Emmanuel, God with Us

A show like no other! In this special Christmas episode, the entire iWork4Him team joins Jim and Martha behind the microphone for a conversation on what Emmanuel, God with us, means for us today.

Our two operations assistants – Rebecca and Hannah – discuss God’s faithfulness, the role of the Holy Spirit, and how Jesus’ earthly life provides comfort in seasons of grief, loneliness, or change. Then, our producer, Todd, talks about God’s unique plan and divine design for our lives (especially as it pertains to the workplace). Finally, we come together to give you some practical ways to see the truth of Emmanuel during this Christmas season! Emmanuel, God with us and with you all! Merry Christmas from the iWork4Him team!

Guests: Rebecca Smith de Hernández; Todd T Riley; Hannah Fordice

Ministry/ Workplace: iWork4Him Ministries

Sponsored by GiANT https://GiANT.tv/iWork4Him