Leading Better by Focusing on Others

In this show from the most recent CLA Outcomes Conference, we talk with Brenda Long, Sr. Director of Infrastructure Operations at Food for the Hungry. Brenda has been with Food for the Hungry, an organization that takes a holistic approach to ending poverty through purposeful relief, for over 26 years. Tune in as we discuss getting still before God, leadership development, personality tests, and the mission to end hunger.

When we asked Brenda about the daunting task of ending hunger, she said that Food for the Hungry is simply called to be a part of the solution, not the whole thing. They believe that it is through partnership and cooperation that the Kingdom of God comes to fruition. Accordingly, Brenda says we are all leaders, even if it’s not in your title. Studying the enneagram is one tool that has helped her to lead better and understand those she leads. As a 7, she has a deep need to be around others, and this past year has challenged that need, first in losing her mom and then during the pandemic. For more information on Food for the Hungry’s mission, check out their FREE eBook download, God’s Story!

Guests: Brenda Long

Ministry/ Workplace: Food for the Hungry