An Army of Givers

In this interview from last year’s CLA Outcomes Conference, we speak with National Commander – Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder, who has been with The Salvation Army for 33 years. Ken believes that one of the organization’s strengths is that they don’t have a narrow focus. This allows The Salvation Army to help people wherever they are – however, it can also lead to burn out. Throughout the pandemic, The Salvation Army has been working to meet the needs of the many Americans who have fallen under the poverty line. They went from serving 52 million meals per year to over 225 million in 2020! However, God is faithful, and Ken says that giving went up by 27% this year, which allowed the Army to do what it does best – love on people! Ken also shares with us how he keeps himself from burnout with a routine and schedule that keep his faith centered on Christ.

Commissioner Hodder is 6th generation Salvationist, 4th generation commissioner, and 2nd generation National Commander.  What a legacy he has followed and will leave for future generations. His final words to leaders were to not try to change the people but use their strengths to serve.

Guests: Kenneth Hodder

Ministry/ Workplace: The Salvation Army