Avoid Summer-Faith-Drought Syndrome (SFDS)

We kick off the show with some BIG news involving our guest, Kathy Branzell with Love2020, then delve into how you can live out your faith during a time of year – Summer – where fun in the sun can brush your faith to the wayside. The solution for this can be found in the “Prayer-Care-Share Summer” Campaign! Learn more NOW!

“The Good Book on Business”

Our guest today, prolific author Dave Kahle, popped by to chat us up about one of his supreme mastepieces; “The Good Book on Business”.  Tune into this podcast and hear Jim and Martha uncover some new ideas on why God created work – and how He uses work to get us to know Him better.

Humans Thrive Through Movement

Another day in the Music City and another look at a business doing work for The Kingdom.  And today, we talked with Brandi Binkley of Physiofit.  Tune into this podcast to hear why Brandi believes greatness is only attained through our service to others.  Get fit in every facet via this podcast.


More from our time at the C12 HQ in San Antonio as we went in depth with PAX Financial Group, who believe in the principle that everyone is entitled to quality, unbiased financial advice – all with hearts4Him.  And we got that insider’s peek by way of Co-Founder and CEO, Darryl Lyons, who shared from his heart about why they do what they do.

Say “HI!” To The Byes

We got a crash course in what the Byes, Danita and her daughter – Danae – are up to and what they’re all about; specifically, their role in spreading the word of pulling up the Millennial Generation. Get their vision, their passion and purpose from this dynamic mom-n-daughter duo in this podcast!

Jim And Martha And Everything Else

We took a break from our road trippin’ to get real about how the Lord is moving in our marriage, our ministry, our struggles with adult children, and supporting the expanding ministry of iWork4Him – tune in for a true conversation from our hearts to yours.

Four Guys From BCN Walk Into iWork4Him…

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but WAIT! You haven’t!! It involves a judge, a developer, a copier salesman , and a farm toy guy who’ve all joined forces with the Business Community Network for the greater good of encouraging each other and the community. Yea, we had fun; but, also learned a lot, too. Check it out!

The Smoketown Will Leave THE Light On For Ya

Mike and Linda Martin were gracious enough to let us stay at their Inn here in Lancaster, PA as we continued our exploration of the area in learning how folks across this county are ministering to folks in all sorts of ways – hear how the Martin’s are using their space(s) to bring people to Him.

Be Eager, Be Ready

Tony and Felicity Dale with longtime show sponsor, Sedera Health, took a break from their Austin activities to parse through their journey, which has not always been easy, yet they continued to remain grateful and faithful, leading to exponential growth in both their faith and business.

An Encouraging Hour

We were welcomed to Regent University today by way of Dr Jack Klem and Stacy Potts for a chat on how the Lord is gathering leaders together from all over the area of Hampton Roads to study with – and encourage – one another in their Faith.