Discovering God’s Calling for Your Career

Today we are joined by Bryan Dik, the Chief Science Officer of jobZology and a professor of Vocational Psychology at Colorado State University, for a conversation on finding a job that fits our God-given gifts and passions. In his recent book titled, Redeeming Work, Bryan really digs into the four-act story of Scripture and the commonly believed half-truth that “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.” Tune in for our discussion on why work is a part of God’s purpose for our lives and how we can be good stewards of our gifts through job development.

There’s so much here to unpack and learn through or where you can take an assessment to find careers that fit who you are and what you’re passionate about. Bryan encourages us to look at our career choices and development as a way of honoring how God made us. Now that sounds like a great goal to me! We have TWO copies of Bryan’s book, Redeeming Work, to give away! You can win a copy by calling the listener line at 866-713-9675 (WORK).

Guests: Bryan Dik

Ministry/ Workplace: Colorado State University; jobZology

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