Selling Vans and Coaching People for Christ in MN

It’s always fun to travel back to the frozen tundra where I grew up—so many great people with so many great stories. Well, traveling to MN is out right now, but we can go anywhere and do anything with Zoom.  Today we are going to talk to an entrepreneurial couple. The Husband takes normal cargo vans and turns them into fantastic conversion camper vans. The Wife is a coach to Christian Working Women all over the Country.  We love talking to couples like this because together, they are trying to change the world by living out their faith in everything they do and running two companies and maintaining a healthy marriage, and raising kids. Gina Marie Lokken with Gina Marie Coaching and Erik Lokken with Narrow Road Van Conversions are with us on the show today.

Erik and Gina Lokken both have Jesus stories that intersected in a singles ministry.  Erik felt like he had a Job experience in his life.  He was doing well, built a huge house, and then experienced divorce and job loss through a series of events.  Erik took to listening to audiobooks while traveling for work and was exposed to the likes of CS Lewis.  God eventually led Erik to work in a church and lead a singles group, which he didn’t feel equipped to do. 

As an adult, Gina had her dream job and yet found herself struggling with anxiety and depression.  One of her vet tech friends invited her to church.  She had been to church in her life but never felt the warmth and welcome she did when she went to church with her friend.  She experienced a joy that overwhelmed her, and she knew it was an encounter with God.  Eventually, Erik and Gina met in the singles bible study and later married. 

Now Gina has a coaching business where she helps others change the world by changing their world.  Gina is a Strengths Finder coach, and John Maxwell certified and uses her coaching to help others gain confidence to do what they are equipped to do.  Gina also has been building community through her Women Rise Up Peer Groups.  Martha recently completed a coaching series with Gina to do the Strengths assessment and was utterly amazed by the process. 

A little over a year ago, Erik did a van conversion for his family to travel and camp in nature in a self-contained vehicle.  He gained so much interest from others that it has turned into a business with orders through next year.  His company is growing, and Erik is seeking how to incorporate his faith in his new business best.  In the past, he worked in a church where it was a natural outpouring of his work. Now, Erik can see his work as a mission field. 

With two growing businesses, it’s important for Erik and Gina to make sure to spend time together.  Recently they have re-instituted date night and know the importance of keeping family a priority. 

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