It’s Time for a Revolution

Dr. Jessica Rothmeyer is a born encourager. In fact, she was the person everyone went to for help fixing their issues. As a counselor, Jess often saw that people would get discouraged and not only walk away from their healing, but also their faith. Her recent book, It’s time for a Revolution, is an answer for practitioners to cast out the worldly teaching of today and realign their thinking with a new, healthier way of thinking – the Kingdom mindset.

In today’s show, Jessica boils it all down to two practical steps:

1. Read the Word of God 

2. Grow an intimate relationship with God 

We all have areas that need healing and Dr. Jessica is offering our listeners the chance to win a copy of her new book by calling 866-713-9675. Plus, receive 50% off her online course, Healing the Wounds of the Soul, by entering the code iWork4Him

Guests: Dr. Jessica Rothmeyer 

Ministry/ Workplace: Kingdom Mindset

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