Resilience Through Faith

Valerie Bell is the CEO of Awana Clubs International. At the most recent Outcome’s Conference, we had a chance to ask Valerie how she keeps her faith strong and her leadership Christ-centered… the answer won’t surprise you: through scripture memorization and journaling. Accordingly, the entire Awana staff is currently memorizing Philippians 2 together because Scripture memorization isn’t just for the kids they serve! Awana is now in 129 countries serving over 5 million children weekly. They are the first to tell you that they are not about child discipleship but lifelong discipleship. What will they remember and know in 2050 when they are adults? After hiding God’s word in their hearts, the second most impactful thing Awana does is provide loving, caring adults. Valerie says, “we need a little less Disney and a whole lot more Mister Rogers.”

Valerie’s new book, Resilient: Child discipleship and the Fearless Future of the Church, is all about learning to bend and flex but not break. Her book was based on the need to Belong, Believe, and Become.

Guests: Valerie Bell

Ministry/ Workplace: Awana Clubs International