Expand Your Business Horizons

Our repeat guest TJ Tison, the co-founder of E5 Institute, is here to talk with us about how important it is to ask God to guide our strategic planning – both personally and professionally. TJ uses God-given strategies to help other faith-based organizations amplify their online learning and community learning through the E5 platform.

Plus, we are joined by one of eE5 Institute’s clients, Bruce Zoeller. Bruce has an organization called The Christian Advantage, which started using E-5 Institute to expand their on-demand learning and engagement. God has taken Bruce on quite a journey, but all along he has been discipling small business leaders on how to run a kingdom company. Tune in as we discuss strategic planning and the pandemic’s effect on our ability to expand and reach new horizons. TJ Tison is also the author of Killing Wonder Woman and has agreed to give away up to five copies of her book, if you call our listener line at 866-713-9675 (WORK). Tj Tison also contributed Chapter 13 of our new book, iWork4Him: Change the Way You Think About Faith and Work.

Guests: TJ Tison; Bruce Zoeller

Ministry/ Workplace: E5 Institute; The Christian Advantage

Sponsored by E5 Institute