A Role For Jesus In The Workplace

Professor and author Ron Johnson is back on the program and today he is discussing his latest book – What Does God Do From 9 To 5? – and having a spirited chat with Jim about the importance of bringing Christ into your workplace and how to bring the Truth to your coworkers and employees.

New Hearts Outreach Reaches Out

Today’s program focuses on loving and embracing our coworkers, employees, friends and neighbors who struggle with same sex addiction and bringing those folks to the healing power of Jesus, and New Hearts Outreach is at the center of that battle for those souls.

Jim And Martha Help Your Marriage

A fun-filled, action packed and honest Tuesday edition as the Brangenberg’s open up and share from their hearts about the importance of marriage and why that bond requires such a strong foundation, and they explain why their marriage mentoring program could be a great fit for your marriage and also those in your congregation.

More About The DISC Profile

Tom and Pam Wolf are back in studio with Jim to continue the conversation about their groundbreaking study, Identity and Destiny, and the Wolfs’s open up more about the DISC profile and how it relates to the personality Jesus instilled into young men and women. [replay]

Martha! Martha! Martha!

On a very special radio roundtable, this Friday edition is dedicated to and honoring Martha, and today’s program features her sisters as guests as they highlight how faith has lit their path, strengthened their bond, and been a constant throughout their sisterhood.

On Being A Biblical Entrepreneur

Joining Jim today is Glenn Repple, who serves as the International Area Director of The Nehemiah Project for the Orlando area, and the two have a detailed discussion on what it means to be a Biblical entrepreneur (BE); plus, Glenn shares the curriculum of his teachings regarding BE, and opens up on his revelations in recognizing that his workplace is his mission field.

More About The DISC Profile

Tom and Pam Wolf are back in studio with Jim to continue the conversation about their groundbreaking study, Identity and Destiny, and the Wolfs’s open up more about the DISC profile and how it relates to the personality Jesus instilled into young men and women.

A Marriage Worth Fighting For

The Brangenberg’s are back!  Rested and rejuvenated from their sabbatical, Jim and Martha introduce secret #7 for an awesome marriage:  fighting.  But it’s not the kind of fighting you may think, which was covered in an earlier Together-on-Tuesday’s edition, but rather the idea of fighting for marriage.  And today’s show is chock full of incredible tips for standing ground and remaining steadfast with your sweetheart.

Following Your Calling

On a very special 500th edition of the program, Jim invites young artist Paige Murrell, whose white board story sketch depicting one’s calling received an award at the Institute of Faith, Work and Economics, to talk about her artistic passion, what drives her heart and mind, and her inspirational thoughts on the idea of a calling. [replay]

Ross Harrop Travels East

The C12 area Chairman wraps up guest-host week with a special C12 Tampa Bay edition of the program as Ross brings in his C12 counterpart from the Eastern area of greater Tampa Bay, and Ross talks to the four-year vet about his workings within the marketplace ministry, how he came to be an integral part of their operation, and his passion for the project.

Being A Leader Means Being Intentional

Another day, another set of guests hosts filling in for the vacationing Brangenberg’s, and today’s program features the awesome and hilarious folks from the “Grow The Dream” show who lead Thursday’s discussion focused on highlighting key, daily habits for the Christian business leader.  And coffee.

Alternative Investment Strategies

Guest-host week continues!  And Wednesday sees Luke and Dave (and not Randy) from Belleair Wealth Management in studio on the hot seats to discuss breaking away from traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and cash, and instead towards other forms of investing that could prove fruitful for your portfolio.

Communication: More Than Just Talking

Authors, marriage mentors, and previous guests The Simmons’ return to the program, but this time as fill-in hosts for the vacationing Brangenberg’s, and their shot in the spotlight is spent imparting some insightful advise regarding effective communication with your partner.

Is Your Business Impacting The Kingdom?

Guest hosts abound this week with the Brangenberg’s on vacation, and Dan Shock of Christian Business Men Connections (CBMC) Tampa Bay kicks off the week as he brings in guest Mark Graham for an eye-opening discussion on marketplace ministry and leadership, and how to operate as a business owner making a true Kingdom impact.

Movie Maker Moves People

On a star-studded Friday edition, Jim invites Tim Paskert of Mark 8:29 Films back to the Tampa studio to talk about his classic, The Glass Window, and Tim opens up about the inspiration behind the film and how it has touched the lives of many – Plus, two stars of the film check in to share their insightful stories of their work with Tim and relay how they have relied on the Word during their acting journeys.



Dale Losch Is Making Disciples

Author and missionary Dale Losch joins Jim to talk about his book – A Better Way:  Make Disciples Wherever Live Happens – and Jim shares how this book embodies the iWork4Him mission.  Plus, Dale details his work with Crossworld, a Bible-based organization that focuses on making disciples in ever corner of life, in every corner of the world.

Jesus-Minded Entrepreneurship

Today’s program underscores the powerful testimony of Elizabeth Diane, the Entrepreneurship Institute Director for the Nehemiah Project, and her incredible journey leading her to becoming a business coach helping business owners nationwide to better their workplaces through Christ-centered leadership, and her interview highlights how to best own and run your business with Jesus at the center.

Great Marriages Requires Great Balance

With all the obligations and responsibilities that are swirling overhead our lives each day, it can be difficult to find time for the important things; namely, our relationships and marriage.  And that is the focus of today’s program with Jim and Martha as they breakdown Marriage Secret #5 – Balance – and relay some great tips at achieving a supreme balance for an awesome marriage.

Cars For Christ

Today’s Monday edition features Roland Barlowe of Marketplace Chaplains, who bill themselves as employee care services with an eye toward Christian fellowship, and Roland brings with him Mike Murphy and his wife, owners and operators of several franchise car dealerships, who have partnered with Marketplace Chaplains, and the trio share both their powerful individual testimonies as well as how Roland’s outreach has moved their staff.