Looking To Biblical Kingdom Solutions For Aiding This Economy In Recovery

In light of Covid 19, was this pandemic and its disastrous economic times a shot across the bow. A warning from God about what is to come?  Why are churches still shut down in almost every state of the country yet Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot are crowded? How will this play out the rest of the year? Where do the lost turn in times like this for truth?

We’re speaking with Tony Dale with Sedera Health about where the world is at today, how we as Jesus followers in our workplace should be reacting and how we should be looking to biblical kingdom solutions for aiding this economy in recovery.

Let God Transform Your Mind, Even With Investing

Stop following the ways of the world & let God transform you by renewing your mind & changing the way you think, even when it comes to retirement & investing. We’re talking with Luke Andrews of Inspire Advisors about Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) & why he became a financial advisor.

What God Is Doing In The Salvation Army

We’re talking Impact, Leadership & Outcomes with David & Sharron Hudson National Commander & National President of Women’s Ministries with The Salvation Army – Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference

Christians Getting Actively Involved In The Political Process

Our world is no longer a Christian World. But what does it mean to live as a Christian in a post Christian World in the United States? God is heavily engaged in the political process as he talks in the scriptures about appointing leaders. Will you be one of those?  It all starts with voter registration and getting Christians actively involved in the process. We’re speaking with Chad Connelly, Founder and CEO of Faith Wins on how to get involved.

How God Brings Us Into Wholeness So He Can Use Us More Effectively

It often takes a huge event to get our attention or to slow us down. Sometimes it takes a catastrophe and sometimes it just takes being alone with our thoughts with nothing else to do but to deal with them.  Sometimes God intervenes and brings healing in very intentional ways.  He wants us whole, but almost all of us have baggage that needs to be cast off and dealt with before Wholeness can happen.  Such is the life of Ben who is depicted in Os Hillman’s latest book. Os tells us his story and the story of Ben and how dealing with and forgiving the past and learning from it are all part of the process of God bringing us into wholeness so He can use us more effectively.

Balancing Work and Family in a COVID-19 World

Many women are feeling overwhelmed & over worked more than ever before & women are dis-proportionally impacted, so where can Christian working women turn for solutions, encouragement & biblical based teaching in connecting their faith to all of their life?  We’re talking with Catherine Gates & Catherine Corley on why Work Matters.org is a great place to get started for help with that.

Healthcare Sharing Is Alive & Well

You have a choice when providing for your healthcare needs, healthcare sharing is alive & well, we love organizations that look to God for solutions & bring God sized solutions to the world & Sedera does just that.  We are talking with Tony Dale & Jamie Lagarde with Sedera, a cutting edge & kingdom focused healthcare sharing company, about how they are making an impact in the world for the Kingdom of God.

Keeping A Fresh Vision In Your Business After Many Years Of Doing The Same Work

When you’ve been doing the same thing for many years, sometimes things get stale & you end up spending more time doing other things than time spent in the office.  We’re talking with Todd Hopkins of Office Pride about keeping a fresh vision for impacting the Nation after 26 years of doing the same thing, even during a Pandemic.

Getting Direction During Uncertain Times

Business leaders and entrepreneurs – are you feeling especially alone right now, needing to make tough decisions and wishing you had somewhere to turn for spiritual and business wisdom? We’re speaking with Mike Sipe & Stephen Berhar of 10x Groups to help give you direction during these uncertain times.

Marriage & Family From Gen X’ers Perspective

Jim and Martha Brangenberg were recently guests on the Millennial Boom Podcast with host Patrick Kelly.  They spoke with Patrick about about marriage and family from their perspective as Gen X’ers  – Part 2 of a 2 part interview.

Workplace & Workspace From Gen X’ers Perspective

Jim and Martha Brangenberg were recently guests on the Millennial Boom Podcast with host Patrick Kelly.  They spoke with Patrick about workplace & workspace from their perspective as Gen X’ers – Part 1 of a 2 part interview.

Thank You Jacksonville

IF there is one thing that is certain it’s that Change is inevitable. Over the past 15 years we have studied the movement to equip people like you and me to live out our faith in our work. The number of Ministries focused on this has gone from 100+ to 3000+. The country is alive with Jesus Followers who are now beginning to understand that their faith in Jesus has a lot more to do with Monday through Friday than just Sunday Morning.  When we went on the air 7 years ago, Christian Talk radio was a steady reliable medium and podcasts were an up and coming trend. Today there are almost a million different podcasts out there and hundreds specifically about the faith and work movement.

Our platform and our focus are changing and our medium digitizing.  For now, iWork4Him is on the move and we wanted to share with you the incredible things that God has us working on.  Everything comes to an end but often an end leads to a beginning and that is what we are going to talk about today.

Thank you Jacksonville for being an amazing audience, you have a special place in our heart and we love you and hope you will stay in touch.  www.iWork4Him.com

An Example Of A Good Disruption

When Luke Andrews was first introduced to the idea of Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) he did his homework, started praying, and learning more about its purpose.  Eventually God led Luke to solely represent only BRI.  Sometimes, when God teaches us a new truth it can disrupt our work.  Luke is an example of a good disruption.