Best New Years Resolution Ever

Every year we start off with ridiculous resolutions that never happen. We want to give you a new years resolution that will be easy to keep and it will change your work life. Stay tuned for the best new year show ever as Martha and I roll out the iWork4Him Nation and the plans for expanding iWork4Him from 1 show to 9 shows/podcasts and Introducing the Awaken Podcast Network. A jam packed show in 15 minutes or less…You’ve tuned in to iWork4Him and we are your hosts Jim and Martha Brangenberg…Hang On…

iWork4Him on Kurt & Kate in the Mornings on Moody Radio Florida

So often we start our year with new years resolutions and promises to ourselves to live a different, more meaningful life. Martha and I do that too. In 2021 we want to be interviewed on lots of platforms to encourage the 55 million Christ Following workplace believers to know their work matters to God. We had an opportunity recently to appear on Kurt and Kate in the Mornings on Moody Radio Florida. Andrew was in as a guest host for Kurt. We had a great conversation…check it out.


Communication is a gift from God. Hear from Dr. Teresa Moon about how her organization equips youth to integrate lessons from both high-tech and high-touch learning environments for real-world application.

Featured Guests: Dr. Teresa Moon
Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership AllianceInstitute for Cultural Communicators

Mobilizing The Work World For Christ

Martha and I have travelled all over the country and interviewed thousands of workplace believers living out their faith in their work in their own unique calling. One such person is Chuck Proudfit from Cincinnati Ohio. Chuck felt so compelled about living his faith out at work, while working at Proctor and Gamble that he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to equipping Christ Followers just like you to see God’s purpose for you at work. Chuck started At Work on Purpose in 2003 with the mission of mobilizing the work world for Christ, one irresistibly transformed work life at a time.  His ministry has grown to impact much of the greater Cincinnati area and it is to Chuck Proudfit’s credit that the word Biznistry exists and has been repeated hundreds of times on this show.

Check out the Rapid Response Program on their website.

They have developed a Choices Profile to help people make choices on how to bring their faith to work. 

For the Orca Center:

  1.  Co-work in a sub-urban environment, close to where people live.
  2. Keep it simple – the KISS principle
  3. Christians lead and interface

He is helping pastors to understand how to have creative outreach for the church.  Be the church where you are working.  Using Luke 10 – example of service as a guide.  Chuck is a contributor to the iWork4Him Field Manual.