Ten Qualities of Great Christian Business Leaders – #6-10

As Christ Followers out in the Marketplace, should we look different, sound different and act different than our pre-Christian friends and competitors? If we run a business, or lead in an organization, what are the defining characteristics or qualities of a Great Christian Business Leader, or any leader proclaiming Christ as savior and Lord. Jesus changed all of us, including our ability to lead like Him. So Todd Hopkins has been working on this list, for himself and the young professionals he pours his life into on a regular basis. He wanted to share these 10 qualities with our audience so we can all put them into practice.

Today we will cover the final 5 qualities of a great Christian business leader but here are all 10 qualities.

Ten Qualities of Great Christian Business Leaders – #1-10

  1. Protector of Gratitude
  2. Committed to prayer, reading and learning – As leaders, our prayers must outpace normal people.   For our people, organization and our self.  Prayer of Jabez!
  3. Challenge culture’s definition of success with God’s – Care more what God thinks than what people think.  Many say this, yet what people think is influencing their decisions more than what God says.
  4. Align personal and business goals with God’s calling
  5. Committed to and implements system of distraction control – Good is enemy of great, residual distraction (we are addicted to distractions), environment, Stop using the “B” Word (busy)
  6. Accesses Godly wisdom and authority to achieve calling (vs. in own strength)
  7. Develops and grows future Christian leaders
  8. The Great Christian Business Leader Has a journey focused vision, vs destination focused.  – Consistent with the Great Commission, “as you go”
  9. Calm in Crisis and Confident in Christ (Proverbs 3: 25-26)
  10. Gives God the Credit – Pastor Tony Evans says the quickest way to reverse or stall greatness is to not give God the credit.)