Intentionally preparing students to go into the world as Salt & Light! Of all the reasons to choose an institution, this is a motivation like no other. Students at Arizona Christian University are taught to connect their faith in all they do. It’s an iWork4Him University at its core!

From Ditches to Destinations

Nearly 92% of Americans believe in God but 70% don’t have an ongoing relationship with Him. Chaplains are called to provide emotional, mental, and spiritual care to those on the frontlines of life… encouraging them to “move out of ditches, towards a better destination”, including a deeper relationship with God. With the stress of the past few years, Marketplace Chaplains have been able to avert suicide, introduce workers to Jesus and connect workers to local churches. This is all brag worthy, but Jason Brown, the CMO of Marketplace Chaplains, said on today’s show, “don’t touch God’s glory.” And may we be the first to say that Marketplace Chaplains gives it all back to Him!

In addition to Jason, we also talk with chaplain and recruiter Paddy Warman about our basic human need to be seen and to experience connection, and with Roland Barlowe about how we all can experience ongoing missions in our work.

There are currently 400 openings for chaplains at Marketplace Chaplains. If you are looking for a way to invest in the workplace that will make a Kingdom impact, this might be for you!

Guests: Jason Brown, Paddy Warman, & Roland Barlowe

Ministry/ Workplace: Marketplace Chaplains

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Bonus Interview With iRetire4Him Author Doug Fagerstrom

If you don’t go into the workplace and share Jesus, who will? This is the question that God asked Doug Fagerstrom many years ago, and it’s the same question God is asking each of us today! But in this special bonus interview, Doug talks about how his life as a new retiree still centers on the same question – just a different location. Whether it’s in the workplace, the home, the community, or the golf course, we each have the opportunity to bring the person, words, and work of Jesus to those around us. Tune in to hear our discussion with Doug about purpose in retirement, faith in the marketplace and beyond, and becoming a chaplain in the second season of life.

Doug Fagerstrom is a contributing author to Chapter 11 of our new book, iRetire4Him: Unlock God’s Purpose for Your Retirement.

Guests: Doug Fagerstrom

Ministry/Workplace: Marketplace Chaplains


Are the next generation of college students prepared to be faith-driven workers? Find out IF they are, and if they are… find out HOW they are being prepared to live out their Christian faith IN their work and workplace, by being equipped, by Arizona Christian University.

Building a Reputation for Christ

Justin Ford designs, builds, and manages homes for the elite. In his industry, most companies want something from their wealthy clients… but Justin wants to give something back. You see, Ford’s Custom Tailored Construction was founded on biblical principles – things like trust, authenticity, and honesty. And it is through the way that he serves his clients, Justin stands out and is able to share the gospel. In today’s show, we talk with Justin about what it’s like to serve the ultra-rich, how to find joy amid trial and hardship, and why it’s important to look at the gospel like a fountain (you’ll have to tune in to discover precisely what he means by that). 

In addition, we discuss Justin’s struggle with overworking and how God intersected him with Rise Up Kings – a transformational training and mentorship program for Christian businessmen. This incredible organization and experience have changed Justin into the man he is today… one who doesn’t doubt himself and who can move forward in joy.

Guests: Justin Ford

Ministry/ Workplace: Ford’s Custom Tailored Construction

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Bonus Interview With sheWorks4Him Author Caroline Mendez

Have you ever felt alone and isolated as a woman in the workplace? Do you hunger for community, belonging, support, and mentoring from other women of faith just like you? Caroline Mendez can relate! She spent over ten years looking for a community of women faith leaders and hit roadblock after roadblock. Eventually, God asked her to help develop the resources and communities she wished she’d had years ago through Pinnacle Forum for Women. Caroline discusses self-worth, finding your tribe, and walking in your God-given strengths in this bonus interview.

Caroline Mendez is a contributing author to Chapter 2 of our new book, sheWorks4Him: Embrace Your Calling as a Christian Woman at Work.

Guests: Caroline Mendez

Ministry/Workplace: Pinnacle Forum for Women, Called4


Can a college campus become a ministry? It sure can! Love2020 and Ben Sanders from the University of Arizona introduce us to an innovative Kingdom unity idea that is changing the college campuses for Christ!

Expand Your Business Horizons

Our repeat guest TJ Tison, the co-founder of E5 Institute, is here to talk with us about how important it is to ask God to guide our strategic planning – both personally and professionally. TJ uses God-given strategies to help other faith-based organizations amplify their online learning and community learning through the E5 platform.

