The Lost Art of Mutual Respect

Undercover Boss made her famous. Christ makes her an excellent leader. Hear the story of the Dwyer Group with Dina Dwyer-Owens, her views on the dog-eat-dog world for women as executives, and the environment for women who lead with faith.

Featured Guest: Dina Dwyer-Owens
Ministry/Workplace: Neighborly Brands & Dina Dwyer-Owens

YOUR Kingdom Calling – Part II

What is a Kingdom calling? Do you have one? ‘Kingdom Calling’ is one of the top 5 Faith and Work books ever written. Her perspective on our work is life- and work-changing.

Featured Guest: Dr. Amy Sherman
Ministry/Workplace: Vocational Stewardship

YOUR Kingdom Calling – Part I

Do YOU understand your Kingdom calling? Even if you do, take a listen. Dr. Amy Sherman wrote the definitive book on faith and work ‘Kingdom Calling’, and her book is a great place to start! She wants us Christ-followers to cause rejoicing in the city because of how God is using us.

Featured Guest: Dr. Amy Sherman
Ministry/Workplace: Vocational Stewardship

Someone God Can Use: Overwhelmed & Underqualified – Part II

There is such a thing as a Kingdom business: So, what does that look like?  Enter Betenbough Homes out of Lubbock, Texas. They have the formula and share it with others through Kingdom At Work.

Featured Guest: Rick & Holly Betenbough and Casey Brewer
Ministry/Workplace: Kingdom at Work & Betenbough Homes