Where There is Faith, There is No Fear

Skip Stanton, the owner of Aqua Plumbing and Air, has found great peace amid COVID-19 because of one simple thing: his faith. As the leader of over 150 employees and thousands of customers, Skip knows that the real enemy of peace during uncertain times is fear of the future. And boy, are there a lot of people dealing with fear in today’s world and marketplace! Tune in to hear how Skip uses transparent leadership, communication, and prayer to minister to his employees in the midst of a global pandemic.

One of Skip’s undeniable talents is communication. Even before 2020 hit, he firmly believed that communicating openly and having a transparent leadership style led to a culture of trust in his business. And it has held true with the employees of Aqua. Don’t get us wrong, it’s been a tough season for everyone, and his staff has been affected, but Skip has worked hard to push back the spirit of fear in favor of one of faith. 

How you may ask?

Well, Skip believes that as a follower of Christ and as the leader of a company, he has the opportunity to come to work each day as a beacon of peace to those around him. To be sure he is in the right head and heart space, he spends his mornings in prayer, is involved in his local church, and attends a local C12 group that gives him training and support in being a strong Christian Business Leader. And although Skip would love to minister to all 180 of his employees individually, he knows that that isn’t exactly feasible, so he has an on-staff chaplain to help minister to them and their families.

Remember, where there is faith, there is NO FEAR!

Guests: Skip Stanton

Ministry/ Workplace: Aqua Plumbing & Air

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Jeremie Kubicek is no stranger to iWork4Him, and on today’s show, we unpack the Certified GiANT Leadership Coach Program that, according to Jeremie, “helps leaders to do humble things in a big way!” But first, we get personal with Jeremie, as he tells us how God has been changing his perspective on the prayer, “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.” 

Since Jeremie and co-founder Steve Cockram started GiANT, they realized that there is no way to train everyone who wants to go through the Leadership Coaching Certification Program individually. So instead, they created a fantastic collaborative platform for coaches and organizations to not only learn from but also over 60 tools and resources they can customize to help put what they’ve learned into action NOW. Plus, their certification program is low-cost, which makes it highly accessible, and it can be used as either an additional tool in the toolbelt for a coach or as a practice in itself. Martha and I had the pleasure of going through the Sherpa training firsthand recently and can testify to the value of these resources and tools both at work and at home!

To learn more about this amazing resource that can help you unlock your full potential, check out chapter 27 in iWork4Him: Change the Way you Think about Your Fatih at Work  or go to www.GiANT.tv/iWork4Him

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Is business “redeemed” by God? Hear about this concept fromBoomer Brown, which enables folks to live their faith at work via his ministry, Doing Good at Work, which delivers a framework that reduces frustration, maximizes opportunity, and increases the bottom line.

XL Summit is HUGE for Collaboration

We recently visited Cincinnati, OH, to attend the XL Summit, a gathering of 100s of marketplace and ministry professionals from the greater Cincinnati area! On this show, we sit down and talk with the XL Summit’s host, Chuck Proudfit, with At Work on Purpose. 

We catch up with Chuck after the event to get the lowdown on how God is moving in the marketplace in Cincinnati. This year, the focus of the XL Summit was how to reach the city for Christ through the collaboration of marketplace and ministry leaders – something iWork4Him can DEFINITELY get behind! Chuck tells us more about how the XL Summit is working to coordinate the faith and work movements to effectively model what it looks like to run together for the good of the city and the Kingdom of God!

Plus, Mike Burkesmith with C12 Movement and Mike Larkin with the GAP Movement join the conversation to share their perspective as guests of this year’s Summit!

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Dealing With Tension In Marriage Caused By A Business – PowerCouplesByDesign.com

IF there is one thing that is certain, married couples who own a business have more stress to work through in their marriage than couples who do not. IT doesn’t matter if both couples work in the business or not. When you own a business in your marriage IT impacts your marriage.  Marriage is work and we have addressed that many times on iWork4Him. If your marriage is struggling so does all of your life tend to be a struggle. If your marriage is a mess, it impacts everything you do & say. We as Jesus followers are supposed to be working on our marriages because they are to be a witness to our pre-believer friends all around us. Our marriages are to be a light. So how do we deal with the tension in our marriages caused by a business. Here to help us parse through the conversation is Robert and Kay Lee Fukui. They run a biznistry called PowerCouplesByDesign.com

Robert and Kay Lee Fukui have a lot in common with Jim and Martha Brangenberg.  You’ve probably heard Jim and Martha talk about how work and marriage really affect each other and if one is stressed then it’s all affected.  We can’t just leave our marriage stress at the door when we come to work, especially if we work together.  Robert and Kay Lee developed their business out of necessity after seeing the struggle with work becoming the mistress in their homes growing up.  They decided to take the 2 year premarriage tools they learned and use them to help business owners strengthen their own marriages and build successful businesses.  What a fun chat this was to talk about marriage and business and how they can thrive, survive, or die. 

One of the most typical struggles this couples has dealt with is that couples work too hard and don’t have great conflict resolution skills.  Learning how to leave work and resolve conflict can be keys to a thriving marriage and prosperous business.  They have developed an 8 step approach to this that they implement with every couple they work with. 

Robert and Kay Lee host a podcast – Power Up your Marriage and Business, and talk about all of these topics on a deeper level.  In fact they turned the tables and interviewed Jim and Martha for one of their future episodes. www.PowerCouplesByDesign.com

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Dee Barnes – God’s Transformational Impact In Her Life And Work. His Wonderful Works, Inc.

The Manufacturing world is a little rough and tumble. The floors aren’t always clean and the conversations may be a little rough too. But what do we know about the manufacturing workforce in America?  They are diehard loyal Americans who work hard and sweat hard to make parts, pieces and equipment made right here in the USA.  So where does Jesus fit in to the manufacturing world?  Dee Barnes is here to tell her story of being the CEO of Evans Tool and Die in Conyers GA and how Jesus changed her life and impacts her manufacturing company every day. Dee is also going to tell us about a very special event she is hosting related to her life before Jesus.

Dee Barnes always dreamed of running her family company, Evans Tool & Die and went to school to prepare herself to do just that.  Dee dealt with sexual sin – heterosexual and homosexual and one day a friend showed her Romans 1 and it convicted her.  God is using her testimony of transformation in amazing ways.  She is the first to tell you that God has blessed her through her healing and given her a husband and family as a blessing.  Now years later she is back running the family business as CEO while at the same time leading His Wonderful Works

Dee’s love for the Lord comes through by her bold approach to running the company.  She regularly offers prayer to her employees and ends meetings with prayer, asking God to solve their supply chain issues or anything else they may be dealing with.  Dee is a great example of just being bold and trusting the Lord for answers. 

His Wonderful Works is hosting their event in Atlanta September 11, 2021 and is full of testimonies of believers walking in healing from a variety of sexual sins.  https://hiswonderfulworks.com/amazing-love-event/

They are offering:  For His Wonderful Works – The Amazing Love Event – Free admission for 4 to the Amazing Love Event on Sept 11th.  Call the listener line at:  866-713-9675 to win.

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