IW4H – LIVE @ Chick-Fil-A

Eat More Chicken!  And join Jim as he takes the show on the road in front of a live audience for a program about how your work life can  impact your marriage, and how to avoid that impact being negative, with special guests from Dare To Be Different Marriage Mentoring.

Your Health and Your Business

Jim talks to business owner, health professional and former radio personality, Deborah Roseman, on the importance of good health and its effects on business, and the best practices and habits of a healthy Christian business owner.

How to Transform Your Workplace for Christ

Jim opens today’s program with a very special guest from the year’s upcoming Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, then brings in a trio of show sponsors to share their insight on how they transformed their businesses to a place that glorifies Him.

The I Work 4 Him Anniversary Show

Happy Birthday, I Work 4 Him!  To celebrate one year on the air, Jim brings in some longtime friends for a retrospective hour of reflection on the lessons learned over the past year, how God has touched the lives and businesses of his guests, and what to expect from the show in the future.

Listening to God in Your Business

Board Member of Impact Tampa Bay, Ed Kobel, joins today’s program to talk about how the Spirit moves him to help both his business, and others, through Impact Tampa Bay; and also relays the importance of spending substantial quiet time with God to hear His voice.

Being Jesus in the Workplace

Val Harwell has a wealth of national and international business credentials and talks with Jim about she’s been able to keep Christ at the center of her business dealings and how it has shaped her business acumen.

The National Christian Foundation of Tampa Bay

Representatives from the area chapter discuss the vision of the Foundation, which serves business owners and families in helping them with their giving, and how the Foundation has helped facilitate over $180 million in charitable donations a year.

Man in the Mirror Ministries

Finding ways to effectively disciple men in the church is the focus of today’s program with Jack Griffith, who leads this ministry that works on men’s faith, and the show lays out why it is so important to have a solid faith framework and what it means to everything in you life, including your workplace.

From Success to Significance

On today’s show, you’ll hear from a leader of the Halftime movement, which was borne from a book with the same name, and has had a profound effect on the way Jim operates in the business world as well as being an inspiration for the vision of iWork4Him.

Workplace Chaplains

Dick DeWitt has a unique ministry that brings men and women called of God to care for others selflessly in the workplace. He shares how his ministry can create change at your place of employment, in your personal life, and throughout the Kingdom.


On Church Leadership

Today, Jim brings in Brian Zaas of The Navigators and Stephanie Brown of Grow Women to talk about how each are using their organizations to spark, supplement, and grow leadership both inside and outside the church walls.

Using Sunday to Equip You on Monday

John Farris, local pastor of Cross Point Church, tells Jim how he uses his Sunday sermon to prepare his congregation for their Monday mission field at work, and why he believes that the next Christian revolution will not go through the Church, but through the workplace.


Thinking Differently to Change Your Workplace

Charles H. Boxley is in studio to talk about the ground breaking, thought-shifting and biblically-based ideas in his book, Prosperity on Earth, and explains how to change the way you think to, in turn, change your work and personal lives.

Ever the Underdog, Always Winning

Pastor and author Matt Keller brings his new book, God of the Underdogs, and talks about how everyone that God has used has been an underdog in some form or fashion, and the hope that thrives in that idea.


Leading with the Heart of a Servant

Doctor Jeanine L. Parolini breaks down the ideas in her book, Transformational Servant Leadership, which is centered on how to be a leader with a servant’s heart and a Christ-centered focus.

Bringing Christ into Your Workplace

One of the first shows of 2014 features friend of the program Laurie Hill from the Christian Chamber of Commerce Tampa Bay and highlights five ways to incorporate Christ into your workplace.

Marriage and Business Pt. II

The conclusion of the iWork4Him series surrounding marital and workplace balance with the Brangenberg’s and 2B1 Ministries, and today’s program focuses on why a shaky marriage can have dire effects on your business life, and how to counter the most common issues troubling marriages today.