Power Of Prayer In The Workplace

Millions of Christ followers are asking today, how can I make an impact on my workplace with my faith…and the answer is simple. Complex but simple.  Prayer. Prayer is simply the most powerful, impactful, eventful, insightful and beautiful thing you can do to transform your workplace with your faith…but it doesn’t work like you think it does. When you start to pray for your workplace and those you work alongside at work…who does the changing. God does…but He does it in you first.  I found out first hand that when I started praying for those I worked alongside, they didn’t immediately change but I changed and it impacted them over time. Well Today we head out to Colorado Springs to hear the story of the president of B & M construction who considers herself the Chief Prayer Officer of the company, Barbara Myrick.

Barbara had a praying grandma that took her to church and helped start her journey with Jesus.  As the Chief Prayer Officer and President of B & M Construction she has the opportunity to bring peace to her workplace and the employees.  The company has a second chance program and apprentice program and gives great opportunity for those that need work and skills.  Though these programs can be messy – that is part of living by faith in your work. 

When Barbara realized that her employees are broken from worldy worries and consumed by things like anger, divorce, and financial strain she started having “rap sessions” to talk to the about it.  She began praying for those that shared and found that peace started to fill the workplace.  It’s ok to struggle and share your struggles with others, and prayer can be the healing balm. 

Barbara told us that it’s important for leaders to share their pains to show that they are real people.  Being transparent can bring the leader closer to reality with the employees.  Though many different elements have brought Barabara to where she is today in leading her company, she recently started attending a local C12 group and has found her place.  When she learned about the group she got all warm and fuzzy and her husband told her she needed accountability.  Barbara has found accountability and so much more through her monthly C12 meetings and her one-on-ones with her leader.  Bottom line:  Prayer can be a powerful tool in the workplace and Barbara hopes to inspire others with this message.


Find out the true reason behind God’s blessing you. And discover a new way to take worry OFF of your staff and bless them at the same time.

Featured Guests: Dan Baker, Brian Yost & Asaad Faraj
Ministry/Workplace: Helping Hands Charitable

Ambassadors For Business with G7networking.com

A little over 10 years ago I had the privilege of joining a networking group in Largo Florida.  This networking group impacted my life and many of the group are still my friends today. And this wasn’t a Christ centered group, but it was full of incredible Christian’s living out their faith in their work. Today, the world has changed and we are introducing you today to the premier Christian Networking Group launching countrywide at www.G&Networking.com. Bob Willbanks and his team at Ambassadors for Business have created the perfect model for networking and faith for maximum kingdom impact in the marketplace. There will be opportunities around the country for you to launch a G7 Networking group building kingdom collaboration within your business community. Bob Willbanks is here to roll this out to the iWork4Him Audience.

Bob Willbanks, founder of Ambassadors for Business and now the G7 Networking Groups was looking for something more in connecting his faith and his work.  He thought of himself as “miserably saved” and knew that God wanted more from his daily life.  God gave him the word “equipping” and that became an acronym for the Ambassadors commitment for members of Ambassadors for Business. 

The equipping elements are: 

Engage, Questions, Understanding, Identity, Principles, Purpose, Integrate, Network, and Grow. 

God birthed through him a place to provide encouragement, meet others in business, pray, read scripture, have keynote teaching and networking called Ambassadors for Business.  Now they are launching G7 Networking groups. 

The Seven G’s of G7 Networking:

Gospel: Short devotional

Group: 60 second introductions

Grade: Metrics on how the group is doing

God: Testimony from one of the members

Grow: Informative content that helps you grow

Get: What is your “get”?

Give: Who can you help?

G7 Networking groups can be launched nationwide to fill the need in your local community.  Reach out to Bob to find out more at https://www.g7networking.com/


WiLd Leaders is whole-person leader development. Dr. Rob McKenna and Dr. Daniel Hallak introduce us to their ministry and the WiLD Leader concept, which is a metrics-based intentional leader development model.

Featured Guests: Rob McKenna & Daniel Hallak
Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership AllianceWiLD LEADERS

Best New Years Resolution Ever

Every year we start off with ridiculous resolutions that never happen. We want to give you a new years resolution that will be easy to keep and it will change your work life. Stay tuned for the best new year show ever as Martha and I roll out the iWork4Him Nation and the plans for expanding iWork4Him from 1 show to 9 shows/podcasts and Introducing the Awaken Podcast Network. A jam packed show in 15 minutes or less…You’ve tuned in to iWork4Him and we are your hosts Jim and Martha Brangenberg…Hang On…

iWork4Him on Kurt & Kate in the Mornings on Moody Radio Florida

So often we start our year with new years resolutions and promises to ourselves to live a different, more meaningful life. Martha and I do that too. In 2021 we want to be interviewed on lots of platforms to encourage the 55 million Christ Following workplace believers to know their work matters to God. We had an opportunity recently to appear on Kurt and Kate in the Mornings on Moody Radio Florida. Andrew was in as a guest host for Kurt. We had a great conversation…check it out.


Communication is a gift from God. Hear from Dr. Teresa Moon about how her organization equips youth to integrate lessons from both high-tech and high-touch learning environments for real-world application.

Featured Guests: Dr. Teresa Moon
Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership AllianceInstitute for Cultural Communicators

Mobilizing The Work World For Christ

Martha and I have travelled all over the country and interviewed thousands of workplace believers living out their faith in their work in their own unique calling. One such person is Chuck Proudfit from Cincinnati Ohio. Chuck felt so compelled about living his faith out at work, while working at Proctor and Gamble that he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to equipping Christ Followers just like you to see God’s purpose for you at work. Chuck started At Work on Purpose in 2003 with the mission of mobilizing the work world for Christ, one irresistibly transformed work life at a time.  His ministry has grown to impact much of the greater Cincinnati area and it is to Chuck Proudfit’s credit that the word Biznistry exists and has been repeated hundreds of times on this show.

Check out the Rapid Response Program on their website.

They have developed a Choices Profile to help people make choices on how to bring their faith to work. 

For the Orca Center:

  1.  Co-work in a sub-urban environment, close to where people live.
  2. Keep it simple – the KISS principle
  3. Christians lead and interface

He is helping pastors to understand how to have creative outreach for the church.  Be the church where you are working.  Using Luke 10 – example of service as a guide.  Chuck is a contributor to the iWork4Him Field Manual.