Podcasting with a Purpose

So many believers feel called to full-time ministry, so they think they should quit their jobs and go to work in a church or Christian non-profit. But that’s simply not what Scripture teaches us about ministry and missions! Each one of us has a unique set of gifts, talents, and abilities. These gifts were meant to be used not only to provide for us, but also to give us access to unbelievers in the workplace – the kind that will never set foot in a church. Today, we head down under to talk with Annemarie Cross from Podcasting with a Purpose. She has taken her love for communication and her expertise in podcasting and used it to create a platform that helps equip followers of Jesus to go out and make a difference for Christ!

Annemarie Cross was adopted into a family that lived their lives so on mission that she never had to learn how to do that in her work, it was natural. Today, she gets to help others learn how to communicate their branding and message through the medium of podcasting. Her perspective that we are ambassadors for Christ is timely, to say the least, as Australia is dealing with increased restrictions and issues around freedom of speech. Join us as we talk about the workplace mission field, the challenges of being a Christian working woman, and speaking out about your faith in difficult situations. You can listen to Annemarie Cross’s podcast, The Christian Entrepreneur Podcast, on Awaken Podcast Network.

Guests: Annemarie Cross

Ministry/ Workplace: Podcasting with Purpose

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