Wrapping Up Love2020

Almost 10 years ago a movement was started. Love 2020. Bringing an authentic touch of Jesus’ love to every person in the united states of America by the end of 2020. On iWork4Him we focused on bringing that authentic touch of Jesus to everyone we work with – the 150 million people in the work force today. It’s here. The end of 2020. How did we do? Are we done? Mission Accomplished? Kathy Branzell is here to talk to us about the successes and future opportunities given to us from the movement of Love2020. She is joined today by Mark Slaughter and John Kieffer who were integral parts of the Love2020 movement. We can’t wait to hear how we did.

It’s the End of 2020 but not the end of love.  They are going to take love and keep loving.  Announcing “United in Love” Using Col. 2:2 as a guide.