A business as ministry by cleaning offices. Tune in to hear Office Pride owner, Todd Hopkins, introduce us to franchisees, Dre & Karie Truitt, whose story will make you laugh, and truly consider how you can build the Kingdom with your business.

Featured Guests: Todd Hopkins, Dre & Karie Truitt
Ministry/Workplace: Office Pride Franchise

Walking With The Lord In Times Of Isolation

Its been a year. A year since the Covid-19 Lockdowns hit. A year since almost Normal got lost in a panic to keep millions from dying around the world. Covid has impacted everything. EVERYTHING.  Shopping, driving, socializing, church, family, school, traffic, work. A year ago, the dream for some was to work from home. Today, the nightmare for some is to work from home another day.  Isolation has led to suicide/depression/lonlieness the likes of which our world has never known.  So where does the Body of Christ at work fit into all of this.  How does our faith impact our work when our work is intertwined with schooling and other homebound complications?  Throw into that mix a week of temperatures that broke a ton of modern low temperature records where our home, which has been our safe haven has now been destroyed by broken water pipes and flooding. The world is in chaos and peace is hard to find. Where does God fit into all these questions? Lets ask Tony Dale. Founder of Sedera Health and The Karis Group out of Austin Texas. Tony has a unique perspective to share with us today.

Tony and Felicity Dale live in Texas.  Texas had a rough time recently with all of the unusually cold weather.  We asked Tony to talk about the adversity and the challenges from Covid-19 and the Deep Freeze on them personally and his companies.  After explaining that he had run out of gas to heat his home and cook, lots of cancelled meetings, etc. he truly felt blessed.  When asked to explain, he sweetly said well Felicity and I have spent a lot of time together this past year and let’s just say – “cold weather leads to warm fellowship!”.  Now there’s a great perspective for us all to consider.  Seriously, Tony acknowledged that many people have had worse conditions than they did, but he knows that the kinds of issues they experienced are far less severe than most of the world. 

Tony’s company has experienced a 50% increase in size this past year.  In fact, he said many new team members have never even seen the office space for the company as they were onboarded virtually.  He acknowledged that his team has determined to not let anyone be left out. 

Isolation has become a real problem around the globe during the pandemic.  Tony reminded us that Jesus asked God to help him only do what the Father asked of him.  We are to let every part of our life be led by Him. 

Jeremiah spent time in the well.  Joseph spend time in prison.  We can make Godly use of our time.  The truth is, even this interview is church.  We are having church when 2-3 gather in His name.  Tony has a new book that will be releasing this year, instead of what is wrong with health care, he takes the opposite approach.  Stay tuned for more as we get closer to the release of that book.  As always, we are grateful for time with Tony Dale and appreciate his insight for our lives.


What’s a city movement? Find out from Rich Carney, Executive Director at Austin Bridge Builders Alliance, and find out how he’s transformed cities for the past two decades and how the the city of Austin is being transformed now for God.

Featured Guests: Rich Carney
Ministry/Workplace: Sedera & Austin Bridge Builder Alliance

Hired: Cut Your Career Search Time in Half

YOUR FIRED! YOUR LAID OFF! WE ARE CLOSING THE PLANT – HERE IS YOUR PINK SLIP!  These statements cast fear into our lives in the forms of a tidal wave of emotion. You start to be riddled with questions that seem to have no answers. How will I feed myself, How will I pay my bills, How will I find another job?  Why me? It is a freeway to depression and discouragement. But wait God Promises us to never leave us or forsake us and in Isaiah

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you” – Isaiah 43:2

So where can I find all the answers on how to find a job in half the time it normally takes? George C. Murray has the answer in his new book Hired. George is here to tell his story and to share some of the answers on what to do when you find yourself out of a job and looking for work.

George lost his job not once, but twice.  This really stretched his faith, but he realized some really important things along the way that actually cut his time in half to finding his next job.  God showed him a roadmap for cutting your career search time in half and decided to write it all in his book, Hired. 

George’s book is for the newly unemployed or someone struggling in their unemployment.  Losing a job is a shock but there are some important steps that George says need to happen right away.  1.  You need energy and attitude.  2.  You are the CEO of you. And 3. Assemble a personal board of advisors.

In his book, Hired, you will also learn what he know about morning time and taking care of yourself.  There is a “Day in a life” structure that you should pay special attention to.  This is your chance to make some changes and assess what is working and what is not working.  Wow, this book is full of great ideas for those looking for a job.

