Communication is a gift from God. Hear from Dr. Teresa Moon about how her organization equips youth to integrate lessons from both high-tech and high-touch learning environments for real-world application.

Featured Guests: Dr. Teresa Moon
Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership AllianceInstitute for Cultural Communicators

All Good Things Must Come To An End – 2020 Too

Is there ever such a thing as a bad year?  Will 2020 go down in history as one we all want to forget? Does God just sometimes get it wrong?  2020 was a year, the beginning of another decade and the 20th anniversary of a new century but was it all bad?  Notably it was horrible for those who have been sick from covid or impacted by joblessness by industries being shut down from governments but when God gives us lemons, do we make lemonade or just chuck it at someone. This year most of us just wanted to chuck it at someone. Martha and I end this year with the final iWork4Him podcast of the year celebrating, contemplating and casting a vision for 2021 – a year of promise.


Can our workplace be a God-connection for others? It sure can. Find the what, when, why and how a corporate chaplain can be the love of Christ to your employees.

Featured Guests: Chris Champion & Clint Phillips
Ministry/Workplace: Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA)

Discipling Christian Businesses Owners & Leaders – Pt 2

It’s no secret, there are millions of Christ Followers out there in the workforce and hundreds of thousands are running, leading or owning businesses, so where do they go to get discipled on how to live out their faith at work? Truth At Work was founded to disciple Christian Businesses owners and leaders. You can check them out online at www.TruthatWork.org. A few years back, Truth at work was looking for a great leader to launch their discipleship ministry in Tampa Bay and Mark Graham responded to the call. Mark is here with several of his group members to share what God is doing in their businesses as they learn to connect their faith to every aspect of their company.


What’s a great tool for sharing your faith at work? Find out as we chat with David Collum and Mollie Yoder, two experts in sharing your faith in the workplace.

Featured Guests: David Collum & Mollie Yoder
Ministry/Workplace: The Pocket Testament League

How To Activate Millions of Christ Followers Who Go To Work Every Day & Are Retired – An iWork4Him Group Discussion.

There are over 150 million people in the workforce today, 36% of them identifying themselves as born again believers which means there are 55 million believers at work. If research is accurate 3.3 million believers now connect their faith and their work.  That leaves almost 52 Million believers who have yet to be activated in all areas of their faith life. 52 million Jesus followers who think like I did that in order to be in ministry they need to quit their job and work for a church or a Christian nonprofit ministry. How can we activate these fully funded missionaries? How can we take advantage of the church being extricated from its buildings because of Coronavirus? How can we, the church, bring healing to our broken land? Tonight we will tell you a bit of our story, a bit of the lay of the land in the faith and work movement and finally some practical tactical, factual and biblical perspectives on how to activate the 55 million Christ Followers who go to work every day and the 30 million of them who are retired. There might be some things we say tonight that offend your traditions and challenge your thinking but know this, our hearts are bound in Jesus. Forgive our boldness if it helps mobilize a nation of workplace believers to recognize the call on their lives so they can say iWork4Him.


Have you heard about the Foster Care crisis? Hear from some team members of the National Center for Life and Liberty about the foster care system that every adult in the U.S. needs to hear. And the role YOUR church can play in it.

Featured Guests: David Gibbs & Jonathan Bailie
Ministry/Workplace: National Center for Life & LibertyHannah Grace Homes

Discipling Christian Businesses Owners & Leaders – Pt 1

It’s no secret, there are millions of Christ Followers out there in the workforce and hundreds of thousands are running, leading or owning businesses, so where do they go to get discipled on how to live out their faith at work? Truth At Work was founded to disciple Christian Businesses owners and leaders. You can check them out online at www.TruthatWork.org. A few years back, Truth at work was looking for a great leader to launch their discipleship ministry in Tampa Bay and Mark Graham responded to the call. Mark is here with several of his group members to share what God is doing in their businesses as they learn to connect their faith to every aspect of their company.

Discerning The Voice Of God In Your Work

Many times over the last 8 years we have talked about hearing from God on the steps we should take in our work or in our businesses but how does that work? Since we have an Unfair Advantage, access to the Holy Spirit of God who has access to the blueprints of heaven, how do we use that advantage to move our business in a direction that glorifies God and blesses our community? We don’t know all the answers but we have access to one business man from Austin Texas who has been pursuing the Lord in his Businesses over the last 4 decades. I have asked him to share his insights on how we discern the voice of God in our work/Business.

