Love With No Holds Barred

And that mean even WITHIN the bars of prisons, which was out focus today with Kathy Branzell of Love2020 and Nick Meyer, a prison Chaplain who’s ministering to the least of these. His come-up is a story full of a man following God’s plan, and his current status is overwhelmed with LOVE.

Making Inspiring Films

That’s EXACTLY what Paul Griffin is doing, and we had an opportunity to introduce our audience to the life and works of this God-led man, who is the COO of “Inspiring Films”. This podcast highlights how Paul got involved in starting and building numerous businesses from design and construction to art and media, and led him to being involved in multiple capacities with the film industry since 1999.

Ministry In The Theatre

Ministering from the Big Stage is Johnathan Bauer, who was our guest today as we continued broadcasting from Pennsylvania – courtesy of our good friend, Don Hoover – and Johnathan work as the local community theatre in Lancaster where he operates within stage productions that offer myriad entertainment and, above all, a heartfelt feeling of Jesus’ Love.

The Investments We Make Matter

Luke Andrews – the Inspired Advisor himself – was back for some more hard-hitting financial advice; specifically, he broke down the importance of paying attention to how we invest. Your invested money can make a Kingdom impact – and also the converse. Learn how to make your money matter.

Generous Christian Giving

We were joined by the President and CEO of the National Christian Foundation (Tampa Bay), Andrew Prilliman, who shared how they’ve mobilized over $11 billion for 63,000 charities at work here in our community and around the world!

The Importance Of A Christian Education

We got a total and complete look at the workings of “Faith Christian Academy” as our sponsor for this trip to Virginia, Mollie Yoder with The Pocket Testament League, gave her personal testimony on how this establishment has shaped her young’in, and we also brought on a couple of admins from the Academy to hear how – and why – they do what they do.

A Story About the Uniqueness Of God’s Work

Where does God have YOU right now…? In your personal life, spiritual life – and your work life. That’s the conversation we had during this interview during our time at the God@Work TV Studios as we featured the incredible story of Chris Mikkelson, who’s life was flipped, turned upside down by Him. Grab this tale of an amazing,God-sized awaking NOW.

A Story From A Workmatters Practitioner

As we continued our highlighting at this year’s Workmatters Conference in Rogers (AR), we were able to snag an interview from an insider – a volunteer working tirelessly at this sprawling event. This volunteer works with JB Hunt, and was pulling double duty to not only lend his talents to this gathering, but also chat with us about the conference’s inner-workings.

Franchisin’ In Franklin

This month’s Office Pride Franchise success story is out of Tennessee by way of Andy Moyer, who sat with Jim and Martha to delve into his faith story, his franchise story and why Office Pride was the perfect fit for living out his Faith at work. Lots to take home here – dive in and learn more!

Making Movies, Moving Souls

What happens when you fall in love with Jesus? “He messes you up…but in a really good way” says Tim Paskert with Mark 8:29 Films, who’s been busy in the YouTube realm crafting films to feed your heart. His mission has remained the same – hear about it! – and his love for Jesus bolsters his work.


Dr Bruce Cook was our esteemed guest today as we feature interviews from the time we spent at the God@Work TV Studios, and the good Doctor chatted with us about how we, as Jesus followers, should act within our World – and how our God-driven passion should influence EVERYONE.

Learning To Fish

We focused this Lancaster-based broadcast on Jeff Rutt and HOPE International – a Christian faith-based nonprofit organization focused on alleviating physical and spiritual poverty through Christ-centered microenterprise development. Hear Jeff’s story of ground-up success, philanthropy and HUGE Kingdom-impacting.

Healthcare Help is on the Way

Tony Dale, The Caped-Crusader of Corporate Healthcare Sharing, spoke some more great wisdom today with words woven around the Father and His guidance within Tony’s work – and life. Hear, too, the question that prompted Tony to answer: “it’s the easiest thing in the world that’ll cost you your whole life.”

Workmatters At The Harvest Group

LIVE from Rogers, Arkansas at this year’s Workmatters Conference to highlight business leaders and their stories of how this conference – and the mission of Workmatters – has absolutely reshaped their work-life. This team leader from The Harvest Group shares her inspired in this episode.

Be. Quiet.

The Power of Silence is REAL, and Blake Fry knows it. He sat down with us today at the God@WorkTV Studios for this interview about the power of “simply” being quiet and how God can use this ceasing so that you can hear, more clearly, His words for you. Listen to this podcast first, then carve out some time to have a day of silence.

A Conversation About Christian Radio

Jim’s life was changed by the radio medium, and that’s why our interview with Doug Myer, GM and COO of WDAC – the Voice of Christian Radio in Lancaster, Pennsylvania – was so fun and truly special. Jim and Martha were able to have a heartfelt conversation about how best to serve the masses as the masses age, as new generations enter the “listening” world.

Saving Souls At Tyson Foods

This year’s Workmatters Conference in Rogers (AR) was the home to all sorts of business owners and leaders who came together to share how their faith is guiding their work, and gain inspiration from each other’s examples. The world’s second largest processor of chicken, beef, and pork – Tyson Foods – was represented; don’t be chicken and check it out!!

“God Gave Me a Pretzel – Then He Gave Me a Platform”

Her glory is her story, so says Auntie Anne Beiler of the famed – and delicious – Auntie Anne Pretzels, and she broke down more of her Glory Story with us on today’s program. It’s a remarkably relatable testimony filled with savory nuggets you can really sink your teeth in to 🙂


Author Will Meier shared with our audience the thoughts in his book, “Leaders for Life”, which lays out the idea that Principles, Process and Power can result in Profitability. Our conversation with Will, LIVE from the God@Work TV Studios, focused largely on the “Power” portion of this formula and how it can pay dividends in every aspect of your life.

An Important Update from Love2020

Are you embodying the mission, vision and spirit of Love2020 this year…? What have you done in the early months of 2020 to carry the “Prayer-Care-Share” lifestyle of this city-reaching movement? Tune in to learn how you can take the direction of Love2020 with you inside your workplace – and out!