A High Impact Life and Business

Most people look at investments as only economical, but Pete Ochs’ company Capital III focuses on the economic, social, and spiritual aspects. Pete’s holistic view of investment impact has led to some fantastic innovations for several of his other companies. Pete’s story should inspire us to ask God how He wants us to innovate for economic, social, and spiritual flourishing!

During a lawsuit, Pete read Proverbs 6, and God pierced his heart to humble himself before the opposition. When God used his obedience and the scripture to turn the situation around, Pete learned how applicable the Bible is in our daily work. Fast forward to today, where one of Pete’s companies is running a manufacturing plant in medium and high-security prisons and seeing lives restored through the three aspects we mentioned earlier. When an inmate receives fair wages, community, and biblical guidance, there is no limit to what God can do! Pete recently released a book bundle called, A high impact LIFE, that he is offering to our listeners at a 10% discount with coupon code: IWORK4HIM

Guests: Pete Ochs

Ministry/ Workplace: High Impact LIFE & High Impact Business; Capital III

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