A Truly Renewing Vacation

We all like to go on vacation. Everyone likes to get away, relax, explore, and check out from the real world for a few days. But what if your vacation moments turned into defining moments – the kind that makes you go home not only renewed in body but also in spirit? What if everywhere you went, you learned how God had woven the story of the Gospel into that location?  Today we talk with travel enthusiasts Rick and Susan McCarthy about their book Defining Moments: The Transformational Promises of Faith-Based Travel.

Rick and Susan have an insatiable love for travel! After attending a DreamMasters weekend through the Masters Program, God gave them a unique dream for their marriage: to change travel and vacationing into a spiritually rich experience. In this episode, we talk with Rick and Susan about how their book is helping people have a rich Holy Spirit experience while touring places from Scripture.

Guests: Rick and Susan McCarthy

Ministry/ Workplace: Convene

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