Memos from the Head Office

Perry Marshall is an engineer, yet his most recent book on prayer, Memos from the Head Office, is anything but engineered. Perry says that we have excessively and obsessively formulated our time with God. In the book, he encourages us to look at this time in a fresh and unconventional way, working to remove any roadblocks that might cause the reader to disengage from spiritual things.

God intersected Perry’s life in a dramatic way. When a stranger named Vivian told him a message from God about him, and it was true – God had his attention. In Memos from the Head Office, Perry shares other, similar, miraculous stories of God’s intervention in people’s work lives. Plus, in the book’s appendix, Perry presents one of the most straightforward and gentle presentations of the Gospel that we’ve ever seen. In fact, that might be the best reason to buy the book. We are giving away a free copy of Memos from the Head Office. To win, call the listener line at 866-713-9675(WORK).

Guests: Perry Marshall

Ministry/ Workplace: Perry S. Marshall & Associates

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