The iWork4Him Book: Change the Way You Think About Your Faith At Work

About a year and a half ago, we set off on a journey to write a book that would encourage the everyday believer to engage with their workplace mission field. But we had NO IDEA how enormous that undertaking would be –thankfully, we didn’t do it alone! In addition to our own stories and insights, we opened the door for 23 other voices from the faith and work movement to share their stories as well. This unique collaboration resulted in an incredible resource, filled with the practical, tactical, factual, and biblical insights that every workplace believer needs to truly live out their faith at work.  

Since our roots are in radio and podcasting, we are especially excited about this audiobook version of iWork4Him! Each chapter is read by its contributing author – so you get the chance not only to hear new perspectives but also the new voices that go along with them. As our Gift to you, we are releasing the audio from the Introduction and first chapter on our podcast so you can get a feel for the content inside iWork4Him: Change the way you think about your faith at work. To listen to the rest of the audiobook CLICK HERE or go to To get a hard copy of iWork4Him or our other two books, sheWorks4Him and iRetire4Him, go to

Guest: Jim and Martha Brangenberg

Ministry: iWork4Him