Starting a Business for Jesus

Dr. Jason Baca has always been entrepreneurial, but his life radically changed when he met Jesus. This passion led him to his current work of helping Christian entrepreneurs through the difficult business of starting a business. In today’s show, Dr. Jason shares his own personal story as well as a few tips on how to build a successful business AND fit Jesus into the whole equation.

Jason helps Christian entrepreneurs take the stress out of marketing, specifically through the use of Clubhouse, but his pillars can be applied to other platforms as well. His generous spirit is what caused him to give away the three steps to success to our listeners! Visit to find out more about connecting with his current programs!

Guests: Dr. Jason Baca

Ministry/ Workplace:

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One of Satan’s Greatest Coups – Part II

Have you bought into one of Satan’s greatest lies? Hear about that from Dave Kahle, a leader in Christ-based selling. Learn more about his faith-based philosophy of selling, and how you can do it to honor God and your company.

Featured Guests: Dave Kahle
Ministry/Workplace: Dave Kahle

How to Serve God Well in the Margins

When asked about what keeps his faith centered on a day-to-day basis, Dr. Arthur Satterwhite, the VP of Diversity, Belonging, and Strategy for Young Life will tell you that it’s been “back to basics” for him recently. He has been redeeming his margin and spending time on the core elements of his faith. And this doesn’t extend only to his own life; Arthur’s goal in his profession is always to go back to the basics of what Young Life was founded on 80 years ago: introducing kids to Jesus.

In this special interview from the CLA Outcomes Conference, Arthur talks about how policy doesn’t change the heart; only God can. As well as how adding margin to our everyday life gives us the opportunity to stop and serve where God needs us. After all, Jesus left the 99 to serve the one, and so should we.

Guests: Arthur Satterwhite

Ministry/ Workplace: Young Life; Satterwhite Co

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One of Satan’s Greatest Coups – Part I

What is one of Satan’s greatest coups? Hint: it relates to faith and work. So says Dave Kahle, renowned author, and speaker. Hear about his Christian philosophy of selling, what it’s made of and how you can do it with integrity.

Featured Guests: Dave Kahle
Ministry/Workplace: Dave Kahle

Ask Wise Counsel

John Beehner had seen enormous success mentoring businesses and coaching executives, but he knew something was missing; he knew he was being called to go deeper in his relationship with God. Through this deep dive, John developed a unique approach to round tables that includes the spiritual aspect of leadership. This holistic approach was not only revolutionary – but it also led to incredible transformations with his clients! Tune in to hear John discuss what it looks like to lead like Jesus.

Today, God continues to give John innovative ideas and uses his collaborative spirit to train others. Wise Counsel will launch the Rock Solid CEO certification program in late March or early April of 2022, based on John’s newest book Rock Solid Leadership Blueprint. This 9-month program, which can be completed with just two hours, twice a month, will lead entrepreneurs, CEOs, and non-profit leaders to a new and rock-solid approach!

Guests: John Beehner

Ministry/ Workplace: Wise Counsel

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Underground Evangelism

How can you be an underground evangelist? We were in Sarasota, Florida to highlight Helping Hands Ministries on how creative giving can change lives within your organization. Hear from client Tammy Daum on how she mentors leaders to be their best, with God at the helm.

Featured Guest: Dan Baker, Bryan Green & Tammy Daum
Ministry/Workplace: Helping Hands Charitable / Excellence Performance Coaching

Thriving Amid Hardship

In this inspiring interview from the most recent Outcomes Conference, we talk with Joni Eareckson Tada about what it looks like to thrive amid hardship and create a flourishing life amid suffering and limitations. Joni is the CEO and Founder of Joni and Friends. Having spent 54 years in a wheelchair herself, Joni uses her ministry to bring hope and dignity to individuals with disabilities across the globe. At this time, she is 72 years old, a quadriplegic, has cancer, aftereffects of COVID-19, and chronic pain… and yet God has met her right where she is.

When we asked Joni to tell us how she promotes thriving among her 180 staff members, she said its all about healthy life integration, dealing respectfully with conflict, and really listening to employees. She also mentioned the Lead Like Jesus Training and Best Christian Workplace Institute Survey (tools you can use in your workplace!) Joni’s precious transparency allowed us a glimpse of a full life cultivated through the power of prayer, singing hymns, and clinging to scripture.

Guests: Joni Eareckson Tada

Ministry/ Workplace: Joni and Friends

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To Be or Not to Be, A Mentor – Part II

Have you ever thought of being a mentor? Meet Bill Hendricks of “The Giftedness Center”. In part II of this PowerPod series, Bill shares what mentoring is, success stories, and why this investment glorifies God and is the best investment in the Kingdom of God.

Featured Guest: Bill Hendricks
Ministry/Workplace: The Giftedness Center