Discerning The Voice Of God In Your Work

Many times over the last 8 years we have talked about hearing from God on the steps we should take in our work or in our businesses but how does that work? Since we have an Unfair Advantage, access to the Holy Spirit of God who has access to the blueprints of heaven, how do we use that advantage to move our business in a direction that glorifies God and blesses our community? We don’t know all the answers but we have access to one business man from Austin Texas who has been pursuing the Lord in his Businesses over the last 4 decades. I have asked him to share his insights on how we discern the voice of God in our work/Business.

Tony told us a story of a patient that he tended to during his early years in medicine, during his surgical residency.  The patient didn’t seem to have ordinary medical problems and God told Tony it wasn’t ordinary.  He prayed about it and God eventually showed Tony and his wife the answer to the patients issues.  Tony encourages us to be in the Word of God so we know His truth.  Begin with the ordinary, so the extraordinary becomes more normal.  Faith is spelled RISK – we get better at it the more risks we take.  Tony reminded us that “His sheep hear His voice,” we are His sheep and we need to discern what He has to say.