The Solution to Busyness and Overcommitment

Have you ever struggled with time management? With overcommitment? Or with feeling like you’re juggling too many things at once? Today we head off to Chicago, IL to talk with Mark Michuda of Michuda Diversified Holdings about how he went from a life riddled with overcommitment and stress to one characterized by peace and margin. Tune in to hear about how Mark turned his life around, and how you can too!

Mark’s life (and his relationship with God) has taken a lot of detours, but when he agreed to go on a yearlong journey to look for growth and meaning with his wife, everything changed. They found a church that led Mark to a personal relationship with Jesus that has permeated every area of his life, including his more than 100-year-old family business.

Over time, Mark learned from the Experiencing God Bible Study that God is at work everywhere, including as his work. But a barrier to Mark giving his best at work was the stress of overcommitment and time management. Through an amazing series of events, he was connected to Belay Solutions where he was matched with Yassi, his executive assistant. You’ll have to listen to the interview to hear how much this has changed his life! Full of wisdom and insight, Mark Michuda has shared his journey for all of us to dig deeper into our own need for solutions.

We are grateful for our show sponsor: Belay Solutions, and the impact they have had on Mark Michuda personally and his company. Mark named Yassi as his MVP – a testament in itself!

Guests: Mark Michuda

Ministry/ Workplace: Belay Solutions; Michuda Diversified Holdings

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