Tony told us a story of a patient that he tended to during his early years in medicine, during his surgical residency.  The patient didn’t seem to have ordinary medical problems and God told Tony it wasn’t ordinary.  He prayed about it and God eventually showed Tony and his wife the answer to the patients issues.  Tony encourages us to be in the Word of God so we know His truth.  Begin with the ordinary, so the extraordinary becomes more normal.  Faith is spelled RISK – we get better at it the more risks we take.  Tony reminded us that “His sheep hear His voice,” we are His sheep and we need to discern what He has to say. 


A judge, a developer, a salesman, and a farm guy? Find out what they all have in common, and how they come together, sharing their lives in a Business Community Network for the greater good of encouraging each other and the community.

Wrapping Up Love2020

Almost 10 years ago a movement was started. Love 2020. Bringing an authentic touch of Jesus’ love to every person in the united states of America by the end of 2020. On iWork4Him we focused on bringing that authentic touch of Jesus to everyone we work with – the 150 million people in the work force today. It’s here. The end of 2020. How did we do? Are we done? Mission Accomplished? Kathy Branzell is here to talk to us about the successes and future opportunities given to us from the movement of Love2020. She is joined today by Mark Slaughter and John Kieffer who were integral parts of the Love2020 movement. We can’t wait to hear how we did.

It’s the End of 2020 but not the end of love.  They are going to take love and keep loving.  Announcing “United in Love” Using Col. 2:2 as a guide.


Hip Hop’s Nigel “Legin” Anderson impacts Virginia. Hear this fresh and funky rap session on how the Lord is using Legin and his crew’s Hip Hop poetry to impact the urban community of Hampton Roads, VA.

Featured Guests: Nigel “Legin” Anderson
Ministry/Workplace: Renaissance Music

Ten Qualities of Great Christian Business Leaders – #6-10

As Christ Followers out in the Marketplace, should we look different, sound different and act different than our pre-Christian friends and competitors? If we run a business, or lead in an organization, what are the defining characteristics or qualities of a Great Christian Business Leader, or any leader proclaiming Christ as savior and Lord. Jesus changed all of us, including our ability to lead like Him. So Todd Hopkins has been working on this list, for himself and the young professionals he pours his life into on a regular basis. He wanted to share these 10 qualities with our audience so we can all put them into practice.

Today we will cover the final 5 qualities of a great Christian business leader but here are all 10 qualities.

Ten Qualities of Great Christian Business Leaders – #1-10

  1. Protector of Gratitude
  2. Committed to prayer, reading and learning – As leaders, our prayers must outpace normal people.   For our people, organization and our self.  Prayer of Jabez!
  3. Challenge culture’s definition of success with God’s – Care more what God thinks than what people think.  Many say this, yet what people think is influencing their decisions more than what God says.
  4. Align personal and business goals with God’s calling
  5. Committed to and implements system of distraction control – Good is enemy of great, residual distraction (we are addicted to distractions), environment, Stop using the “B” Word (busy)
  6. Accesses Godly wisdom and authority to achieve calling (vs. in own strength)
  7. Develops and grows future Christian leaders
  8. The Great Christian Business Leader Has a journey focused vision, vs destination focused.  – Consistent with the Great Commission, “as you go”
  9. Calm in Crisis and Confident in Christ (Proverbs 3: 25-26)
  10. Gives God the Credit – Pastor Tony Evans says the quickest way to reverse or stall greatness is to not give God the credit.)

SheWorksHisWay: Dedicated To Equipping, Encouraging & Connecting Working Women Putting Jesus First

For our listeners who are ladies and for the men who listen who are attached to a lady this show is for you. If you work with women or have friends who are women, then this show is for you. For 8 years iWork4Him has been scouring across the nation trying to identify faith and work ministries focused on the Christian Working Woman. There is such a need for encouragement and equipping of the Christian Working Women audience we even started a brand to pull all the voices we find under one umbrella on our Awaken Podcast Network. It is under the SheWorks4Him tab. Now amazingly enough, about a year ago I discovered a ministry that is called SheWorksHisWay.com. Today we are going to introduce you to Michelle Myers, one of the founders of the SheWorksHisWay ministry which is dedicated to equipping, encouraging, and connecting working women putting Jesus First in her heart, home and work.

Michelle was an approval junkie.  She encouraged our listeners to shorten their approval list and aim to live approved!

