Bring Em Back To Life

What did Jesus do with Lazarus? He brought him back to life. What does he do with Us. Brings us back to life. We’re talking with Dennis Savage from Bring em back to life and hear how he ties car restoration with life restoration.

When God Gives You Lemons…

When God gives you lemons, you can either throw them out, eat them or make lemonade which is really quite delicious.  We’re talking with Steve Bell from Bellmont Cabinets about the Lemons he was handed.

Church For Monday

Church for Monday. Is it a new program, a passing fad or what was originally intended. We’re talking with Svetlana Papazov about Real Life Church and her Book Church For Monday. Its changing everything you think about church.

Dealing With The Challenges As A Woman Of Faith At Work.

As a Christian Working Women, what are the resources I can access that will disciple me on how to deal with the challenges as a woman of faith at work. We’re talking with Leah Archibald to get us up to speed.

Touching The Hearts Of Small Town America

Small Town America. It’s unique and challenging but definitely a place of ministry and a mission field. How about planting a vet clinic and a mobile coffee shop in the town to touch the hearts of the residents. We’re talking to Brian and Carol Thompson about their story.

Christian Working Women – sheWorks4Him

Christian Working Women occupy over 55% of the Christian Workforce in America. We felt their need for a specific book equipping them for heading off to work and living out their faith. We’re talking about sheWorks4Him.

Christians In Arts And Entertainment

Christians are in every profession but there are some professions we would rather they not occupy. We’re talking to Christians in Theatre Arts and Bruce Long to talk about Christians in Arts and Entertainment.

The Story Of The Cup Of Job

What happens when God lays an idea on your heart and he says it is impossible for you to do this unless I help. We’re talking with Tammy McClafferty from Lifework First Coast as she Shares the story of The Cup of Job.

Community Matters Café

The Homeless and drug addicted are all around us. Most of them are looking for hope and a solution. We’re talking with Ed Price from Charlotte Rescue Mission about Community Matters Café and how this business is transforming the lives of those who work there and eat there.

Cleaning Up For The Kingdom

Cleaning, disinfecting, polishing, dusting, emptying the trash. These jobs don’t seem to garner a lot of praise. Are these jobs actually Kingdom Important? We’re talking with Mark Worstell about cleaning up.

A Woman’s Place

For thousands of years, the body of Christ has wrestled with A Woman’s Place, at work and at home. What did Jesus say and demonstrate in his life on how he felt? We’re talking with Katelyn Beaty about her book A Woman’s Place.

Moving Beyond Betrayal

Betrayal by a friend is a horrible experience. When someone you love and trust, betrays your trust, then your world falls apart. You start to doubt everyone. We’re talking with Phil Waldrep on how he moved beyond betrayal.

Kingdom Marketplace Connections

We say it all the time relationships are the most powerful asset we have. God wanted relationship with us so he sent Jesus. We’re talking with Tony Dale and Richard Walton about kingdom Marketplace connections. 

The Sleeping Giant In Missions

We go to work every day? Why? We have bills to pay but if you have been listening to iWork4Him you realize that it’s because it is our mission field. We’re talking with Jonathan Shibley from Global Advance.

National Day Of Prayer Is May 7th

The national Day of Prayer is coming up on May the 7th. This year it will be the second official day of the year dedicated to praying for our country and for the leadership of our country as well. Kathy Branzell joins us from Love2020 to talk about this incredible upcoming day.

Clearing The Clutter For Christs Sake.

Messiness is everywhere. Do you have a junk drawer? How about a junk folder, is your trunk full of junk? What about your office or your head. We’re talking with Barbara Hemphill about Clearing the Clutter for Christs Sake.

Connect Your Faith And Your Work

Marketing Like Jesus, Marketplace Christian and Theology of Business – what do these all have in common – Darren shearer.  We’re talking with Darren Shearer about the Theology of Business Institute and the many classes you can take to help you connect your faith and your work.