Movie Maker Moves People

On a star-studded Friday edition, Jim invites Tim Paskert of Mark 8:29 Films back to the Tampa studio to talk about his classic, The Glass Window, and Tim opens up about the inspiration behind the film and how it has touched the lives of many – Plus, two stars of the film check in to share their insightful stories of their work with Tim and relay how they have relied on the Word during their acting journeys.



Dale Losch Is Making Disciples

Author and missionary Dale Losch joins Jim to talk about his book – A Better Way:  Make Disciples Wherever Live Happens – and Jim shares how this book embodies the iWork4Him mission.  Plus, Dale details his work with Crossworld, a Bible-based organization that focuses on making disciples in ever corner of life, in every corner of the world.

Jesus-Minded Entrepreneurship

Today’s program underscores the powerful testimony of Elizabeth Diane, the Entrepreneurship Institute Director for the Nehemiah Project, and her incredible journey leading her to becoming a business coach helping business owners nationwide to better their workplaces through Christ-centered leadership, and her interview highlights how to best own and run your business with Jesus at the center.

Great Marriages Requires Great Balance

With all the obligations and responsibilities that are swirling overhead our lives each day, it can be difficult to find time for the important things; namely, our relationships and marriage.  And that is the focus of today’s program with Jim and Martha as they breakdown Marriage Secret #5 – Balance – and relay some great tips at achieving a supreme balance for an awesome marriage.

Cars For Christ

Today’s Monday edition features Roland Barlowe of Marketplace Chaplains, who bill themselves as employee care services with an eye toward Christian fellowship, and Roland brings with him Mike Murphy and his wife, owners and operators of several franchise car dealerships, who have partnered with Marketplace Chaplains, and the trio share both their powerful individual testimonies as well as how Roland’s outreach has moved their staff.

Jim And Martha Take It Easy

On a free flowing Thursday edition with Martha in studio, the Brangenberg’s wax philosophically on myriad subjects from vacations to volunteering.  They also open up and share from their hearts on their past, present and future, plus they detail the upcoming Tampa Bay Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast and reveal this year’s speaker at that event.

Your Personality In A DISC

Tom and Pam Wolf, creators of the life-changing spiritual study “Identity and Destiny” are back in studio to talk more about their groundbreaking work, and to breakdown the personality principles in the acronym DISC; which one represents you, and what does it mean?  Tune in to find out!

Michelle Spadafora Sweats4Him is the hard working labor of love of Michelle and she joins the program today to talk about how her innovative workout plan incorporates Jesus into fitness, and she explains why it is so important to change your attitude and mindset for a healthy lifestyle.

Together on Tuesdays, on Monday

Jim and Martha mix it up on a Monday with a special edition of Together on Tuesday’s as the Brangenberg’s breakdown how to avoid killing morale in the workplace, plus a highlight of next year’s “Cruise Your Way to a Better Marriage” Retreat, and a look inside their Business His Way groups.

Ross Harrop and The President

The local C12 Chairman takes his turn in the host chair as he always does on the month’s first Friday, and today he invites Jim to help introduce the new President of C12, Mike Sharrow, to highlight his history, underscore his faith, and expand on his vision for the organization.

Faith, Work and Economics

A one-two punch on the program today as Jim invites two guests from the Institute of Faith, Work and Economics: Elizabeth Moyer talks about handling stress with a Biblical mindset, and Dr Art Lindsley shares the new high school, home school curriculum he has spear headed that focuses on student’s understanding of their God-given calling.

A Purchase to End Poverty

Brad Jeffery is the President and CEO of Cause Gear, whose sale proceeds of all sorts of great apparel on his website he turns into tangible items to help eradicate worldwide poverty, and his story sheds light on the plight felt by millions across the world.

Dr Simon Writes and Speaks 4Him

Another Together on Tuesday’s with Jim and Martha, and today’s rendition features famous author and speaker, Dr Mary Manz Simon, whose books have taught thousands of children the message of the Bible, and she joins the Brangenberg’s to reflect on her works history and share from her heart how Jesus has inspired her written word and speeches.

Good Friends, Great Missionaries

Mike Gunderson is the man who mentored Jim while the iWork4Him host was in high school, and Jim invites Mike and his wife, Linda, on the program today to talk about that mentoring relationship, plus the Gunderson’s detail their current work as overseas missionaries.

Fun at a Half Century

Surrounded by friends on a special Friday radio roundtable, Jim invites four lifelong buddies to reminisce on their friendship over the past decades, talk about the power of Jesus in each others lives, and give some insight on their collective past and how that’s shaping their future.



Mark Pearson Works4Him

A special Thursday edition as Jim invites longtime show sponsor and friend Mark Pearson from Nepsis Capital for a wide-ranging conversation touching on everything from Mark’s business and spiritual journey to some endeavors Jim and Mark have embarked on over the years.

Luke, Dave, the President, and You

Always appointment listening when the financial gurus from Belleair Wealth Management pop in and today is no different as Luke, Dave and Jim talk, mainly, about how the winner of the race for the White House could effect your finances, employment, business opportunities and more.

More To Life is More Than Just a Magazine

It is MTL Day in studio this afternoon as Jim and Martha have the President and CEO of More To Life Magazine, Kirk Blank, so underscore the great offerings of his magazine;  plus, Kirk talks about what inspires his work, how Jesus shapes his daily life, and how his magazine ministers to the masses.

Catching the Jesus Bug

A very special testimony on today’s program as Jim invites local business owner Dean Burnside of Good News Pest Solutions to highlight his inspiring journey to Christ, which features a very relatable story featuring love, discord, answer-seeking and, ultimately, redemption.