marketplace, Tom Lutz has a unique vantage point on faith integration. Join us in today’s show as Tom discusses finding your purpose, faith in the marketplace, and vocational discipleship!

As a young believer, Tom thought he needed to go to seminary to serve in ministry. Seminaries often teach on the importance of discipleship within the Church, but rarely discipleship within the workplace. After some years, Tom acknowledged that his real calling was to the marketplace. But, despite feeling like God was calling him there, it took him quite a while to not feel like God frowned on that decision. His new book, Equipping Christians for Kingdom Purpose in their Work, is a “how to” book that answers practical questions like:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What is your purpose?
  3. How will you fulfill your purpose?

Believers who integrate their faith at work are more engaged as church members and Followers of Christ. That’s why it is our goal to help start vocational discipleship across the Nation!

For a chance to win a copy of Tom’s book call our listener line at 866-713-9675!

Guests: Thomas Lutz

Ministry/ Workplace: Convene

God-Centered Investing – Part II

What IS God-centered investing? Can you have a God-honoring portfolio that DOES make money? You sure can. Learn more about the merits of Biblically-Responsible Investing (BRI) from Luke Andrews. He uncovers the nitty-gritty of why this method is more than just good for your bank account – it’s gold for your eternal life as well.

Featured Guest: Luke Andrews
Ministry/Workplace: Inspire Advisors

Our Daily Bread

In this show from the most recent CLA Outcomes Conference, we talk with Vicki Harris, Sr. Vice President of Human Resources for Our Daily Bread Ministries. While Our Daily Bread specializes in producing quarterly devotionals (available at, it is refreshing to hear that Vicki still finds her morning time with God to be the key to leading a thriving ministry and work environment. She talks with us in today’s show about applying personal revelation in professional settings. 

With offices in 38 countries, Our Daily Bread prioritizes new avenues for the staff and volunteers to grow in their faith, dig deep into Scripture, and thrive. This familiarity with cultivating a positive work culture over great distances served OBD well during the pandemic. They started hosting virtual leadership events for their staff, which were so well received that other people wanted to come. The result? The Mastering You sessions are now open to everyone!

Vicky Harris wants to challenge leaders to grow their character – what a great perspective coming from a leader in Human Resources! May we all take some time to consider this wisdom today.

Guests: Vicki Harris

Ministry/ Workplace: Our Daily Bread Ministries

God-Centered Investing – Part I

Does God care about money? Does He care about how you invest your money? Hear about a fairly new concept called Biblically-Responsible Investing (BRI). A trusted advisor friend of ours, Luke Andrews, discusses why this method is more than just good for your bank account – it’s good for your eternal life as well.

Featured Guest: Luke Andrews
Ministry/Workplace: Inspire Advisors

Co-Laboring with God

Kenny Hill admits he was building his career in vain. For years, he tried to outpace the shame in his life by pouring himself into his job performance. But it wasn’t until his first marriage crumbled and he was at the end of his rope that Kenny began to really learn about doing things God’s way – in love. Of course, anyone can love people for a few hours, but good leaders co-labor with God to make love a lifelong practice.

This new understanding of love flowed into Kenny’s personal life with his soon-to-be wife, Clarisa. Soon, Clarisa began implementing the same mission-minded leadership skills in her OBGYN practice. Tune in to hear this incredible couple’s journey in the workplace mission field!

Enter to win a copy of Kenny’s book, Elevated: My Journey to Co-Laboring with God, by calling the listener line at 866-713-9675 (WORK).

Guests: Kenny & Clarisa Hill

Ministry/ Workplace: Parables Media

Maximum Ministry, Minimum Liability – Part III

Do you know your legal rights as a Christian? Join David Gibbs III, a Christ-following lawyer, and his purpose in life is to protect our rights. He is one of our favorite guests. You will hear the most up-to-date advice on how to protect yourself as a working Christ-follower in the workplace.

Featured Guest: David Gibbs III
Ministry/Workplace: National Center for Life & Liberty