Celebrating 9 Years of iWork4Him!

Here we are, at our nine-year celebration of iWork4Him and it all started with a speech. A speech about five ways to incorporate your faith into your workplace. Now, nine years later, iWork4Him is a legacy organization with over 2,100 produced podcasts, over 3,000 different guests, 3 brands, 3 books, and so much more. iWork4Him has become the mouthpiece of the faith and work movement – a movement dedicated to every workplace believer.

In today’s show, Jim and Martha have fun recounting all that God has done, who He has allowed them to meet, and how they have personally grown through the challenges of the last near-decade. From live radio one day per week, to five days per week, to podcasting the 1-minute PowerThought and 15-minute PowerPods, to on location shows at events and workplaces across the country – God has used this platform to share what He is doing in the lives of workers who are on mission at work. 

A big thank you to our guests, donors, sponsors, Board of Directors, and listeners these past nine years. We look forward to all that God has in store for the future – will you join us? And for kicks – you can go back and here where it all began! CLICK HERE to listen to our FIRST EVER iWork4Him show!

Guests: Jim and Martha Brangenberg

Ministry/ Workplace: iWork4Him