The Faith Driven Entrepreneur

For years God has been using Henry Kaestner to help entrepreneurs understand God’s unique plan and purpose for them. Now, all that knowledge is available in his new book, Faith Driven Entrepreneur. In today’s show, we talk with Henry about his own journey in faith and business, balancing family and work, and his book!

Often, new Christians look at being saved as limiting them in their work – feeling that they should go into full-time ministry if they want to make a Kingdom impact. But today, Henry talks with us about flipping the script. In fact, there are several great examples in the Bible of entrepreneurs, like Lydia and Paul the tentmaker. Join us as we talk about how to apply the same principles to our business and life today! Henry has a great heart and shares so much in our interview and his new book.

Guests: Henry Kaestner

Ministry/ Workplace: Faith Driven Entrepreneur; Sovereign’s Capital

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Bonus Interview With iWork4Him Authors Tom & Pam Wolf

If we’re honest, we’ve all asked the question, “why am I here?” Well, Tom and Pam Wolf developed a process to help you discover the answer to this very question through their course Identity and Destiny. In this bonus interview, we discuss finding your sweet spot, discovering your purpose, and understanding your unique design so that you can be a better leader, have more breakthroughs, and engage in your Kingdom assignment! 

Tom and Pam are contributing authors to Chapter 16 of our new book, iWork4Him: Change the Way you Think About Faith and Work.

Guests: Tom and Pam Wolf

Ministry/Workplace: Identity and Destiny


Business and poverty – is there a connection? Find out as we talked about just that with Dr. E. Calvin Beisner and Ephie Johnson from “Neighborhood Christian Centers”. Join us as we talk real solutions for a tough subject.

Emmanuel, God with Us

A show like no other! In this special Christmas episode, the entire iWork4Him team joins Jim and Martha behind the microphone for a conversation on what Emmanuel, God with us, means for us today.

Our two operations assistants – Rebecca and Hannah – discuss God’s faithfulness, the role of the Holy Spirit, and how Jesus’ earthly life provides comfort in seasons of grief, loneliness, or change. Then, our producer, Todd, talks about God’s unique plan and divine design for our lives (especially as it pertains to the workplace). Finally, we come together to give you some practical ways to see the truth of Emmanuel during this Christmas season! Emmanuel, God with us and with you all! Merry Christmas from the iWork4Him team!

Guests: Rebecca Smith de Hernández; Todd T Riley; Hannah Fordice

Ministry/ Workplace: iWork4Him Ministries

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Bonus Interview With iWork4Him Author Ryan Haley

Hustle more! Rise and Grind! We’ve all heard these phrases, but Ryan Haley believes there is a better way to live. In fact, his ministry is called A Better Way. Ryan was a helicopter pilot in the Navy until a crash ended his military career and brought him into the world of entrepreneurship, where he firsthand experienced the power of inviting God into your work. In this bonus interview, Ryan talks with us about finding fulfillment and effectiveness by being a good steward of not only your finances but also your gifts, talents, and passions. 

Ryan Haley is a contributing author to Chapter 25 of our new book, iWork4Him: Change the Way you Think About Faith and Work.

Guests: Ryan Haley

Ministry/Workplace: A Better Way


Business and poverty – is there a connection? Find out as we talked about just that with Dr. E. Calvin Beisner and Ephie Johnson from “Neighborhood Christian Centers”. Join us as we talk real solutions for a tough subject.

Finding Your True Home

We scour the country for stories of people living out their faith in a noticeable and attractive way in the marketplace, and today we have just such a story. Joe Kallis tells us about how he went from a success-driven big city big shot to a Gospel-driven realtor in Tennessee. Joe’s story starts like many career-driven individuals: the pursuit of success and money. But by God’s grace, he found himself surrounded by some excellent businessmen that modeled a different way of life.

Tune in to hear more of Joe’s personal journey towards people over profit and to hear our discussion on slowing down to speed up. It’s a show full of so many great nuggets of truth that are applicable to each of us, no matter what industry or workplace we find ourselves in!

