sheWorks4Him With Jené Dunn – On The Frontlines Of Covid Care

It’s another exciting day here at iWork4Him as we welcome back 2 of the hosts from the brand new sheWorks4Him Podcast Martha Brangenberg and Nadya Dickson.  The sheWorks4Him Podcast will officially launch on Labor Day, but today we get to hear one of the first interviews with Nadya Dickson, Martha Brangenberg and show guest Jene’ Dunn.

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Essential workers have faced insurmountable stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Dealing with death, uncertainty, long hours, and the unknown caused 2020 to be known as the Year of the Nurse for good reason. Our guest Jene Dunn from Castle Rock, Colorado gives us an inside look at what it’s like to lead during uncertainty. 

Jene was raised in a Christian home where she met Jesus at a very early age of three.  With a family of pastors and missionaries, Jene knew that God was leading her into the ministry of nursing to serve in health care.  She is leading several departments of a faith-based hospital as a Clinical Nurse Manager where she lives by her personal mission statement:  “To allow the light of Christ to shine through me as I care for frontline associates who then care for our patients.”  At work and in her home life, Jene has experienced God’s hand even during the pandemic.  Her leadership has grown through a recent revelation that shedding tears in front of staff members is not only okay but validates her authenticity as she leads.  This revelation was recently tested during the death of a colleague from suicide. 

When asked about the difference between her family members serving in a church and Jene serving in the hospital she said they validate the fact that she is in ministry.  A key to her solid foundation is study the Bible.  Jene makes it a point to get in the Word daily and looks to find her wisdom for leadership from God.  Jene’s husband Sean has been a guest on iWork4Him previously and is a graduate of The Master’s Program.  He recently encouraged Jene’ to participate in the Master’s Program for Women, a faith based professional leadership development program for high-impact Christian women.  You can find out more at: .

Jene encouraged our listeners to write their own personal mission statement and asked you to submit them to her at

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