The Value of Business Accountability

Kelly Talamo helps business owners widen their scope to see things that may be masked due to their current perspective being drowned by proximity, and he’s on the show today to explain how his program can help your business thrive and grow towards the future.



C12’s Kingdom Corner

C12 area chairman Ross Harrop and the start of a new radio tradition as Ross hops into the host chair the first Friday of every month to highlight local C12 members.  Today features the owner of H2insight, which works to build proactive customer engagement and loyalty solutions.

Bringing Them to the Truth

In a wide-ranging conversation that you will not want to miss, Jim talks with “Dan” and Nasser”, who felt compelled to use pseudonyms to protect themselves, and detail their work with Tampa Muslim Outreach, which teaches the Truth to those of the Muslim faith.

The 210 Project

Who did God create you to be and what does He want you to do?  These massive questions are explored through Dan Ankenbrandt’s ministry, which focuses on figuring out your place in God’s tapestry.  Dan also shares the inspiration behind the project and the profound affect it’s had on him and others.

Bob Corry Makes Big Noise

While being a part of audio technical school, Big Noise Institute, Bob found a need in the church community for sound music technicians.  His program, Big Noise Halo, fills that need with free audio workshops for places of worship.

Your God-Given Purpose

Who did God create you to be?  This question is answered through Tom and Pam Wolf’s ministry, Identity and Destiny, who are in studio today to talk about their ministry’s vision, and you’ll hear why Jim things this program is one that every Christ follower should complete.

Luke and Dave and Dan

A trio of titans from the marketplace, Luke and Dave from Belleair Wealth Management, and Dave Shock from CBMC, join Jim to talk about avoiding the herding mentality when it comes to investing and detail Dan’s upcoming marketplace ambassador event.

Radio Roundtable with MTL Magazine

CEO of More to Life Magazine, Kirk Blank, is in studio to highlight the magazine’s latest offering with their Winter Issue, plus Kirk and the Brangenberg’s give away a ton of free stuff on air, courtesy of MTL Magazine.

Marriage Secret #3 – Be Present and Listen

Jim and Martha continue breaking down the ideas in Kim Kimberling’s book, 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage, with a wide-ranging discussion on how to effectively connect with your spouse and how just five minutes can set the tone for communication.

Thinking Biblically About Inheriting

Author, speaker and founding director of Kingdom Advisers, Ron Blue, joins the program to talk the usage of Biblically-based principles in guiding your financial decisions and the importance of using these principles with your inheritance.

Andrea is in the House

Jim and Martha bring with them special guest and friend, Andrea Columber, to share about her upcoming nuptials and how Christ is impacting her engagement, plus the trio discuss what they learned from this week’s shows and how those lessons affect their daily lives.

Lewis and Clark and Church Leadership

Author Tod Bolsinger joins the program to expand on his book, Canoeing the Mountains, inspired by the journey of Lewis and Clark, and challenges the Church to shift its paradigm to reshape the look of Church leadership.

More Than Just Academics

Jim brings on the President of Trinity College of Florida, Mark O’Farrell, and Dr Shannon Hogan, the Chair of The Business and Leadership Department, to expand on the academics, focus and mission of their university.

Marriage Secret # 2 – God First, Spouse Second

Jim and Martha describe three ways to help you in keeping Christ first and your spouse second –  a practice that will ensure your marriage, and by extension your myriad other relationships, is strong and fulfilled and the best it can be.