John and Amy Give Away Bibles

Owners and operators of Sunline Caster and Wheels, John and Amy, are in studio today to talk about how they interact with customers regarding the Word by doling out free Bibles to spark conversation.  Their example of Truth telling is inspiring, uplifting and, ultimately, very important.

Jesus-Minded Healthcare

Joe Murray is helping equip the Christ-following, future healthcare professional with the knowledge and training to be a Beacon in their workplace after graduation through his outfit, Christian International College, where their curriculum is faith based and teaching is guided by Truth.

Core Values at Work

Lisa Huetteman joins Jim to talk about her book, The Value of Core Values, and breaks down the values needed for healthy living and working, and why there are so important to our daily lifestyles.  Also, Rose Averill of the St Francis Sleep Institute is in studio as a special guest to talk about how the book’s message has impacted her and her business.

Two Men Doing Big Kingdom Work

Joining the program in studio today are Jay Lippy of Life Work Leadership and Eric Most of Most Insurance, and their individual testimonies are powerful and insightful.  And these two men are using their talents to impact souls across Tampa Bay; Jay via his leadership program, and Eric through witnessing to his clientele.

Silver Screen Salavation

With in-studio guests and call-in interviews, today’s program is teeming with insight by way of several experts on the Christian film industry, each relaying their unique insiders perspective on the direction of the industry, its importance for The Kingdom, and their upcoming projects.

Love and Respect

World-renowned author and marriage expert, Dr Emerson Eggerich, joins the show to talk about his marriage-buttressing work, Love and Respect, with Jim opening up about how the work changed his perspective.  Dr Eggerich also gives a sneak peak on his upcoming marriage retreat.

All About The Chamber

A cadre from the esteemed Christian Chamber of Commerce – Tampa Bay ( join the program in studio today as Jim highlights the great Kingdom work of the Chamber with its CEO, Executive Board Member, and Web Master, who each open up about their individual roles as well as detail how the Chamber is affecting the lives of many across the Bay.

LIVE @ The Plantation

Jim takes the iWork4Him rodeo on the road today as he broadcasts live from Crystal River and talks with author and speaker, Dr Jim Harris, about his new book and what the Doctor hopes the book will bring to its readers.  Dr Harris also opens up about his faith walk and how Jesus is working in his life today.

Mortgages, Real Estate, and The Kingdom

Luke Andrews and Melody Hunter join Jim in studio to talk about how they are making a Kingdom impact in their respective employment arenas with their customer bases (Luke in mortgages; Melody in the real estate market), and they both give an update on the markets in their areas.  Each, too, give their inspiring testimony on how they came to Christ.

Ministering to the College Crowd

Kristy and Chris Baker, a dynamic power couple doing great kingdom work on college campuses, are in studio to talk about their work with Cornerstone Campus ministry at USF, and each share from their heart about how they came to the Truth and how that translates to their mission.

Your Ministry Passion and How to Follow It

Peter Swanson and Brent Whitehead of Love Serves International are in studio to have a spirited discussion with Jim regarding how to follow up on one’s passion for ministry work.  Plus, Peter and Brent detail some of the amazing and inspiring ministry work they have completed through Love Serves.

Making Marketplace Leaders

Jim brings on the foremost leader in marketplace and workplace ministries around the world, Os Hillman, to talk about the myriad books he has authored, including the book that had a huge impact on Jim’s life, and both men detail the importance of Christ-following leaders in the workplace.

Hiring and Firing in a Christ-like Manner: Part Two

A continuation on the discussion that looks to define how to hire and fire with a Christ-centered focus as today’s program has Jim flying solo with no guests and, instead, giving his unique take on how to manage the unfortunate task of laying off employees as a true Christ follower.

Using Your Business as Your Mission Field

A trio of gentlemen join Jim in studio today in talking about how to view your workplace as your mission field, and how to act accordingly, and each guest shares their testimony of using their respective business positions to further the Kingdom.

iWork4Him, Manifested

Ross Harrop of C12 Tampa Bay joins Jim in studio to talk about the partnership between Ross’s organization and Jim’s radio show called Business His Way, a monthly mentoring study that provides Christ following business leaders with valuable resources for realizing and fulfilling their calling in their workplace.

Your Marriage and Your Workplace

Martha is in studio today to talk with Jim about the impact your marriage can have on your work environment, the importance of a strong marital foundation for a thriving work-life, and the warning signs of a combustible marriage (and how how to combat these signs).

The Outreach of Reach Global

Jim Wilson and Dan Jenkins of Reach Global join Jim today to talk about the focus of their respective overseas missions; pastoral training centers and discipleship through business, and each guest shares their unique journey that brought them to Christ and their current mission.

Hiring and Firing in a Christ-like Manner: Part One

What does it look like to hire and fire with a Christ-centered focus as opposed to the “normal” way of the world?  That question is unpacked on the program today as Jim breaks down the differences between these two focuses as they relate to the entire employment process.

Your Money for The Kingdom

Joining Jim is Dave Cruz and John Palm of Crossplan Money Management, who both reflect on how their work as stewards of other peoples money, coupled with the faith that drives their business model, gives them a special insight on the power of money, and how to use your money to further the Kingdom.