Guests: Joe Kalis

Ministry/ Workplace: EXIT Rocky Top Realty

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Bonus Interview With iRetire4Him Author Bob Spence

Retirement isn’t in the Bible. True story! We were never meant to work for 30 years and then go on a 30-year vacation. Instead, God’s intention is that we would have a purpose throughout our entire life. In other words, retirement isn’t VACATION; it’s a JOB CHANGE. In this bonus interview with our personal mentor, Bob Spence, we talk about intentional retirement, ministering in the second half of life, and cultivating a mission, vision, purpose, and core values.

Bob Spence is a contributing author to Chapter 15 of our new book, iRetire4Him: Unlock God’s Purpose for Your Retirement.

Guests: Bob Spence

Ministry/Workplace: Bob Spence Consulting


Perry Marshall, born the kid of a pastor, with an entrepreneurial spirit is truly passionate about Christians influencing their workplace. He is a top-tier businessman of faith, letting us peak inside his mind and heart.

Celebrating Our Blue-Collar Workers

At the ripe old age of five, Dave Hataj started working in the family business, Edgerton Gear, Inc. Although he was labeled as not being “college material,” Dave was hesitant to settle into a life of working in the gear business. However, as he wrestled with what he was meant to do with his life, God spoke to him in a way that changed his trajectory… not by taking him out of the business but by showing him that the business was his ministry. There are so many golden nuggets in this interview, and we can’t wait for you to listen and hear all that God has been doing through the work of Dave Hataj!

“Community” and “purpose” are two topics near and dear to Dave. You can learn about Dave’s ministry at when you listen to this week’s show.  Oh, and we are giving away a copy of Dave’s book Good Work: How Blue-Collar Business Can Change Lives, Communities, and the World to 5 listeners! To enter to win, simply call our listener line at 866-713-9675.

Guests: Dave Hataj

Ministry/ Workplace: Edgerton Gear, Inc.; Craftsman with Character

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Bonus Interview With sheWorks4Him Author Ellie Nieves

When Ellie was an attorney on her way up the corporate ladder, she thought that God would only get in the way of her aspirations. But as her career grew, she found that all her achievements were empty; she was missing a greater purpose or meaning – the kind that only God can fill. When we believe that our job or title or perceived success is our purpose, we are short-changing ourselves – because God has more in store for us. Moreover, our jobs are only one aspect of our lives that God wants to use to make an eternal impact. In this bonus interview, Ellie talks with us about what it looks like to glorify the Lord in the context of a Fortune 250 company, battling anxiety and fear in the face of the unexpected, and the two most important things to successfully living out your faith at work.

Ellie Nieves is a contributing author to Chapter 8 of our new book, sheWorks4Him: Embrace Your Calling as a Christian Woman at Work.

Guests: Ellie Nieves

Ministry/Workplace: Christian Career Women

Discovering God’s Calling for Your Career

Today we are joined by Bryan Dik, the Chief Science Officer of jobZology and a professor of Vocational Psychology at Colorado State University, for a conversation on finding a job that fits our God-given gifts and passions. In his recent book titled, Redeeming Work, Bryan really digs into the four-act story of Scripture and the commonly believed half-truth that “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.” Tune in for our discussion on why work is a part of God’s purpose for our lives and how we can be good stewards of our gifts through job development.

There’s so much here to unpack and learn through or where you can take an assessment to find careers that fit who you are and what you’re passionate about. Bryan encourages us to look at our career choices and development as a way of honoring how God made us. Now that sounds like a great goal to me! We have TWO copies of Bryan’s book, Redeeming Work, to give away! You can win a copy by calling the listener line at 866-713-9675 (WORK).

Guests: Bryan Dik

Ministry/ Workplace: Colorado State University; jobZology

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Bonus Interview With iWork4Him Author Chuck Proudfit

When you get up on Monday morning, do you think “I HAVE to go to work” or “I GET to go to work”? For many of us, it’s the former… but it doesn’t have to be. God originally meant for work was meant to be a form of worship – not an obligation! In this bonus interview, the founder of At Work on Purpose, Chuck Proudfit, talks with us about learning to love your job, the spiritual nature of work, backdoor ministry, and building your witness one choice at a time. 

Chuck Proudfit is a contributing author to Chapter 22 of our new book, iWork4Him: Change the Way you Think About Faith and Work.

Guests: Chuck Proudfit

Ministry/Workplace: At Work on Purpose