Plus, we are joined by one of eE5 Institute’s clients, Bruce Zoeller. Bruce has an organization called The Christian Advantage, which started using E-5 Institute to expand their on-demand learning and engagement. God has taken Bruce on quite a journey, but all along he has been discipling small business leaders on how to run a kingdom company. Tune in as we discuss strategic planning and the pandemic’s effect on our ability to expand and reach new horizons. TJ Tison is also the author of Killing Wonder Woman and has agreed to give away up to five copies of her book, if you call our listener line at 866-713-9675 (WORK). Tj Tison also contributed Chapter 13 of our new book, iWork4Him: Change the Way You Think About Faith and Work.

Guests: TJ Tison; Bruce Zoeller

Ministry/ Workplace: E5 Institute; The Christian Advantage

Sponsored by E5 Institute

Bonus Interview With iWork4Him Author Ford Taylor

It only takes 3-5% of people to change the overall culture of the group. That can be either great news or terrible news – depending on who the culture setters are in your workplace. Ford Taylor founded Transformational Leadership to help train and raise up leaders who look like Christ and who can become a positive cultural influence. Don’t think you’re a leader? Think again! Ford Taylor discusses failures, influence, and God’s crazy grace in this power-packed bonus interview.

Ford Taylor is a contributing author to Chapter 19 of our new book, iWork4Him: Change the Way you Think About Faith and Work.

Guests: Ford Taylor

Ministry/Workplace: Transformational Leadership

Podcasting with a Purpose

So many believers feel called to full-time ministry, so they think they should quit their jobs and go to work in a church or Christian non-profit. But that’s simply not what Scripture teaches us about ministry and missions! Each one of us has a unique set of gifts, talents, and abilities. These gifts were meant to be used not only to provide for us, but also to give us access to unbelievers in the workplace – the kind that will never set foot in a church. Today, we head down under to talk with Annemarie Cross from Podcasting with a Purpose. She has taken her love for communication and her expertise in podcasting and used it to create a platform that helps equip followers of Jesus to go out and make a difference for Christ!

Annemarie Cross was adopted into a family that lived their lives so on mission that she never had to learn how to do that in her work, it was natural. Today, she gets to help others learn how to communicate their branding and message through the medium of podcasting. Her perspective that we are ambassadors for Christ is timely, to say the least, as Australia is dealing with increased restrictions and issues around freedom of speech. Join us as we talk about the workplace mission field, the challenges of being a Christian working woman, and speaking out about your faith in difficult situations. You can listen to Annemarie Cross’s podcast, The Christian Entrepreneur Podcast, on Awaken Podcast Network.

Guests: Annemarie Cross

Ministry/ Workplace: Podcasting with Purpose

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Bonus Interview With sW4H and iR4H Author Danita Bye

Danita Bye burned her corporate navy-blue power suit. Yes, literally burned it. Why? Because she realized that it had become a symbol of the pressure she felt to be a modern-day “Wonder Woman,” a title that was impossible to live up to and left her feeling like a failure. In this bonus interview, she talks about letting go of perfection in exchange for grace, finding your identity, and generational reconciliation.

Danita Bye is a contributing author to Chapter 4 of sheWorks4Him: Embrace Your Calling as a Christian Woman at Work and Chapter 14 of iRetire4Him: Unlock God’s Purpose for Your Retirement.

Guests: Danita Bye


Memos from the Head Office

Perry Marshall is an engineer, yet his most recent book on prayer, Memos from the Head Office, is anything but engineered. Perry says that we have excessively and obsessively formulated our time with God. In the book, he encourages us to look at this time in a fresh and unconventional way, working to remove any roadblocks that might cause the reader to disengage from spiritual things.

God intersected Perry’s life in a dramatic way. When a stranger named Vivian told him a message from God about him, and it was true – God had his attention. In Memos from the Head Office, Perry shares other, similar, miraculous stories of God’s intervention in people’s work lives. Plus, in the book’s appendix, Perry presents one of the most straightforward and gentle presentations of the Gospel that we’ve ever seen. In fact, that might be the best reason to buy the book. We are giving away a free copy of Memos from the Head Office. To win, call the listener line at 866-713-9675(WORK).

Guests: Perry Marshall

Ministry/ Workplace: Perry S. Marshall & Associates

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