Get A Job For Life

An awesome two-for on today’s program as Jim highlights the amazing ministry of Jobs For Life, which is helping equip the Christ-follower for the workplace through training and teaching focused on identity, character and community.  Plus, a special guest talks about his work in bringing the Truth to places where It is not often scene or felt.

The Coty’s Cruised Themselves To A Better Marriage

On a special edition of Together-On-Tuesday’s, Jim and Martha invite Chuck Coty and his wife, Deb – a speaker and prolific author – to talk about their experience on the Brangenberg’s annual Marriage Cruise, and they detail what that experience meant to their marriage and faith.

On Resilience

Show sponsors and friends of the program, Tom and Pam Wolf, are back this month to detail more about their life-changing study, Identity and Destiny, and today’s show focuses on the power of resilience and what it means in our faith walk.  The Wolf’s also have some inspiring advice on handling adversity and using emotion regulation and impulse control.

Meet The Competition

On a very unique Friday edition, Jim invites back longtime guests from the Nehemiah Project to help them highlight businesses from their entrepreneurship program.  Specifically, a special three businesses who happen to be the top finalists of the Project’s annual business plan competition – PLUS! – the winner will be announced during today’s program.

Katherine Leary Alsdorf Works4Him

And she could not be more busy doing some phenomenal work for The Kingdom.  Not only was she hand-picked to head the Center for Faith and Work at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York, she is also working with a brand new ministry in Raleigh, North Carolina – along with her current contributions for a handful of other faith-based initiatives.  Her journey, chronicled in today’s program, is one of drive, passion and Truth.

Fiction Author Presents The Truth

Eva Marie Everson, world-class Christian fiction author, joins the program for a wide-ranging conversation centered around Eva’s unique vision and how she is able to transcribe the brokenness she sees in the world, and translate that, with Truth, to bring healing from hurt.

Getting It Right The Second Time

Today’s Together-On-Tuesday’s edition brings noted experts on step-parenting, Laura and Steve Petherbridge, who help the Brangenberg’s unpack some ideas behind making special occasions with step-families and step-children run smoothly.  Today’s message is also one for those in their first marriage, as these lessons are ever-important for first timers, too.

Ace & Tonie Go To Jamaica

On a very special and inspirational Independence Day Edition of the program, Jim and Martha invite Salem Engineer, Ace, and his friend, Tonie, to talk about their recent short-term missions trip to Jamaica.  The two break down how the trip came together (and how it almost didn’t), what they each learned over their time on the Island, and why bringing the Truth to other countries is so important.

C12’s Kingdom Corner

The first Friday of the month, as always, brings local C12 area chairman – Ross Harrop – to the host chair for a spotlight on a local business doing big things for the Kingdom in the marketplace.  And today’s show features the married owners of Professional Materials Management (PM2), their international business model, and an incredible testimony from the Miracle Man himself.

You’ve Got To Keep ‘Em Motivated

Jim and Martha give their respective takes on teamwork and what keeps employees motivated to remain a part of their team.  But today’s show is not all about employees – it also takes a look at church groups and families.  Ultimately, it’s a show about how the ultimate motivator, love, can keep us engaged in most any activity we embark upon.

iWork4Him: A How-To Guide

Pat Layhee has created a resource for the workplace Christian to turn to for insight on how to be a soldier for Christ in the workplace and to understand their place in the Kingdom at their cubicle.  His inspired work – God’s Career Guide – is the result of an incredible journey of blogging, searching, and growing with Jesus.  Here all about it in today’s episode.

Happily Ever After, With A Twist

Today’s Together-On-Tuesday tackles the idea that marriage is supposed to make you happy.  And it is, but!  It it not all about your happiness, but rather experiencing joy with your spouse, which bulldozes the notion that the purpose of marriage is solely your happiness.  Instead, focusing on your spouse is the source of marital bliss; and through this bliss, you will get closer to the three C’s of marriage’s purpose.  Tune in to get clued in.

Take A Break With Travel Katz

Katherine and Sandra, travel gurus and hosts of the radio show Vacation Nation, talk with Jim and Martha on today’s Monday edition about their vast knowledge and expertise in the vacation industry, and how they use their passion for travel to lead others to Christ.

Bringing Christ Into The Classroom

Jim and Martha invite Dr Kira Wilson, founder of The Covenant Academy that was launched last year, and Dr Wilson details the “university model” which the Academy is based, how she was called to education and what sparked the idea for the new school, and what sets her K-8 educational programs apart from traditional options.  Get schooled in today’s episode.

Charis Is Putting Jesus First

The uber talented Charis Hillman Brown, an author, speaker and blogger, joins the program to break down her latest article – 10 Things That Can Ruin Your Witness At Work – and her wide ranging conversation with Jim touches on myriad ideas in bringing Jesus to the forefront to be a disciple to others at your workplace.

The Truth About The Lies Couples Believe

Jim and Martha embark on a new study this Tuesday, focusing on the work in the book “The Lies Couples Believe”.  And in today’s discussion, they focus on the lies culture and society feeds married couples, the lies told to us by others, breaking down the unrealistic expectations we can have about marriage, and that – ultimately – it’s all about Jesus.

The Floor Is Yours, Mr. Speaker

Jim invites the incoming Florida Speaker of the House, Mr Richard Corcoranto, for a candid talk about the Speaker’s upbringing, his family and work life, how he uses his faith to guide his work in the House, and how he intends to keep his marriage and family a top priority while, still, tending to the citizens of Florida.  Today’s conversation with this “unabashed Christian” is one of hope, faith and inspiration.

Bringing Christ To Campus

The Bakers, whose mission field is the hallowed halls of Academia, are back on the program to talk more about their work with Cornerstone Campus Ministry by giving some insight on how their ministry has taken shape since last we heard from them, talking about what it’s like to disciple students, and relaying the importance of creating a strong, faith-based foundation for college freshmen.

Eat Mor Chikin? It’s Our Pleasure!

Chick-Fil-A has long been a bastion of Christian-bred, corporate enterprising – and also makes really, really good chicken sandwiches – and joining the Brangenberg’s today is the company’s VP of Enterprise, Social, and Environmental Responsibility, DeeAnn Turner, who gives us an insiders look at how their faith and work is interconnected.