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A little over 10 years ago I had the privilege of joining a networking group in Largo Florida.  This networking group impacted my life and many of the group are still my friends today. And this wasn’t a Christ centered group, but it was full of incredible Christian’s living out their faith in their work. Today, the world has changed and we are introducing you today to the premier Christian Networking Group launching countrywide at www.G& Bob Willbanks and his team at Ambassadors for Business have created the perfect model for networking and faith for maximum kingdom impact in the marketplace. There will be opportunities around the country for you to launch a G7 Networking group building kingdom collaboration within your business community. Bob Willbanks is here to roll this out to the iWork4Him Audience.

Bob Willbanks, founder of Ambassadors for Business and now the G7 Networking Groups was looking for something more in connecting his faith and his work.  He thought of himself as “miserably saved” and knew that God wanted more from his daily life.  God gave him the word “equipping” and that became an acronym for the Ambassadors commitment for members of Ambassadors for Business. 

The equipping elements are: 

Engage, Questions, Understanding, Identity, Principles, Purpose, Integrate, Network, and Grow. 

God birthed through him a place to provide encouragement, meet others in business, pray, read scripture, have keynote teaching and networking called Ambassadors for Business.  Now they are launching G7 Networking groups. 

The Seven G’s of G7 Networking:

Gospel: Short devotional

Group: 60 second introductions

Grade: Metrics on how the group is doing

God: Testimony from one of the members

Grow: Informative content that helps you grow

Get: What is your “get”?

Give: Who can you help?

G7 Networking groups can be launched nationwide to fill the need in your local community.  Reach out to Bob to find out more at