More from Lubbock

What does it mean to have a Kingdom Style? And what does that look like?  Well, today we got an insider’s look at how this Workshop in Texas – the Kingdom Leadership Workshop – is working to help those, and network with others, who are pining for the same thing.

This Workshop is for The Kingdom

And we’re here all week!  It’s the “Kingdom Leadership Workshop” in Lubbock, TX where we’ll be broadcasting from LIVE this week, and we kicked it off with return guests, Rick and Holly Betenbough, to get their take on this amazing Workshop, and hear how God’s been moving them.

LIVE @ The Summit

It’s our show from the floor of the Faith and Work Summit in Chicago as Jim and Martha had the chance to be a part of this event that’s connecting Marketplace Revolutionaries, and we mixed and mingled and interviewed a few folks showcasing their ministries at this year’s gathering.

Hosts Vs Hosts

It’s a table-turned edition of the program as hosts of the radio program “Faith Marketplace”, Bob Lambert and Jennifer Villarreal, interviewed your humbled hosts of iWork4Him!  These dynamic duos went deep on the Faith and Work Movement, the purpose and meanings of their respective radio programs, and just generally had a great time!  Check it out!

A JAX Entourage

A quick pit-stop in Jacksonville, FL so Jim and Martha could talk with Tammie McClafferty with LifeWork Leadership Jax AND some friends from both Marketplace Chaplains as well as Live the Life.  It’s a full show of great ministries doing Kingdom Building in the First Coast – and beyond.

Three Ways to Expand Your Faith

Jim and Martha took a ministry journey this afternoon to explore two ministries, HOPE Trips and Judgement House, as well as delve into their upcoming “Cruise Your Way to a Better Marriage” Retreat.  Tune in and hear how to go on a faith-expansion excursion via one of these avenues!

Office Pride Embraces Workplace Ministry

It’s in their DNA!  And we learned more about with our great friend, Todd Hopkins – CEO of Office Pride Commercial Office Cleaners – along with franchise owner, Lee Weeks.  The duo from Office Pride broke down how they’re using their business as a mission field – and how you can be a part.

The Collective

Brad Stinson, CEO of the Collective Global, was our guest for another trip in Nashville, Tn as we got yet another peak at a Music City business owner connecting their Faith and Work.  The Collective enhance performance, improves satisfaction and increases profits.  How?  And how for Him?  Tune in to learn all about this as Jim and Martha go deep within the Collective.

Luke and Dave and BRI

Our monthly financial lesson with the best in the business, Luke Andrews and Dave Kruis with Belleair Wealth Management, as the dynamic duo sat down with Jim and Martha to chat Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) – with a couple of rabbit holes along the way 🙂  Tune in for a fun and insightful convo on clean investing, politics, marriage and more!

“Change Lives by Serving Those Who Serve”

Still in the Music City and still learning more about some local business leaders that are leading their work with their Faith.  Today, we were with the President of Enable Resource Group, Scott Smith, whose operation is a social enterprise that was formed with the specific intent to “Change Lives by Serving Those Who Serve.”  And yes, we do love that!  Learn why now!

Humans Thrive Through Movement

Another day in the Music City and another look at a business doing work for The Kingdom.  And today, we talked with Brandi Brinkley of Physiofit.  Tune into this podcast to hear why Brandi believes greatness is only attained through our service to others.  Get fit in every facet via this podcast.


LIVE from the Music City in Nashville, Tn was the iWork4Him Radio Program as Jim and Martha brought on Jason Sain DeAngelis with DeAngelis Diamond to give us an insider’s look at how this company operates in their business with their Faith at the forefront.

The Johnsons and CNT

Jim and Martha brought in Ken and Ardie Johnson, to showcase their hearts4Him and spotlight their mission, Christian Network Teams (CNT), which looks to enhance the spiritual and professional development of today’s business leaders by facilitating an environment where practical business applications are combined with solid biblical values.

God’s Movement in Austin

Back in Tx (virtually) with our great friend, Tony Dale of Sedera Health, to highlight the Kingdom Works from a local business doing incredible things for Him.  Of course we heard more about Tony’s tale of faith and work, but we also got a peek at how God is moving in other arenas across the area, as well.  Take a God-filled trip to the Lone Star State NOW!

The Life of a Franchisee

Todd Hopkins with Office Pride Office Cleaners popped back in studio to highlight yet another success story from one of his thriving franchise owners.  This time, it was Chris Middleton, who talked extensively on how Office Pride is not only a great job, but also a HUGE platform for ministry.  Is it the right for you?  It could just be…  Tune in to learn more.

Jim and Martha Take a Trip Back Home

Check out this very special podcast that has the Brangenberg’s back home and talking with some old friends, Merlyn and Lisa Meinerts.  It was an eye-opening conversation featuring laughs, love and a huge amount of Jesus.  Pop play on this one to hear some amazing stories from yesteryear.

About Matrix Design

Back in the Windy City were Jim and Martha to delve into the work of Matrix Design with Patrick Bertsche and Ivette Franco.  Matrix works closely with end users to develop, build, and install robotic automation systems; and, of course, they’re doing it with hearts4Him.  Hear their faith backgrounds, what they are up to now, and how they’re furthering the Kingdom via business.

4Word Across the Country

It was the final installment of our deep look inside and around the incredible women’s ministry, 4Word, as we closed it out chatting with Pat from Dallas, Donna from Colorado and Maelyn from the Windy City.  Hear how each of these women are connecting their faith and work w/4Word.

Raising the Standard of Leadership

Co-Founders of GiANT Worldwide, Jeremie Kubicek & Steve Cockram, hopped on the program to detail how they’re helping companies grow by developing their people, implementing a Leadership Operating System to help build better leaders, increase team performance, and create a thriving organization where everyone can bring their best.