Soul Food For First Responders

Our focus on Tampa Bay continued this afternoon with Dan Middlebrooks of Chaplaincy Care, Inc and a highlight on how his soul-saving organization is giving salvation to First Responders.  We also heard from a handful of these heroes who shared how Dan’s mission helped them through some harrowing times.  How does Chaplaincy Care, Inc recognize – then remove – the “smoke from the soul”…?  Tune in and find out!

Defend Your Faith

We closed out the week with a powerful and important conversation with Rachel Shockey with “Women in Apologetics” about the power of being able to defend your faith in your workplace from a women’s perspective.  Defending your faith and using it as a weapon to defeat the enemy of the souls of our co-workers and employees – THAT’S Women in Apologetics!

The Voca Center In NYC

It was Chip Roper and friends for a show highlighting the Kingdom Works of the Voca Center in the City The Never Sleeps.  We love hearing about ministries in other parts of he country that are building the Kingdom, one life at a time, and that’s exactly what the Voca center are doing.  Check it!

“The Inner Circle”

The great Dr Jim Harris was back with us this afternoon and, per usual, it was a high-octane conversation with the good Doctor and Jim.  The duo took on how to deal with Christmas stress and living supernaturally in our work.  They also talked about Dr Harris’ new, Spirit-led, Kingdom-focused Executive Growth Group called “The Inner Circle”.  You’re intrigued!

Ryan Haley Offers A Better Way

Jim and Martha had a chance to chat with this God-driven podcast creator who dropped a delicious nugget: “our lives should demand a supernational explanation.” Yup! Dive into this podcast with us and learn what exactly this means – and how its meaning is life altering.

From Chicago To Israel

We had a praise report LIVE FROM ISRAEL with Richard and Carolyn Hyde who checked in from Country to report how the iWork4Him message is being lived out in the streets and businesses.  What drew this amazing couple to Israel?  What are they doing there?  Tune in to today’s podcast to find out – and learn why Isaiah 53 is the forbidden chapter…!

Hope Is ALIVE in Chicago

While reading a book a couple of months ago, Jim read about this amazing ministry on the southside of Chicago that is equipping people for work.  Stand aside Leroy Brown, because THIS may be the baddest part of town; but Jesus is at work in Rebekah King and Hope Works Chicago!

The Hains Have Left A Legacy

We had the privilege of having Martha’s parents, Ted and Elaine Hains, with us to talk about the spiritual legacy they are leaving for their kids – and how YOU can do the same.  A legacy is built one day at a time, and after 62 years, you can build quite a legacy.  Hear the Hains’ in today’s show.

A Story Of Identity And Destiny

It was Tom and Pam Wolf back in studio to talk about their life-changing workbook, “Identity and Destiny”, which helps you become “excited about your life…and make life easier”.  We also featured a surprise testimony that you HAVE to hear.  Learn how to change your life for $20 in today’s show!

Constructing Disciples

We took a trip to Naples (Fl) to broadcast on location with John DeAngelis about how his Faith in Jesus impacts his commercial construction company – and how Giant Worldwide helped disciple him in his efforts.

“The Zombie Gospel”

Our post-Christmas offering is a heaping helping of Danielle Strickland’s new book – The Zombie Gospel.  Many in our country are more familiar with the plot lines of hit shows like ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ than they are familiar with the full redemptive message of Jesus.  This book remedies that.  Tune in and learn more about surviving becoming a Zombie!

“Before You Hit Send”

Emails – they are so useful, but can they get you in trouble…?  Take it from us, YES they can…  And that’s why we brought back noted relationship expert, Emerson Eggerichs, to talk about his brand new book – “Before You Hit Send” – and get us into some new, better emailing habits.

Dina Dwyer Owens Talks Values

Specifically, her new book – Values, Inc. – and she joined Jim and Martha for an hour about, well, all sorts of stuff!  The trio talked about Dina’s role at the Dwyer Group, which was made famous on ‘Undercover Boss’.  And they also highlighted her recently released book and talked about the dog-eat-dog world for women as executives and, more importantly, that environment for women who lead with the Faith.

A School For “Kingdom Education”

Cambridge Christian School are leading their students into ministry by teaching their pupils with Biblical principals and preparing them to minister to the masses.  And we got to look inside their operation with multiple points-of-view from a student and some admins.   Check out today’s podcast to hear how they’re “equipping students to defend their faith”.

How To Understand Your Kingdom Calling

We had the honor of having Dr Amy Sherman talk  about how we can go about understanding our Kingdom calling.  And her new book, ‘Kingdom Calling’, is a great place to start!  Dr Sherman wants us Christ -followers to cause rejoicing in the city because of how God is using us.  Tune in to today’s podcast and hear her passion for getting churches on board with sending us ALL out on mission – each and every day.

Building Businesses For The Kingdom

Our road shows continued with a second tilt in Lubbock, Tx as we were LIVE at the HQ of Betenbough Homes with Casey Brewer and Rick Betenbough to talk about their Kingdom At Work business workshops, held earlier in October.  We learned how the Lord moved inside those workshops – and how hearts (and minds) were transformed.

A Conversation With Carmen LaBerge

We had the honor of having conservative-Christian radio talk show host, Carmen LaBerge, with us this afternoon to hear how she works daily to diligently make sure that we ALL see God in the details of the current events.  She also showcased her amazing book – “Speak the Truth”.

Bridge Building In Austin

Off in Texas today to the headquarters of the Austin Bridge Builders Alliance. Nope, they do not build highway bridges, but they do build relationship bridges between marketplace Christ followers in all sorts of professions in Austin.

Ward Brehm Is Making An Impact

What happens when the Lord gives you the world and all your dreams and wishes by the time you’re 40 years old…?  We found out exactly that with Ward Brehm and his brand new book – ‘Bigger Than Me’.  Ward got super transparent in our conversation about how success left him empty inside.  And how our Lord laid on his heart a mission that would impact a continent!