Work Matters to God

Why does iWork4Him Exist, because Work Matters. Why did God give Adam and Eve work in the Garden, because Work Matters. Why are you listening to this show today, because Work Matters. Work Matters to God and your work is your ministry and the place you get to display God’s handiwork in your life. David Roth Joins us today from to give us an update on what they are doing to help Christ Followers like you to live out their faith in their work and to tell you about their online learning program.

David Roth had his “Sunday Christian” years for the first 20 years of his career.  He felt like he was doing the right things, but had no clue about integrating his faith and his work.  As new parents they decided to move near family.  In their new city they were growing in their faith on Sunday and started to think about how that applied at work.  Through the lives of some key influences David started seeing examples of Christians living out their faith consistently between home and work.  He feels he got an MBA in faith and work through observing others. 

David attended a leadership simulcast at his church where they launched Workmatters.  He immediately became a volunteer and on the board.  Through wise counsel they spun this ministry out of the church and God has used this stand alone ministry to reach thousands. 

Fast forward to now, Workmatters is working to scale the Workmatters Institute for Young Professionals this Fall in several cities.  This 12 week commitment allows attendees, physical or digital, to dig deep into their faith and develop actionable items to implement in their work.

David Roth’s words to his younger self:  “Don’t wait to crash and burn before you understand the beauty of work/faith integration.”

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Love, dignity & respect can transform work. Nancy McDonnell and friends join us from the ministry, “Value of the Person”, out of Pennsylvania. They introduce us to the awesome power of love and its impact on employees and organizations.

The Rights For Christian Americans, In General And At Work

For years we have focused on living out our faith in our work. WE have connected you to resources like ministries, websites and written materials that will aid you in your search for a deeper relationship with the Lord and His impact on your workplace ministry.  In the past we have brought on David Gibbs the 3rd from the National Center for Life and Liberty to tell us about our rights in the workplace for sharing our faith and living out our Christian life in and amongst our co-workers. Today’s show takes a decidedly different turn.  In the last 18 months the civil liberties of the average American citizen have been under attack. For the average Christian American Citizen, the attack has been nuclear. What should we be preparing for? How have our rights changed? What has been strengthened and reinforced and what has eroded and disappeared. David Gibbs has graciously agreed to come on once again to help us with these answers. Get you pen and paper ready, your iPad or other digital device because David is going to be giving you HUGE encouragement today along with some valuable tools and information.

One of our all-time favorite guests, David Gibbs III has a huge heart.  During this past season of Covid David reminded us that we all needed to evaluate what we believed to be essential and key in our own lives.  We spend some time in this interview discussing the rights for Christian Americans in general and at work.  David has been involved in many discussions to help people that are in all 3 camps figure out how to best create a safe space with fairness for those affected.  The 3 camps are from one extreme to the other:  very fearful of death all the way to believing that Covid is a hoax and then somewhere in between.  He reminded us that it really comes down to a health preference and our desire take care of our people with that in mind. 

This past season has also shown us that there’s much work to do around messaging and it’s important for employees and employers to understand their rights. You can find many resources and individual help at  Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions. 

David reminded us to use these 3 guiding principles as Christ-followers:

  • Have the Right Stand
  • Do it in the Right way
  • With the Right Spirit

These simple points can help us all to honor God in our actions.

David Gibbs III

National Center for Life and Liberty:

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sheWorks4Him With Ellie Nieves – How Christian Career Women Rise

It’s another exciting day here at iWork4Him as we welcome back the hosts of the new sheWorks4Him Podcast Martha Brangenberg, Catherine Gates, and Nadya Dickson.  The sheWorks4Him podcast will officially launch on Labor Day, but today we get to hear one of the first interviews with Catherine Gates, Martha Brangenberg and show guest Ellie Nieves. Ellie has been a past guest on iWork4Him and her background and testimony is inspiring. 

sheWorks4Him podcast is dedicated to empowering Christian working women to live out their calling at work so that the world knows sheWorks4Him.  Learn more about this show at with new content every week beginning August 16, 2021. Welcome to sheWorks4Him.

Ellie Nieves had many life goals, one of which was to be an elected official.  Through her work she was introduced to a Christ-follower that shared her faith, invited her to church and bible study.  This interested Ellie but she just didn’t have time to fit all this Christian stuff into her lifestyle.  A couple years later, Ellie revisited with this friend and was ready to commit her life to Jesus. 

