Building a Glorious Reflection

In today’s show, we talk with husband-wife team Jerry and Carol Meek, the founders of Desert Star Construction and Glorious Reflections, about working with your spouse, building a business on integrity, and focusing on God over goals. Jerry and Carol met in the high school choir and built a friendship that became lifelong in marriage. God has carried them through the good times and the bad and continually highlights our need for hope in every circumstance.

In the 2008 recession, the Meeks determined not to lay anyone off despite decreasing building projects. So instead, they worked on some special projects that kept the team strong so that when the building started to return, their team was still together and able to rebound quickly. This fierce love for those God has put in their care was passed down from Jerry’s dad, who told him the only thing you own is your integrity. And sure enough, when they stopped focusing on their income goals and made giving goals, the results were amazing!

Today the Meeks have started Glorious Reflections – a collective of leaders who want to live and lead in a way that brings glory to God! You can take the 21-day challenge by texting “challenge” to 55444. BONUS: a few tips from Carol about working with your spouse: encourage your spouse, plan personal time, be respectful, people are watching.  Jerry’s tips: be 100% behind your spouse’s success and don’t treat your customer better than your spouse.

Guests: Jerry and Carol Meek

Ministry/ Workplace: Desert Star Construction; Glorious Reflections

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Is Your YES Meaning Less? – Part I

Do Christians experience burnout? We believe they do. Steve Ramseur, President of Occupier Services at JLL, shares a story of the lows of suicidal thoughts and the fallout and then redemption, of his burnout, and what God did with it.

Featured Guest: Steve Ramseur
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Leading Better by Focusing on Others

In this show from the most recent CLA Outcomes Conference, we talk with Brenda Long, Sr. Director of Infrastructure Operations at Food for the Hungry. Brenda has been with Food for the Hungry, an organization that takes a holistic approach to ending poverty through purposeful relief, for over 26 years. Tune in as we discuss getting still before God, leadership development, personality tests, and the mission to end hunger.

When we asked Brenda about the daunting task of ending hunger, she said that Food for the Hungry is simply called to be a part of the solution, not the whole thing. They believe that it is through partnership and cooperation that the Kingdom of God comes to fruition. Accordingly, Brenda says we are all leaders, even if it’s not in your title. Studying the enneagram is one tool that has helped her to lead better and understand those she leads. As a 7, she has a deep need to be around others, and this past year has challenged that need, first in losing her mom and then during the pandemic. For more information on Food for the Hungry’s mission, check out their FREE eBook download, God’s Story!

Guests: Brenda Long

Ministry/ Workplace: Food for the Hungry

God Driven Entrepreneurship – Part II

Does your entrepreneurial spirt come from God? Hear entrepreneur Matthew Bell’s take on why some of us value independence and creativity first. The author of the empowering message, “Kingdom Powered Entrepreneur”.

Featured Guest: Matthew Bell
Ministry/Workplace: Matthew David Bell

Celebrating 9 Years of iWork4Him!

Here we are, at our nine-year celebration of iWork4Him and it all started with a speech. A speech about five ways to incorporate your faith into your workplace. Now, nine years later, iWork4Him is a legacy organization with over 2,100 produced podcasts, over 3,000 different guests, 3 brands, 3 books, and so much more. iWork4Him has become the mouthpiece of the faith and work movement – a movement dedicated to every workplace believer.

In today’s show, Jim and Martha have fun recounting all that God has done, who He has allowed them to meet, and how they have personally grown through the challenges of the last near-decade. From live radio one day per week, to five days per week, to podcasting the 1-minute PowerThought and 15-minute PowerPods, to on location shows at events and workplaces across the country – God has used this platform to share what He is doing in the lives of workers who are on mission at work. 

A big thank you to our guests, donors, sponsors, Board of Directors, and listeners these past nine years. We look forward to all that God has in store for the future – will you join us? And for kicks – you can go back and here where it all began! CLICK HERE to listen to our FIRST EVER iWork4Him show!

Guests: Jim and Martha Brangenberg

Ministry/ Workplace: iWork4Him

God Driven Entrepreneurship – Part I

Is your entrepreneurship a God-given drive? Matthew Bell thinks it is. Hear his unique perspective of why many of us have the drive for innovation and independence! The author of the “Kingdom Powered Entrepreneur” enlightens us on just that idea.

Featured Guest: Matthew Bell
Ministry/Workplace: Matthew David Bell

A High Impact Life and Business

Most people look at investments as only economical, but Pete Ochs’ company Capital III focuses on the economic, social, and spiritual aspects. Pete’s holistic view of investment impact has led to some fantastic innovations for several of his other companies. Pete’s story should inspire us to ask God how He wants us to innovate for economic, social, and spiritual flourishing!

During a lawsuit, Pete read Proverbs 6, and God pierced his heart to humble himself before the opposition. When God used his obedience and the scripture to turn the situation around, Pete learned how applicable the Bible is in our daily work. Fast forward to today, where one of Pete’s companies is running a manufacturing plant in medium and high-security prisons and seeing lives restored through the three aspects we mentioned earlier. When an inmate receives fair wages, community, and biblical guidance, there is no limit to what God can do! Pete recently released a book bundle called, A high impact LIFE, that he is offering to our listeners at a 10% discount with coupon code: IWORK4HIM

Guests: Pete Ochs

Ministry/ Workplace: High Impact LIFE & High Impact Business; Capital III

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Working With Other Generations

Conflict between generations. You can live with it and watch a culture deteriorate or learn from it and watch a culture thrive. Together, a Boomer and a Millennial transparently share how to not only work together but THRIVE at work by discussing their book: MillennialBoom!

Featured Guest: Hans Finzel & Patrick Kelly
Ministry/Workplace: MillennialBoom!

Thriving in Community

In an interview from the most recent CLA Outcome’s Conference, we talked with Mark Tjernagel, CFO for Cru, about holistic living and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit every day. Cru has a set of organizational values: faith, growth, and fruitfulness. However, during COVID-19, Mark’s team has added an additional value to the list: community.

Throughout the Pandemic, Mark’s finance team has been intentional about staying connected and recognizing the importance of every department playing out their role to the greater mission. Romans 12 is a whole chapter that drills down to the beauty of the body. We are all part of the body of Christ, and we need each other.  The members of his team need each other, their department needs other departments, and Cru needs other organizations for the whole body to thrive.

Guests: Mark Tjernagel

Ministry/ Workplace: Cru