Shifting Mountains of Culture

Meet the patriarch of the Faith and Work Movement: Os Hillman. Hear his journey around “calling” and studying God’s word on faithful work. And catch a glimpse of the faith and work movement, where it’s been and where it’s headed.

Featured Guest:  Os Hillman

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The Business Cost of Divorce

What does divorce cost you, the employer?  More than you think. Tune into this podcast with Jim and Martha Brangenberg, avid marriage mentors, and hear about the hard costs, and potential options employers can offer their employees.

Featured Guests:  Jim & Martha Brangenberg

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Lead people, manage things

It’s okay to make a profit in your business, isn’t it? What’s the difference between leading and managing? Tune in to this podcast to hear the answers to some provocative questions like these, from Bobby Albert, of Values-Driven Leadership.

Featured Guest:  Bobby Albert

Workplace / MinistryBobby Albert

Wise Counsel

Every business is a ministry and…every ministry is a business.  Hear about the Wise Counsel round-table group and from some of their members, and how to build businesses with a solid foundation of character, morals and spiritual principles.

Featured Guest:  John Beehner, with Glen Hettinger & Harry Lewis

Workplace / MinistryWise Counsel