Someone God Can Use: Overwhelmed & Underqualified – Part I

Is your business your ministry? Want it to be? Look no further for great role models, and business models, than Betenbough Homes and its Christian Leadership outreach: Kingdom at Work.

Featured Guest: Rick & Holly Betenbough and Casey Brewer
Ministry/Workplace: Kingdom at Work & Betenbough Homes

The ACTUAL Culture War – Part II

Challenge your Christianity. You’ll be challenged, maybe even a tad offended by Carmen LaBerge, a “truth-telling it like it is” radio talk show host, who shares her views on really LIVING like a Christ-follower, in every conversation.

Featured Guest: Carmen LaBerge
Ministry/Workplace: Reconnect with Carmen

The ACTUAL Culture War – Part I

Are you speaking the TRUTH all day, in all convos? We had the honor of having Christian radio talk show host, Carmen LaBerge, with us to hear how she works daily to make sure that we ALL see God in the details of current events.

Featured Guest: Carmen LaBerge
Ministry/Workplace: Reconnect with Carmen

Connecting People with Purpose

How do you go about changing an entire city for God? We find out at the headquarters of the Austin Bridge Builders Alliance in Texas. They don’t build highway bridges, but they build relationship bridges between marketplace Christ-followers.

Featured Guest: Tony Dale, Rich Carney, Tammy McKinney, Felicia Betancur, J Pier
Ministry/Workplace: Austin Bridge Builders & Sedera Health

Super Success, Super Emptiness

What happens when the Lord gives you the world by the time you’re 40? We found out with Ward Brehm and his book – ‘Bigger Than Me’. Ward got super transparent about how success left him empty. And what God did with that emptiness.

Featured Guest: Ward Brehm
Ministry/Workplace: Bigger Than Me