If you know someone who is on a job search or you yourself are in that place now, get a copy of Hired, cut your career search time in half by George Claystin Murray and use this roadmap to make it a great experience. 

2 copies of the book Hired, are available by calling the iWork4Him listener line at 866-713-9675 or you can get it online at www.GeorgeClaystinMurray.com It’s never too late to take the next step in the process towards a new job.  iWork4Him is happy to present this opportunity to you and learn to focus on what is ahead for you.

Job Search With Jesus

When we lose our job, its terrifying. Finding a new job is daunting. Who do we turn to? Jesus can be our job search partner and Glenn Inn is here to tell us about his brand new eBook called I Lost My Job: Heaven Help Me. Glenn Inn has agreed to join us to share just a little about his book which you can download for free at www.JobSearchwithJesus.com

After 22 years in high tech, Glenn found himself in a job transition.  As he spoke with other job seekers he observed a lot of successful but broken people.  It wasn’t long before he was challenged to write a book, I Lost My Job: Heaven Help Me.  Glenn tells people that its ok to hurt from the loss of a job, but then they need to learn how to see yourself as God sees you.  Understand that the title on your business card is not who you are.

I Lost My Job: Heaven Help Me can be downloaded for free at www.JobSearchwithJesus.com .  Please share this with your friends that may be looking for jobs.  This book will help them make a great transition and be a better person in the process.


Do women still need to act like men in business? No, says Dania Heffington, Director of Member Experience at Sedera Health, a faith-based company in Austin, Texas. Hear more ideas of how all of us can use our gifts in the workplace to glorify God.

Featured Guests: Dania Heffington
Ministry/Workplace: Sedera & Austin Bridge Builder Alliance

Know Yourself Know Your Money

Money has a way of twisting us. IT has a way of taking over and driving us crazy. If we don’t manage our money, it can manage us. If we don’t put parameters around our money, we can lose sleep and peace and it could damage our most important earthly relationships. In order to manage your money in a way that reflects Christ in us, whether this is at home or in our work life, we need to first know and understand the attitudes and actions in our life surrounding how we handle money. Second, we need to be knowing where our money is going. Rachel Cruze is back with another best selling book, Know Yourself, Know your money. She is going to pull all this together for us so that no matter where we are or what we are doing, our faith, our work and our money are all tied to Jesus in us.

Rachel Cruze grew up as the middle child of Dave Ramsey.  Her father’s job was to talk about money, debt, and helping people to become debt free.  He also talked about Jesus in their home.  Rachel shares on the air and in her new book, Know Yourself, Know your Money about the impact our upbringing has on how we handle money. 

It was quite a shock to Rachel when she discovered that not everyone looks at money the say way she does.  In fact, she could see that there were some distinct differences in how households talked and handled money and how this directly impacts our response to money.  80% of what we do is from observation, and only 20% is from head knowledge.  Imagine if we all took the time to know ourselves and how it relates to handling our money. 

Throughout her new book, Know Yourself, Know your Money – Rachel Cruze shares insights and helpful direction to a healthier perspective.  Winston and Rachel have been married for 11 years and are exact opposites for their money tendencies.  As each couple struggles with merging finances and having financial harmony, Rachels’ book is a great help to a successful, healthy approach.  Imagine how healthy the next generation could be if their homes do a better job dealing with money in a secure environment.  We are giving away a copy of her book on our listener line:  866-713-9675


Why are Christians losing rights at work? Hear why from David Gibbs III from the National Center for Life and Liberty. David brings real world examples – and serious truths – to show HOW we can legally share our faith in the workplace.

Featured Guests: David Gibbs III
Ministry/Workplace: The National Center for Life and Liberty

Introducing iRetire4Him

The Retirement Reformation is committed to encouraging a movement where every Christ follower is confident in God’s plan for a lifetime of faithful service and committed to helping the body of Christ reform its understanding of retirement-then bearing fruit without measure throughout all of life. We assert the Biblical truth that Jesus followers are called to bear fruit in every season of life and affirm that commitment with the 10 principles of the Retirement Reformation Manifesto. Bruce Bruinsma, the founder of the retirement reformation is here today to talk about the Retirement Reformation manifesto.


Apartments as MISSION FIELDS?! That’s exactly where Sean Bailey and company are operating with their organization, Apartment Life, which is bringing Jesus to this living space; one unit at a time.

Featured Guests: Sean Bailey
Ministry/Workplace: I Like Giving