Not Done, RE-DONE

Is it possible to have a new purpose at 65? Why yes, yes it is. Hear a not-done-yet story of business ownership, from Lyle and Sara Squires – a married couple who God decided they should do it again. For His Glory.

Featured Guests: Lyle & Sara Squires

Workplace / Ministry: Office Pride

Measuring success, by looking back

How do YOU measure success in your work? Hear from the Housh’s who own a roofing company that gives all the glory to Christ. Hear about what Arry means when he says they measure success by looking back.

Featured Guests:  Arry & Becky Housh

Workplace / MinistryArry’s Roofing

So, I went looking…

Where do you go looking for Christ? Jon Dengler, bike enthusiast, bike shop owner and now bike minister, shares his story of finding Christ through LSD, and on the streets with the homeless.  Another bike brother and fellow minister, Pat Simmons shares Bikes for Christ.

Featured Guests: Patrick Simmons & Jon Dengler
Workplace / Ministry: Bikes4ChristWell Built Bikes

Core Values = Decision Filters

Could owning a franchise change your life? Quite possibly, it could be your calling. Greg Carr, left his job, left his state (sounds like an Abraham assignment) and started a business with a lot of faith and little else.

Featured Guest: Greg Carr
Workplace / Ministry: Office Pride

Tombstone or Stepping-stone?

Is your life filled with tombstones or stepping stones? Meet Dr. Dan Middlebrooks of Chaplaincy Care, Inc and his soul-saving organization that is bringing hope, healing and salvation to first responders.

Featured Guest:  Dr. Dan Middlebrooks, Susan Bradford, Jim Wilson, Larry Rodgers
Workplace / Ministry:  Chaplaincy Care, Inc