God-Centered Investing – Part I

Does God care about money? Does He care about how you invest your money? Hear about a fairly new concept called Biblically-Responsible Investing (BRI). A trusted advisor friend of ours, Luke Andrews, discusses why this method is more than just good for your bank account – it’s good for your eternal life as well.

Featured Guest: Luke Andrews
Ministry/Workplace: Inspire Advisors

Co-Laboring with God

Kenny Hill admits he was building his career in vain. For years, he tried to outpace the shame in his life by pouring himself into his job performance. But it wasn’t until his first marriage crumbled and he was at the end of his rope that Kenny began to really learn about doing things God’s way – in love. Of course, anyone can love people for a few hours, but good leaders co-labor with God to make love a lifelong practice.

This new understanding of love flowed into Kenny’s personal life with his soon-to-be wife, Clarisa. Soon, Clarisa began implementing the same mission-minded leadership skills in her OBGYN practice. Tune in to hear this incredible couple’s journey in the workplace mission field!

Enter to win a copy of Kenny’s book, Elevated: My Journey to Co-Laboring with God, by calling the listener line at 866-713-9675 (WORK).

Guests: Kenny & Clarisa Hill

Ministry/ Workplace: Parables Media

Maximum Ministry, Minimum Liability – Part III

Do you know your legal rights as a Christian? Join David Gibbs III, a Christ-following lawyer, and his purpose in life is to protect our rights. He is one of our favorite guests. You will hear the most up-to-date advice on how to protect yourself as a working Christ-follower in the workplace.

Featured Guest: David Gibbs III
Ministry/Workplace: National Center for Life & Liberty

Leading Like it Matters to God

In this interview from the most recent Outcome’s Conference, we talk with Rich Stearns, the President Emeritus of World Vision, about keeping your marriage and your faith strong, leading with values, and what a thriving ministry looks like. As to this last bit, Rich relates thriving in faith and ministry to the core mission of World Vision: to restore the dignity of the poor and bring hope to the hopeless. Isn’t this what we should all be doing? When we work to bring dignity and hope to everyone in our sphere of influence, our teams, organizations, and clients thrive.

Plus, Rich discusses his new book Lead Like It Matters to God: Values-Driven Leadership in a Success-Driven World, which was selected as the Christian Leadership Alliance book of the year. Surrender and sacrifice are just two of the 17 values that he outlines in this new book. Rich’s writing style is easy and the lessons are long lasting – be sure to pick up a copy today!

Guests: Rich Stearns

Ministry/ Workplace: World Vision

Maximum Ministry, Minimum Liability – Part II

What do you get when you mix a lawyer and a Christian? David Gibbs III, a Christ-following lawyer whose purpose in life is to protect the rights of Christians. This is a FAVORITE GUEST of ours and a FAVORITE EPISODE. The best, most up-to-date advice-straight from the source. Get some answers to the legalities of being a working Christian.

Featured Guest: David Gibbs III
Ministry/Workplace: National Center for Life & Liberty

Restoring the Dignity of Vocation

Growing up as a missionary kid in Belize, you can imagine how a near-death experience at age 12 led Jonathan Nowlen into a closer relationship with God. Then, as a young adult, Jonathan followed in his parents’ footsteps and became a career missionary with YWAM, where he eventually served in over 60 countries. While in NW Arkansas to drum up church partnerships, God compelled Jonathan around the idea that all Christians are missionaries and the Kingdom of God can be advanced through the workplace. Thus, The Metron Manager Project was started. Through Jonathan’s books, curriculum, podcast, and marketplace mission consultations – God is transforming lives through the dignity of vocation.

Jonathan says that the podcast started as a way to expound on the ideas written in his books and share the stories of practitioners that are being renewed. His message is lifegiving – whether you’ve been in the workforce for a long time or when you start your very first job.

Guests: Jonathan Nowlen

Ministry/ Workplace: The Metron Manager Project

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Maximum Ministry, Minimum Liability – Part I

Can a lawyer be Christian? Hmmm….meet David Gibbs III. If you’ve ever wondered if we still have any rights in the workplace, take a listen! You will learn the legalities of being a working Christian today.

Featured Guest: David Gibbs III
Ministry/Workplace: National Center for Life & Liberty

Resilience Through Faith

Valerie Bell is the CEO of Awana Clubs International. At the most recent Outcome’s Conference, we had a chance to ask Valerie how she keeps her faith strong and her leadership Christ-centered… the answer won’t surprise you: through scripture memorization and journaling. Accordingly, the entire Awana staff is currently memorizing Philippians 2 together because Scripture memorization isn’t just for the kids they serve! Awana is now in 129 countries serving over 5 million children weekly. They are the first to tell you that they are not about child discipleship but lifelong discipleship. What will they remember and know in 2050 when they are adults? After hiding God’s word in their hearts, the second most impactful thing Awana does is provide loving, caring adults. Valerie says, “we need a little less Disney and a whole lot more Mister Rogers.”

Valerie’s new book, Resilient: Child discipleship and the Fearless Future of the Church, is all about learning to bend and flex but not break. Her book was based on the need to Belong, Believe, and Become.

Guests: Valerie Bell

Ministry/ Workplace: Awana Clubs International

Is Your YES Meaning Less? – Part II

A personal journey through suicide and burnout.

Hear from Steve Ramseur, President of Occupier Services at JLL, as he transparently shares his amazing journey of faith, born out of his work.

Featured Guest: Steve Ramseur
Ministry/Workplace: iWork4Him – Subscribe