When she realized that there was no sin she was not capable of, Michelle invited a few close friends to meet weekly and share in accountability by asking hard questions.  18 months later she works His way was born.  They built community around the content and strive to be the best business expense each month for their members.  As a new member you will be encouraged to calm the overwhelm and realize that life balance is a sham.  Most women experience relief to hear that the lies to they hear all day from the world can be overcome.  In January 2021 they will be adding workshops to their calendar.  January’s theme is around having Godly goals for ambition.  Visit www.SheWorksHisWay.com/freeclass  to sit in on a free class and determine if membership is right for you.


What’s the answer to generational division? Find out from Dr. Arthur Satterwhite, member of Young Life, whose mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.

Featured Guests: Arthur Satterwhite
Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership Alliance

Sell Like Jesus: 7 Characteristics Of Christ For Ethical Sales

Sales People – the world would not go around without sales people. Everything you touch all day long was sold by someone. EVERYTHING.  So how do you know if you are dealing with an ethical salesperson? It should be a given that sales people should only sell you what you need but that isn’t the way it is, is it? How can you be a solid example of Jesus as a sales person in the dog eat dog world of the marketplace in the great United States of America in 2020 and coming in 2021? Well our guest for the day, Deb Brown Maher has written a book – Sell Like Jesus: 7 Characteristics of Christ for Ethical Sales. Deb thinks she can train a whole new generation of successful Christian Sales people who emulate Jesus in their sales approach.


How do you make YOUR culture flourish? Two executives of the Christian Leadership Alliance’s OUTCOMES Conference in Dallas join us for an in-depth conversation on how workplace cultures flourish with the right intentions.

Featured Guests: Al Lpous & Chad Carter
Ministry/Workplace: Christian Leadership Alliance

The Impact Of Our Ministry On The Lives Of Others

Its not very often that we get to interview someone who heard about iWork4Him and then reached out to us to talk about the impact of our ministry on their lives. We love to hear those stories because they keep us going each and every day. I am so thrilled today to introduce the iWork4Him Audience to Daniel & Jenna Greer from Colorado. Dan wrote to me and shared his faith and work story with me and I wanted you all to hear the story of Dan’s faith and work and his love for Jenna and their 4 kids!

Stewarding Your Investments To Make A Positive Impact On Our Communities & The World Around Us

It’s the end of the year. Many of you are celebrating the end of 2020. I have the perfect way for you to close out your year. Evaluate your portfolio of investments and see how your investments are impacting the culture we live in.  Consider your trip to the local huge home improvement store. Both Major companies are building up your community and not tearing it down with investments and donations to organizations that want to tear us apart at the seams.  However, your desire for that vaccine might twist you a little because 2 out of 3 of the companies want to give you a shot but use the proceeds to promote organizations that desire an end to the biblical view of marriage and want to use aborted babies for experiments.  One major soft drink company scores great and the one that makes Mountain Dew – not so much. What am I talking about, the inspire Investing – Inspire Insights program that gives you a score for companies or funds that you invest in to see how they are either building up communities or tearing them apart. Here to clear it all up and to talk about Biblically Responsible investing, Luke Andrews with Inspire Advisors and iInvest4Him.com

Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) scores investments for positive and negative reasons.  Today we will take a quick look at what makes a positive score for a stock:

a.       Business Model

  1. Business products, services and operations structured in a way to benefit rather than exploit customers.

b.     Product Integrity and Innovation

  1. Creates products and services which are helpful and create value rather than extract value or harm users.

c.      Corporate Governance

  1. Policies and behaviors regarding executive compensation, ethical dealings, board management, etc.

d.     Human Capital

  1. Policies and behaviors regarding equitable employee management.

e.      Social Impact

  1. Impact and influence on society and communities in which the company operates.

f.       Supply Chain

  1. Impact and influence on society and communities in which the company operates.

g.     Environment

  1. Measures company’s impact on the environment, including air, water and land.

h.     Sustainable Energy Use and Production

  1. Measures company’s use and production of sustainable energy.


Can office politics be Christ-like? “Yes”, says Ellie Nieves of Leadership Strategies for Women. From our “SheWorks4Him” Series we uncover her lessons on office politics and her thoughts on Christian women’s leadership.

Featured Guests: Dr. Steve Greene
Ministry/Workplace: Charisma Media & “Love Lead” Book