How To Activate Millions of Christ Followers Who Go To Work Every Day & Are Retired – An iWork4Him Group Discussion.

There are over 150 million people in the workforce today, 36% of them identifying themselves as born again believers which means there are 55 million believers at work. If research is accurate 3.3 million believers now connect their faith and their work.  That leaves almost 52 Million believers who have yet to be activated in all areas of their faith life. 52 million Jesus followers who think like I did that in order to be in ministry they need to quit their job and work for a church or a Christian nonprofit ministry. How can we activate these fully funded missionaries? How can we take advantage of the church being extricated from its buildings because of Coronavirus? How can we, the church, bring healing to our broken land? Tonight we will tell you a bit of our story, a bit of the lay of the land in the faith and work movement and finally some practical tactical, factual and biblical perspectives on how to activate the 55 million Christ Followers who go to work every day and the 30 million of them who are retired. There might be some things we say tonight that offend your traditions and challenge your thinking but know this, our hearts are bound in Jesus. Forgive our boldness if it helps mobilize a nation of workplace believers to recognize the call on their lives so they can say iWork4Him.