The Faith Driven Entrepreneur

For years God has been using Henry Kaestner to help entrepreneurs understand God’s unique plan and purpose for them. Now, all that knowledge is available in his new book, Faith Driven Entrepreneur. In today’s show, we talk with Henry about his own journey in faith and business, balancing family and work, and his book!

Often, new Christians look at being saved as limiting them in their work – feeling that they should go into full-time ministry if they want to make a Kingdom impact. But today, Henry talks with us about flipping the script. In fact, there are several great examples in the Bible of entrepreneurs, like Lydia and Paul the tentmaker. Join us as we talk about how to apply the same principles to our business and life today! Henry has a great heart and shares so much in our interview and his new book.

Guests: Henry Kaestner

Ministry/ Workplace: Faith Driven Entrepreneur; Sovereign’s Capital

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