Advanced Accountability

What’s it mean to be REALLY accountable? What’s it look like to work in a company that puts accountability at the top of its core values? Hear how it affects company culture, from Philip Struble, President of a national urban-engineering company.

Featured Guest: Phil Struble
Ministry/Workplace: Zebedee & Sons Fishing Company

Ready For a Job Change?

A job change CAN change your life… but you need to be prepared for that kind of decision. Dr. Andrew Spencer’s life changed when he did, and God led him to five questions to ask yourself before making the switch.

Featured Guest: Dr.Andrew Spencer 
Ministry/Workplace: Ethics & Culture

Be Busy, Not Hurried – Part II

Is there a benefit to rest while we work? Find out what an Unhurried Leader is from the author, Alan Fadling, as he schools us on “unhurried living and working”. Find out how to be an unhurried leader and their secrets to “success”. You can start now by slowing down and listening NOW!

Featured Guest: Alan Fadling
Ministry/Workplace: Unhurried Living

Be Busy, Not Hurried – Part I

What’s the payoff to slowing down? We find out from Alan Fadling, author of “The Unhurried Leader”. Hear the value of slowing down. Unhurried leaders understand the importance of certain things they DON’T do. Slow down and listen to this life-changing conversation.

Featured Guest: Alan Fadling
Ministry/Workplace: Unhurried Living

It’s Time for a Break

Let’s celebrate a few milestones today! In the past nine years, we have produced 2,200 podcasts and interviewed over 3,500 people. In addition, we have written a weekly blog for over 470 weeks, written three books, created and produced a 1-minute weekday PowerThought for podcast and radio, traveled thousands of miles, and met so many incredible people – BUT it’s time for a break. 

Throughout Scripture, God gives us great examples of REST, including at the very beginning of creation, and we know that we’ve failed to practice and obey them. In today’s show, we share honestly about what God is telling us and how we need to get serious rest so that we can walk in obedience in all He is asking of us.

So, we want to invite you to embark with us in this new season of restoration and relationship. Won’t you commit to incorporating the iWork4Him Nation pledge into our summer? Get to know our neighbors at home and work – spend some time grilling out, hosting potlucks, and relationship building. I know we will! See you this fall!

Guests: Jim and Martha Brangenberg

Ministry/ Workplace: iWork4Him