As an attorney, Ellie incorporates her faith in many different ways.  She knows that prayer throughout her day is vital.  She also finds subtle ways through a pillow on her office chair with a prayer message to inviting co-workers to attend a bible study.  In addition to her day job Ellie has her “passion project”.  She gets up early each morning to spend several hours writing, podcasting, and building community for women to help them in their careers.  When the end of her work day rolls around, Ellie knows the power of turning off the gadgets and focusing on family. 

When asked about some key elements that keep her grounded, she acknowledges the importance of the Word and prayer.  Ellie is currently reading A Gentle & Quiet Spirit by Virginia Lefler.  Some might be surprised that a powerful attorney would be reading to learn about her role as a wife.  Ellie knows the importance of honoring her God given roles and never stops learning.  Check out Ellie’s special give away: How Christian Career Women Rise, also on Instagram and Facebook.

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How Christian Women Can Live & Work Boldly as Ambassadors of Christ

At iWork4Him we are passionate about supporting the Christian Working Woman. So passionate that we are launching the sheWorks4Him podcast, soft launch this month and hard launch next month on Labor day.  About a year ago we had a powerful conversation with Joy Dahl, Executive Director of the Christian Working Woman ministry called Polished,  online at  Joy was planning an event where all the Christian Working Women focused ministries can work together for the good of all Christian Working Women. The Boldly Conference is just that event. October 8th, in Dallas Texas and all over the world, Christian working women will gather to hear over 50 speakers and breakout facilitators teach on  “How Christian Women Can Live & Work Boldly as Ambassadors of Christ”.We are so excited to be a part of this event as sponsors, contributors and participants. Dr. Joy Dahl and Brandy Baxter are here from Polished to tell us all about the Bodly conference.

Joy Dahl and Brandy Baxter join Jim and Martha to talk about all things: BOLDLY.  BOLDLY Conference sponsored by sheWorks4Him  Faith + Work for Women  Oct. 8th integrating our faith + work while pursuing meaning and purpose in our everyday lives.

Dr. Joy Dahl realized in her own career that once she became a Christ-follower she wasn’t really sure how to connect her faith to her work.  She studied what she came to learn was “theology of work” and realized that women have a unique need for community around this topic.  Polished is an organization that understands this need and provides answers.  Through their collaborative spirit they are hosting the this October 8th 9am – 4pm CT ONLINE!  Use this affiliate link to register and support sheWorks4Him  :

They are praying a believing for 5,000 women to come together virtually to participate in over 20 LIVE streaming main stage and 30 breakout speakers, including Jim and Martha Brangenberg on the topic of When Work and Marriage Compete.  All with a faith foundation, there will be a lot of professional development content for everyone. 

Every speaker is also providing digital content for the SWAG BAG, to take the conversation even further and add more value. 

BOLDLY is the first of its kind, faith and work conference for women by women, with an all-star line up of speakers. 

Register yourself and your team today:  :

See you October 8th.

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Tony Dale With A Perspective On Retirement

Once a quarter, we head on over to Austin Texas to hear from our wise sage, Tony Dale. Tony is a businessman, a doctor, a philanthropist and a lover of people. He has two companies that are cutting edge and Tony is here to share his perspective on how Covid is shaping the health care marketplace, what God can do through us to bring healing into the marketplace and tony will share briefly on his perspective of retirement.  Tony Dale brings his faith to the forefront and all of us to our knees.

Dr. Tony Dale joins us to share some of his amazing perspectives on life.  God has gifted Tony with a genuine desire for others to benefit from his love for God.  During the toughest part of Covid Tony says he only had to simplify – not really pivot.  God has him doing some amazing things and he just had to refine and focus but not change what he was doing.  Tony’s interesting perspective showed us that there are things about ourselves that were uncovered during the past year and a half.  For instance the great cost of containment on our mind, body, and soul.  His new book, The Cure for Healthcare is out and available and we can’t wait to see it’s impact.  Tony encourages every CEO in America to read it.  We got to kick around some ideas about how business can help our country heal, too.  Now there’s a concept worth diving into.  Join the conversation by listening to the full interview.

Dr Tony Dale and

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Ever think you have your career figured out? Listener Kirk Walker Sr. reached out a bit ago to relay a story that we just HAD to get onto the airwaves. Tune into this podcast that features Kirk’s testimony of how he started with mopping hospital floors to be coming a hospice nurse, and leading folks into heaven.