Bonus Interview With iRetire4Him Author Doug Fagerstrom

If you don’t go into the workplace and share Jesus, who will? This is the question that God asked Doug Fagerstrom many years ago, and it’s the same question God is asking each of us today! But in this special bonus interview, Doug talks about how his life as a new retiree still centers on the same question – just a different location. Whether it’s in the workplace, the home, the community, or the golf course, we each have the opportunity to bring the person, words, and work of Jesus to those around us. Tune in to hear our discussion with Doug about purpose in retirement, faith in the marketplace and beyond, and becoming a chaplain in the second season of life.

Doug Fagerstrom is a contributing author to Chapter 11 of our new book, iRetire4Him: Unlock God’s Purpose for Your Retirement.

Guests: Doug Fagerstrom

Ministry/Workplace: Marketplace Chaplains