SheWorksHisWay: Dedicated To Equipping, Encouraging & Connecting Working Women Putting Jesus First

For our listeners who are ladies and for the men who listen who are attached to a lady this show is for you. If you work with women or have friends who are women, then this show is for you. For 8 years iWork4Him has been scouring across the nation trying to identify faith and work ministries focused on the Christian Working Woman. There is such a need for encouragement and equipping of the Christian Working Women audience we even started a brand to pull all the voices we find under one umbrella on our Awaken Podcast Network. It is under the SheWorks4Him tab. Now amazingly enough, about a year ago I discovered a ministry that is called Today we are going to introduce you to Michelle Myers, one of the founders of the SheWorksHisWay ministry which is dedicated to equipping, encouraging, and connecting working women putting Jesus First in her heart, home and work.

Michelle was an approval junkie.  She encouraged our listeners to shorten their approval list and aim to live approved!

When she realized that there was no sin she was not capable of, Michelle invited a few close friends to meet weekly and share in accountability by asking hard questions.  18 months later she works His way was born.  They built community around the content and strive to be the best business expense each month for their members.  As a new member you will be encouraged to calm the overwhelm and realize that life balance is a sham.  Most women experience relief to hear that the lies to they hear all day from the world can be overcome.  In January 2021 they will be adding workshops to their calendar.  January’s theme is around having Godly goals for ambition.  Visit  to sit in on a free class and determine if membership is right for you.